Episode 40: Why Too Much Empathy Can Hurt Your Patients
Dr. Laskin discusses with Dave Pryor how being too empathetic as a practitioner can make it difficult to effectively do your job and how to address empathy from a different perspective.Why Too Much Empathy Can Hurt Your PatientsFind us on !  Read More
142 - The #1 Reason You're Failing To Convert Prospects Into Paying Patients and How To Instantly Fix It
Every person who's been a Member in the  for more than a week ... knows that without a doubt ...The #1 reason you fail to convert prospects into paying patients is the failure to create positive expectancy in their minds. What is positive expectancy anyway? Simple: When your prospect hears your...  Read More
How to Skyrocket Patient Loyalty: A Step-by-Step Guide
Imagine this.Your dental practice is thriving. In fact, your patients are your greatest fans.They’re loyal and devoted and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.Sound too good to be true?Not at all. In fact, it’s not only possible, but relatively simple too.You just need to know a...  Read More
Episode 9 - The Unique Dentist-Patient Relationship
! On this episode we cover the unique dentist-patient relationship.In this episode we discuss: What makes an ideal patient? What are some unique challenges of the dentist-patient relationship? Is it possible to mold patient behavior? How does staff contribute to the dentist-patient...  Read More
The team at Wonderist Agency is in a unique position to offer product reviews on patient management tools because we get to interact with every platform out there because of our dentists! With lengthy sales calls, phone trainings, and of course our own interactions with the product, we are able to...  Read More
Local Med RecommendationWhat is LocalMed? (As said by LocalMed with adaptation)LocalMed is a website plug-in for dental websites that allows patients to find and make dental appointments online for free. Find a Dentist: Use LocalMed to find a local dentist. Filter by insurance, date and...  Read More
Here's How We Increased Revenue by 100%.
When I look back on my evolution as a dentist and a business owner, all I can say is "WOW"! Every year I say that the next year will be thebest year ever, and it always is. First I built a practice based on having strong core values and a unique office culture. Next, my TEAM and I put in systems of...  Read More
There are a lot misconceptions floating around about cloud computing. If you’re considering moving to an application that runs in the cloud, here’s some clarity on the top myths surrounding the cloud and the truths behind them.Myth #1: I don’t know anyone who uses cloud computing....  Read More
Since starting Umbie in 2011 the one question we receive most often is: What makes Umbie different? Here’s a quick look at what makes Umbie DentalCare unique: Umbie is a true cloud-based software.Others claim to be but are not.Umbie is not only hosted on a cloud environment but is also...  Read More
Below are Some Tips and Ideas on  How to Manage Patient Risk
Talk with and listen to your patients. Make sure each patient's treatment expectations are realistic. Encourage your patients to ask questions. Eliminate excessive waiting time for patients in the office. Monitor staff courtesy; discourteous staff may be costly to attracting and...  Read More
How Dentists Can Better Engage Patients
More than a provider’s skill or business acumen, patient engagement is arguably the single most important metric when judging the health and well being of a dental practice. With that in mind, we ask - is patient portal software the answer to disengaged patients?Success in dentistry, as in...  Read More
Promoting Oral Health to Patients in Your Community
Dental professionals around the world have always instilled the value of optimum oral health. Not many people look forward to a dental visit, even though professional dental care is an important part of your oral and physical well-being. Promoting oral health to patients in your community is,...  Read More
Amex or Visa? Four Reasons Why You Are Making The Wrong Decision, and the Negative Effect It Is Having On Your Business.
Just the other day I was in a discussion with a dentist who was considering dropping American Express as a method of receiving payment from clients visiting his dental office.He presented a reasonable case for not accepting American Express, or Amex cards, from his patients and customers as a...  Read More
Even in a dental office... People don't buy for logical reasons - They buy for emotional reasons.
True that, right? All buyers are influenced, good and bad, by emotion.Emotionalconnections with your patients can determine the strength, length andprofitability of your relationship. Positive emotions build loyalty,trust and referral based growth. Everything that happens in yourpractice, from...  Read More
The dental office has changed drastically over the last fewdecades. Between swapping shag for Berber carpeting, substitutingmercury amalgam fillings with composite resins, and capturing digitalx-rays over film, advances in technology have proven worthwhile to boththe dentist and the patient.A...  Read More
For the last two weeks I’ve been assisting a colleague who experienced a stroke. I pray his recovery will continue to steadily improve and he will regain health in body, mind and spirit. Following after another Doctor always brings to mind the fundamentals of chart review for me, which...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Handling Patient Complaints
Since dental practices deal with all kinds of people, there will be complaints from time to time no matter how well organized you are and/or how skillful your team. Hopefully you hear about them so you can handle them properly and get the patient happy and coming back in the future. Ignoring...  Read More
As. The skills that are necessary to detect a drug-seeking patient are those that rely primarily on discernment, and patterns. Many of us don't have this problem...they don't practice on Friday!!! But for those like me that do, try not to assume that all Friday afternoon patients unable or...  Read More
An Important Thing to Know
You do not win friends and influence patients when you use criticism, authoritative attitudes or high-pressure sales talk. You do win friends and influence patients when you really care about them and when you follow the rule be yourself. It is an interesting fact that people will respond to you...  Read More
postop surprises
My assistant had a minor surgery last week. When I talked to her this morning about the surgery she had almost nothing to say about the actual surgery. She was really hacked off about something else, though. The medical team had taped some leads to her chest and arms as they sometimes do for...  Read More
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