How much is your dental practice worth?
If you want to know what your practice is worth you can use our online practice appraisal tool, enter some info, answer a few questions and receive the answer in seconds. Just click this link to run the tool   Read More
Market Maker Blog: Succession Planning - Synergy
Synergize means to combine everything you’ve learned to create something that’s better than the sum total of the separate pieces. It’s an opportunity to transform your practice from an ordinary dental practice into an extraordinary practice. This habit isn’t for everyone, but those with the courage...  Read More
4 Steps to Solving the Valuation Gap for Your Dental Practice
The biggest problem we see when we help dentists buy or sell practices is the valuation gap. The valuation gap is the difference between the amount that a buyer is willing to pay for a practice and the price the owner wants. Sadly, many business owners have a wildly inflated notion of the value of...  Read More
Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?
Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?When is it time to sell ?  Are you still excited about investing in your practice? If yes, you are probably not reading this article. If no, there are an endless supply of recent grads who are anxious to invest big money in their new practice. Yes,...  Read More
Episode 81: How to Grow a Dental Practice to Six Million a Year in Collections With Dr. Chris Phelps
Episode 81: How to Grow a Dental Practice to Six Million a Year in Collections Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
Growing Your Dental Practice
Are you looking to grow your dental practice? Perhaps you’re trying to add more patients, create demand for new services, reduce overhead – or all of the above.Many factors outside your control will influence the selling price of your practice, whether it’s next year or five years...  Read More
It’s Time for an Upgrade: Why Re-designing Your Office Space May Be Useful in Practice Sales
Are you preparing to sell your dental practice? If so, you’re probably starting to organize financial data and patient records, and perhaps investing in updated equipment. But have you considered the value of updating the way your office looks?In our earlier post, we gave you. One way to...  Read More
Top Tips for Selling Your Practice
If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to start planning for life after your dental practice, you probably have lots of questions: What do I want out of the process? How long will transitioning take? What’s involved? Am I ready to leave?A good rule of thumb is to start the exit...  Read More
Is Your Practice Ready to Start the Transition Process?
When the time comes for you to begin the transition process out of your dental practice, there are two parts to that decision. The first is that you are ready to start the process because you are at a point in your life where you want to do all the things on your bucket list, or you want to at...  Read More
Transition Pitfalls
You never know when something can happen that will impact your ability to practice dentistry. Each year, many dentists find themselves facing the unexpected which prevents them continuing the professional career. Or, more commonly, retirement quickly creeps up on them. Whether it’s due to...  Read More
When Is The Right Time to Talk To the Staff About Your Transition?
Timing is everything. When dealing with delicate situations such as selling your practice, you should approach the conversation with staff carefully. Some dentists experience feelings of guilt by keeping the news of their dental practice sale a secret from their staff. Or they view keeping the...  Read More
Dental Practice Broker MLS
Most Dental Practice Brokers run stand alone companies that do not collaborate with other dental practice brokers. This is how things were in real estate 20 years ago when real estate brokers signed up Sellers to Exclusive Right to Sell contracts and did not work with other Brokers. Today, most...  Read More
511 Billing and Sales with Lesia Crawford : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #511 - Lesia Crawford Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #511 - Lesia Crawford Lesia Crawford is the co-owner and CEO of GoGo Billing , Medical Billing for...  Read More
Buyer Beware – Practice Prices Based on Rules of Thumb
We’ve recently seen an uptick in practice purchase/sale transactions involving specialists such as endo, oral surgery, perio, and prostho. Obviously, the vast majority of practice purchase sales we see are general dentistry because the vast majority of practices out there are general...  Read More
What Percentage of the Purchase Price should be Allocated to Goodwill?
I see this question frequently, and occasionally I get asked this question from potential buyers. I see claims made by sellers’ advisors that goodwill should be at least 80% of the total purchase price or worse, they suggest that anything lower than 80% will draw the attention of the IRS....  Read More

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