You’ve Graduated from Dental School; Now What?
You’ve studied for the past eight years and now finally have that much coveted dental degree in hand. Now what? Even if your dreams are to own your own practice, there are other options to consider and a few steps you might want to take first. Here, we break down some options for dental school...  Read More
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 2
How to Renegotiate Your Dental Practice Lease, Part 2By now, you’ve already established your role of landlord or tenant in the lease-renegotiation process thanks to  of this blog post. Now, it’s time to break down the basics of lease renegotation for your dental practice. Here, we offer a primer to...  Read More
Woes of the Single Dentist Site Selection
Married dentists don't really have to think about it.  But single dentists (those who are not married) have to think about what type of social life they are likely to have if they have to live near their office. Research (and experience) are telling us that dentists are graduating single like never...  Read More
Places with Promise for Practice, 2019. Where to Start-up
Every year about this time we present research on locations that indication some of the best places to put a start-up practice.  This year, we have decided not to be quite so specific in where these places should be.  In stead, we have selected regions, states, and cities that show where the growth...  Read More
Video, Start-up and Market Segmentation (Psychographics Update
We do a weekly webinar and discussion on site selection and marketing.  This was a recent effort on segmentation and start-ups.  It is meant to be fun and informative.  Read More
Buying an Existing Dental Practice versus Starting from Scratch
Buying an Existing Dental Practice Versus Starting from ScratchIf only the decision to  you want to engage in, the literal million-dollar question is whether to buy an existing practice or start from scratch. Both options have their pros and cons specific to your financial and personal situation....  Read More
6 Considerations When Relocating Your Dental Practice
The old real estate adage of “location, location, location” also applies to your dental practice when considering a move. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space or are just looking for a change of scenery, there are other considerations you’ll want to make when looking to relocate your dental...  Read More
6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Dental Practice
At Professional Transition Strategies, we have successfully guided hundreds of dentists through the process of selling and buying a dental practice. If you are thinking about buying a dental practice, you will naturally have several smart questions. Here are questions to ask when buying a dental...  Read More
Natural Disasters and Great Practice Locations
G                                    Natural Disasters and Great  Practice Locations                        Given the demographic and cultural nature of this nature, finding a place to practice that is in the recovery phase may be a great idea.  Oddly, population size, employment, and wealth...  Read More
Virtues of Changing Locations
We don't often discuss it in dental practice management but the research shows definitively, that making a change, particularly a visible change, can do a great deal to build up the enthusiasm for the practice.  Yup, it goes right to the bottom-line and can be a great shot-in-the-arm to grow the...  Read More
#60: Choosing a Location for Your Practice
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we talk about the best locations to set up your practice. This includes startups, dentists considering buying a practice, and dentists who are expanding.ListenPodcast Highlights: The ideal practice How to getdemographic data How to find the best...  Read More
Predictable Implantology with PK Clark : Howard Speaks Podcast #139
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #139 - PK Clark Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #139 - PK Clark PK Clark places 1500 implants a year. His implants are placed according to three things:...  Read More

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