Leaky Gut & Periodontal Disease And All That Jazz
Leaky gut, periodontal disease, and all that jazz (meaning all those bacteria) play an important role in chronic disease. The tube that courses through the body (called the digestive tract, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, or the alimentary canal) is the initial setting for many chronic diseases that...  Read More
Sage Advice: How Using Sage May Improve Oral Health
Everyone fond of Grandma’s turkey dressing every Thanksgiving knows what sage is, but how many of us knew that it may also be good for our oral health?Sage has been known for years as a natural herbal remedy with potent healing properties, but did you know that chewing sage leaves can clean the...  Read More
My Double-Blind Study
I get inspired about things to which others may just respond with a yawn. Well, it’s the geek in me coming out. For example, here is a study, which was published in July 2017, that gets me inspired – inspired enough to write a protocol for a double-blind study, which will be fully funded by a US...  Read More
The Secret Health Cost Reduction Insurance Companies WANT You to Know
Aetna’s 2006 study showing health costs decrease when people see their dentist at least once per year prompted their Dental/Medical Integration(DMI) program as a standard offering at no additional cost for medically at-risk members. At-risk members are identified as those with diabetes, heart...  Read More
ATP Testing for Dental Hygiene and Disease Diagnosis
Biologically, humans already possess hygiene and sensory indicators such as sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. these sensory indicators generate a response of fight or flight. However, the inherent sensory indicators have their own limitations and often fail to perceive certain indiscernible...  Read More
Explaining Gum Pocket Measurements to Patients (Periodontal Charting)
The importance of understanding the the periodontal disease during your dental visits. Dr. Rockey explains the importance that patients understand the numbers and meaning of periodontal probing and charting during dental visits. He makes the connection between low gum pocket measurements to healthy...  Read More
3 Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease
One of the most powerful tools in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease is simply being on the lookout for issues. If you can identify problems early and stop them in their tracks, you will be able to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and strong. Unfortunately, if you ignore issues, tooth...  Read More
What  Do You Think Happened When I Told My Patients They Have Periodontal Disease?
Hygienists see patients daily who have perio.What do you say when a longtime, routine hygiene patient who now has perio disease?Are you nervous they may go to another office if you tell them things in their mouth are not status-quo today?Will they complain because their insurance doesn't pay for...  Read More
15 Oral Hygiene Tips To Help Engage Your Patients!!
BuzzFeed recently published an article regarding oral hygiene strategies. Could be a good way to help engage your patients!  Read More
Are You Concerned About Telling Your Hygiene Patients They Have Periodontal Diease?
Do you have patients who have been coming to your office for years and now, all of a sudden, show signs of periodontal disease?Are you concerned they may leave the office if you tell them they have periodontal disease?View this video. Get a pen and paper to take some notes and write down...  Read More
Pizza Can Be Good for Oral Health If...
Pizza is as synonymous with the college environment as Saturday football games and all-nighter study sessions. But only one of the three may be good for your teeth. Consider this: worrying about final exams may cause you to subconsciously grind your teeth. Betting on the wrong team and welshing on...  Read More
The Longevity of Teeth and Dental Implants
published in the Journal of the American Dental Association by Levin and Haperin-Sternfeld regarding the longevity of teeth and dental implants has raised some interesting, and long overdue questions. This review should have clinicians talking and hopefully talking among dental specialties.Levin...  Read More

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