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Where to Find Images for your Dental Marketing Campaigns
           One of the best ways to make your dental ads stand out is by adding images. To be effective, the images must be high-quality and consistent with your practice’s brand. If not, you could make a poor first impression, attract the wrong patients, and push away the patients who would be...  Read More
How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your Practice
How to use Facebook The Right Way to Grow Your PracticeFacebook marketing is the BEST way to grow your practice, but many dentists fail to target the right users with their marketing strategy. If you’re investing a lot of time and money into Facebook marketing and not getting the engagement you...  Read More
How to Use the Facebook Page Plugin to Grow Your Social Proof & Get New Patients
One of the best benefits of growing your Facebook page audience is the social proof it provides when people are looking to choose a new dentist.When people come across your Facebook page and see that their friends or family members like your page, they become more likely to either call their friend...  Read More
How to Get Your Patients To Say Yes To Your High Level Services With Dr. Steve Schluentz
How to Get Your Patients To Say Yes To Your High Level Services With Dr. Steve SchluentzThisweek on the podcast I spoketoDr.Steve Schluentz (shoe-lentz). Many of you alreadyknow Steve as he's super active in the Delivering WOW Facebook Group and he's amember of our bootcamp.Steveis a dentist,...  Read More
The Three Facebook Ad Targeting Audiences Every Dental Office Needs
One of the best ways to maximize your results on Facebook is to set up and save highly converting Facebook ad targeting audiences. Once you set up your targeting audiences, you can use them for future boosted posts or ad campaigns. This allows you to reach people you know to be more receptive to...  Read More
Maximizing Your Marketing ROI with Dr. Anissa Holmes and Dr. Mark Costes
Maximizing Your Marketing ROI with Dr. Mark Costes & Dr. Anissa HolmesThisweek on the Delivering WOW podcast I had a really good conversation with a verygood friend of mine, Dr Mark Costes. The podcast was totally impromptu, in fact, I was actually in my car when we recorded it.For those of you...  Read More
Dental Facebook Posts: How to Increase Engagement to Increase Your Reach
Facebook for dentists is the best social media site to help you reach potential patients for your practice. Although Facebook doesn’t charge you to have a dental Facebook page or to post on your Facebook page, its algorithm limits the reach of posts unless one of two things happens:            -...  Read More
Episode 42: Creating A Facebook Marketing Strategy That Works With Dr. Anissa Holmes
Episode 42: Creating A Facebook Marketing Strategy Content originally appeared at:  Read More
How to Master SEO to Increase New Patients and Maximize Visibility with "Dental Marketing Guy" Justin Morgan
Mastering SEO with Justin Morgan Justin Morgan, aka "the dental marketing guy" is a dental marketing enthusiast, specializing in getting your dental website to rank highly on search engines. Justin is different from many SEO experts because...  Read More
How to Make More Money on Tomorrow's Schedule with Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount helps dentist find the invisible profit in their current business. She was a dental assistant and office manager for over 22 years.Then she decided to be a virtual consultant helping offices in the USA and internationally. She is known for teaching offices how to make $500 more a day on...  Read More
Facebook LIVE: The Next Massive Breakthrough in Dental Marketing is HERE!!!!!!
Ok, so if you have been waiting for the next BIG breakthrough in dental marketing, the wait is over!! Announcing Facebook Live.What “Live” IsFacebook “Live” offers the ability to create and watch live videos within Facebook as the action happens. If you keep up with the...  Read More
Here's Why Video is My #1 FREE Marketing Strategy
Here's Why Video Is My #1 Free Marketing Strategy Today's episode is a solo show where I share my #1 Free Marketing Strategy, and it is HUGE!!!This week in the Delivering WOW Hangout, we have had a very exciting week! We have been talking...  Read More
Oops! Did You Get a Negative Facebook Review?
I want to bring up the topic of negative reviews on Facebook, and how you should handle them. Let's face it, if you put yourself out there, you will eventually get a negative review. The thing is, the online world is a spectator's sport. People are not only interacting with you, but they are...  Read More
Beyond 32 Teeth: Leading Your Team Through Communication with Dr. Lisa Knowles
Beyond 32 Teeth: Leading Your Team Through Communication with Dr. Lisa Knowles   Read More
Getting The Best ROI On Your Marketing with Colin Receveur
To know SmartBox Web Marketing, you have to know founder and CEO Colin Receveur, the dynamo that powers this marketing machine. Even though SmartBox was incorporated in 2001, it began inside Colin during his childhood.Colin's experience helping dentists predates search engine optimization (SEO),...  Read More
Little Known Ways To Systematize Your Practice With Dr. Mark Costes
Little Known Ways to Systematize Your Practice with Dr. Mark Costes Dr. Mark Costes is a serial entrepreneur, author, international speaker and business coach. Mark received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego...  Read More
How To Discover Your Passion and Niche Down To Achieve More
How To Discover Your Passion and Niche Down To Achieve More Dr. Jason Lowry is the owner of Lowry Family Dentistry and is also a solo practitioner located in the small town of Kingman, Arizona. Dr. Lowry has created a multi million dollar...  Read More
Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience With Dr. David Moffet
I am super thrilled to have my friend as a guest on the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. This episode is all about Delivering and Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience. In this episode, we discuss therole of company culture, and how it contributes to an amazing customer experience. David shares...  Read More
5 Key Elements to Define Your Brand with Adrion Porter
5 Key Elements to Define Your Brand with Adrion Porter This episode ofis all about Building your Brand. After helping HBO, Citigroup, and Cartoon Network build their Brands, we are thrilled to have Adrion Porter as a guest on the...  Read More
006 Why Every Dentist Needs a Coach with Dr. Don Deems
This episode of the features Dr. Don Deems, trademarked the Dentist's Coach, who shares lots of useful tips how dentists can systematize their practices for consistency. Dr. Deems discusses that all great athletes have a coach, as well as the mindset that dentists must have when taking on a...  Read More
005 How To Achieve Your #1 Goal in 100 Days With John Lee Dumas
Every year I kick off the New Year saying this will be the best year ever.And guess what, it always is. The #1 reason why I'm so confident is that I plan for success. I set goals!I am so thrilled that you have decided to follow my podcast. I am committed to bringing high quality guests: Top Experts...  Read More
004 Getting the Best ROI on Your TEAM Dr. Anissa Holmes
In this episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast, Dr. Holmes shares strategies for getting the best ROI on your team. She discusses that what is takes for you to get the best return on the investment on your team, is for you to be a good leader. In this episode, Dr. Holmes shares the specific...  Read More
How To Get the Best ROI From Your TEAM
For many dentists, labor costs are one of the biggest expenses incurred. However, it's interesting how many dentists don't work to turn their employees into a profitable return on investment. If the dentist is not a strong leader, who is committed to buildinga great team and setting a clear path to...  Read More
6 Steps to Create a Practice and Business That WOWs
Are you ready to get some MASSIVE results for 2016? Perhaps it's time to start Delivering WOW.So what is Delivering Wow....Delivering Wow is a customer-focused approach that service businesses, including dental practices, can take to consistently provide a high level of service and quality. What...  Read More
002 Getting a 1500 to 1 ROI on Social Media Dr. Anissa Holmes and Dr. Mark Costes
In this episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast Dr. Anissa Holmes share systems and strategies which she has used to consistently receive a 1500 to 1 ROI on Social Media.This show is an interview done by Dr. Mark Costes of the Denalpreneur Podcast. 002...  Read More
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