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Market Maker Blog: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
"You were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason, so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." - Epictetus, 55 ADThis habit serves us well at all stages of life, and throughout all stages of a dental practice. Understanding comes from asking gentle probing questions, and resisting all...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Succession Planning: Be Proactive
All business owners reach a point when we will no longer control our businesses. Perhaps we’ll be able to sell our business for a fair price and will enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Or perhaps something unexpected and unanticipated will shatter that dream. This is simply reality. With this...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Sales and Marketing for Dentists Made Simple
Selling and marketing are two essential skills that all successful dentists need, but most dental schools largely ignore.  For scientifically trained dentists, the need to learn these skills may feel baffling at best, and sleazy or manipulative at worst.You can't help people if they don't know you...  Read More
11 Things You Wish You'd Known Before You Bought Your Dental Practice
Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of your very own dental practice! You likely already know that this is when you get the opportunity to make some serious money, but there are a few things that might occurring to you that you wish you’d known before you signed on the dotted line. Let’s go...  Read More
4 Steps to Solving the Valuation Gap for Your Dental Practice
The biggest problem we see when we help dentists buy or sell practices is the valuation gap. The valuation gap is the difference between the amount that a buyer is willing to pay for a practice and the price the owner wants. Sadly, many business owners have a wildly inflated notion of the value of...  Read More
The 3 Qualities Every Dentalpreneur Needs
The 3 Qualities Every Dentalpreneur NeedsI’m an avid reader. Whether it’sbooks, or good-old-fashioned hardcover books – I read, a lot. One of my favorite topics to read about is entrepreneurs and really study their mindsets. While, as a dentist and budding...  Read More
Episode 31: Tapkin®: Alex Uruburo, Creating a Patented Dental Product and Handling the Journey of Fatherhood
Meet Alex Uruburo the inventor of Tapkin® and Owner of, amazing dental assistant, and dedicated Dad. Listen in as we get to know him and his incredible product!The Tapkin® is MOMgienists® approved!  Read More
Episode 31: Tapkin®: Alex Uruburo, Creating a Patented Dental Product and Handling the Journey of Fatherhood
Meet Alex Uruburo the inventor of Tapkin® and Owner of, amazing dental assistant, and dedicated Dad. Listen in as we get to know him and his incredible product!The Tapkin® is MOMgienists® approved!  Read More
How Business Owners Make a Major Comeback after a Setback
Let's face it. It sucks when we getcaught unexpectedly in a downpour; especially if that downpour concerns our business. Lost of a major client, negative feedback from customers on product or service offerings, sudden exit of leading team members or vendors, are a few examples of an unexpected...  Read More
How to Master Marketing from Your Everyday Experiences
In the past, I could never really figure out why car dealerships placed cars in malls. Due to a recent experience, I have gained a new respect for the concept. While on vacation, my husband and I sat reading on a bench in the “luxury” area of the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Florida. We had...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip # 52 What To Do When I Realize I Am Not A Good Manager
As an entrepreneur with a growing business, we soon discover that one of the most challenging hats we must wear is the “manage your team” hat. This is often because we may not have the experience orskill setrequired to successfully manage people. Management is so much more than hiring a...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #51 – How to Hire to Increase Profitability
As anentrepreneur, we are often forced to make some tough decisions to balance our human resource needs and our budget. Frequently, we operate with less personnelthan we need due to this dilemma. However, a successful entrepreneur realizes that she cannot succeed alone. That is why it is critical...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #49   How to Avoid Becoming An Overcommitted Volunteer
After we have been entrepreneurs for a length of time we may find ourselves anchored within the same volunteer organizations we have been part of for many years. We may even hold leadership roles within these organizations or simply continue to participate to stay connected with our core industries...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip # 48 How Volunteering Can Reward A Savvy Entrepreneur
Many entrepreneurs are involved in outside organizations that support causes near and dear to their hearts. In fact, once you are recognized as an individual with strong ethics and entrepreneurial skills, you may be approached to volunteer for an event, join a committee, and perhaps become a board...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #47 Appearances Do Matter
Recently, I attended a business networking event where I could not help but notice the attire of the woman sitting next to me and wonder what was on her mind when she dressed for this event. Now, do not get me wrong, I usually do not wear the “typical” business attire. At that event, I...  Read More
The Savvy Dentist #12: Creating a Successful Business and Travelling the World with The Flight Doc
The Savvy Dentist PodcastWhere Great Dentistry Meets Great BusinessCreate a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #46 Could Your Loved Ones Derail Your Entrepreneurial Goals?
One of the primary reasons we as entrepreneurs take the risks associated with working for ourselves is the desire to spend more time with our loved ones. Similar to the willing sacrifices we make daily as parents, as entrepreneurs we often find ourselves in the position of modifying business goals...  Read More
How to Reduce Insurance Dependancy in Your Practice
Insurance companies force you to cut your fees, reject patient claims and are just a challenge to work with. If you ask any office manager or insurance coordinator about how they feel about dental insurance they all cringe and don't want to even think about it. Insurance can make patients have a...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #45 How to Recover from a Major Meltdown
Recently, I had a major meltdown. Many that know me would say, “Not Donna.” Yes, this meltdown even prompted my family to stay clear of me and my real crocodile tears.Many of you also know that not much rattles me. As a liver transplant patient in February 2007 with a life-altering...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #44 Networking Events That Can Pose Challenges
Many entrepreneurs hold various volunteer positions in community organizations that often include invitations to attend an event as a guest. Recently I attended a social event where the officers of a board, and their spouses, shared a meal and conversation in order to build a closer bond for a new...  Read More
Keeping the “Soul” in Your Dental Group
“Henry Ford was a genius when it came to automobiles and the methods of mass production, but I believe his understanding of the worker was limited when he asked, ‘Why is it that I always get the whole person, when what I really want is a pair of hands?’” 1Ford’s...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip # 43   Turning Failures into Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Success
Failure is an unavoidable part of building our entrepreneurial business. Failure can take the wind out of our sails and make us question whether we have what it takes to achieve our entrepreneurial dreams. Failure can paralyze us and lead us to believe that more failures are just around the corner....  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #42 How to Overcome the Problem of a Longer To-Do List than Time Permits
A common challenge for entrepreneurs is trying to squeeze an endless list of things that need to be done into a finite amount of time. This constant struggle can cause frustration, anxiety and uncertainty about one’s ability to succeed. Though this is definitely a real and perplexing...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #41: How to Survive Lack of Support from Those Closest to Us
As entrepreneurs, where do we get our daily dose of support and inspiration?As we hit the inevitable roadblocks on our entrepreneurial journey, we often depend on those closest to us to provide the fuel to continue to ignite our flame and support our dreams.Far too frequently, however, some of...  Read More
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