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Increase Your Profits By Thousands!
Whoever owns a clinic must focus on solvency to keep the doors open. This piece focuses on and teaches you to increase your profits and the success of your practice.Annually healthcare providers invest countless amounts of staff- hours and resources to acquire new patients. Meetings are conducted,...  Read More
Ethically Steal Your Biggest Competitor's Best Patients!
To succeed in your practice, you must develop better marketing strategies --- tactics that allow you to attract as many patients as possible.It only makes sense, when you started your dental practice your desire was to be successful, which translates into being profitable. In fact, you can trace...  Read More
Are You Missing Out On Great Opportunities?
If you're missing the mark with your patients?This article delivers sound & proven tips for success! The cornerstone of business prosperity centers on a sound symbiotic relationship with your vision and your promotional efforts. The only purpose of any advertising effort is to let everyone in...  Read More
Lies Your Dental Prospects Tell Themselves
Published on Feb 27, 2017If you want more and better dental patients, you have to break the mold your prospects have you in. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 1001.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Keep Up with Your Online Dental Content
Published on Feb 15, 2017Dentists need quality content to be found in organic search. Colin explains how to, and how not to, get quality content in Patient Attraction Podcast 993.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Don't Over Complicate Your YouTube Videos
Provide Value With VideosI have found that dentists often over complicate videos. I was recently working with a friend who is a on providing some content marketing. I suggested making some videos to add to their YouTube channel and then link to their website. I received a call a few days later...  Read More
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The Savvy Dentist #36: The Minimalist Guide to Content Marketing with Cate Scolnik
The Savvy Dentist PodcastWhere Great Dentistry Meets Great BusinessCreate a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take...  Read More
 #18: Make sure your marketing material is helping; not just selling!
In this episode I talk about the true purpose, or what SHOULD be the true purpose behind your marketing material.Marketing material can be your business cards, flyers, pamphlets, signs that you have out front, magazine ads, any print ads, or even what you have your own marketer tell the...  Read More
#15: New Patients vs. Existing Patients
What’s up guys! Thank you for tuning in again!In this episode we are talking about just how important our existing customer base is.Sometimes we are so obsessed with attracting new patients that we tend to neglect or forget about our wonderful existing patients. One thing we need to keep in...  Read More
#11: The Social Media Marketer that will tell you the EASY formula to start attracting new patients today; Avalene Roberts.
In episode 11 I have the privilege of having the wonderful Avalene Roberts:Founder of; a website where the dentistand anyone in the dental field can create a profile and look for theperfect dental staff to hire. It is known as the Linkedin of dentistry!Founder of the app Cavity...  Read More
Podcast Episode 008: "Why can't I attract patients through Instagram?!"
In this episode we crack down on Instagram! I mean, let’s be real here… the main reason your dental practice has an Instagram account is to attract new patients, right?Social Media marketing is huge and is growing day by day.. buuuut for some reason most dentist don’t see...  Read More
What Are Your Dental Press Releases Worth?
Dentists should reserve press releases for truly newsworthy announcements. Colin explains how to use press releases in Patient Attraction Podcast 894.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The Great Dental Floss Debate
Science is getting a bad rap in the U.S. lately. Colin explains how dentists should handle the dental floss debate in Patient Attraction Podcast 889.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Avoid These 5 Dental Blog Writing Mistakes
A dental blog is a great tool for getting more new patients. Colin explains 5 common mistakes new dentist bloggers make in Patient Attraction Podcast 883.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Starting a new dental practice? On a budget? Here's guaranteed ways to attract new patients with little to no cost!
Starting up a brand new dental practice is no easy task, let alone a very expensive one. We are talking about at least 2 operatory rooms, new dental equipment, having an awesome front and back staff, and any remodeling/ upgrades to the office (your logo, painting, etc.).This obviously puts a huge...  Read More
Should Dentists Cater to Other Search Engines?
Published on Aug 10, 2016Google still dominates online search, but that may change. Colin explains why dentists must have quality content writing in Patient Attraction Podcast 859.  Read More
The State of Dentistry, day 4 of 4
Published on Jul 24, 2016How will your dental practice not only survive but thrive against corporate dentistry? Colin details the definitive plan in Patient Attraction Podcast 846.  Read More
Dental Content Marketing Lessons
Published on Jul 13, 2016Dentists who share new developments first can get more new patients. Colin explains how to use the news to your advantage in Patient Attraction Episode 837.  Read More
Just Don’t “Do” Duplicate Dental Content
Published on Jun 26, 2016Google hates duplicate content even on multiple websites you own. Colin explains the perils of prepackaged dental content in Patient Attraction Podcast 824.  Read More
6 Dental Content Marketing Tips
Published on Jun 14, 2016Content marketing helps attract more new dental patients over time. Colin shares 6 tips for effective content marketing in Patient Attraction Podcast 814.  Read More
Great Dental Content Needs a Hand
Published on Jun 10, 2016Great dental content that isn’t promoted won’t get you more and better patients. Colin explains what dentists need to do in Patient Attraction Podcast 812.  Read More
Dental Content Marketing Mistakes
Published on Jun 1, 2016Great dental content writing is a must to be seen in search results. Colin shares 5 tips to avoid making writing mistakes in Patient Attraction Podcast 805.  Read More
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Dental Marketing
Published on May 26, 2016Dental research can be great online content IF you translate for patients. Colin gives tips for writing TO your patients in Patient Attraction Podcast 801.  Read More
Redirect Your Sense of Dental Marketing “Urgency”
Published on May 21, 2016Long­term successful dental practices shift away from “selling” to patients. Colin explains how to succeed by not selling in Patient Attraction Podcast 796.For more informatio  Read More
Can You Become the “Whole-Mouth” Dentist?
Published on May 20, 2016Dentists can use oral microbiome research to attract more patients. Colin tells you how to be the “whole mouth” dentist in Patient Attraction Episode 795.  Read More
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