34 Qualities of the Best Websites for Dentists
Creating the  for your practice is easier said than done.You need to have an informative, yet engaging site that your patients and potential patients will love. It should cover a wide range of different things so that it meets the needs of your website visitors. Social media links, blog posts...  Read More
We're Giving Away a FREE Dental Website
To celebrate the season, If your dental website is old and outdated, looks just like everyone else's site, or just doesn't reflect who you are, enter to win and you could walk away with the best present of the season.Did you just launch a new site? No problem, you could win one of 11 other totally...  Read More
Are You Missing Out On Great Opportunities?
If you're missing the mark with your patients?This article delivers sound & proven tips for success! The cornerstone of business prosperity centers on a sound symbiotic relationship with your vision and your promotional efforts. The only purpose of any advertising effort is to let everyone in...  Read More
1. Ignoring Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) DesignYour dental practice's website absolutely must look great on iPhones, Androids, and tablets-- not just desktop and laptop computers. If your website doesn't make use of modern responsive design principles, you'll lose out on many new patient...  Read More
How Google Adwords Can Boost Your Dental Practice
How To Use Google Adwords For DentistsI was recently called by a prospective customer who asked me to cast an eye over his Google Adwords account. Can you imaging the shock I felt when I saw that over three years he had paid Google £46,000! So is Google Adwords For Dentists a good thing?Yes I...  Read More
The Savvy Dentist #22: Get New Patients With A Website That Converts
The Savvy Dentist PodcastWhere Great Dentistry Meets Great BusinessCreate a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take...  Read More
7 Reasons Dental Patients Hate Your Website
Published on Jun 22, 2016Websites make or break your new dental patient conversions. Colin shares what drives patients crazy about your website in Patient Attraction Podcast 820.  Read More
Here’s Why Your Dental Website is Losing Patients
Published on Jan 14, 2016Outdated dental websites not only look bad – they can also lose patients. Colin explains in a classic episode, revisited in Patient Attraction Podcast 668.  Read More
This Dental Website Problem Could Be Costing You Patients
Choose a hosting platform that improves your website speed and keeps patients on your site. Colin explains in episode 35. Patient Attraction Podcast 632.  Read More
How Google’s Trick Deceives Dentists
Published on Dec 2, 2015Google’s personalized and localized search results can create misleading rankings for dentists. Learn more in episode 34. Patient Attraction Podcast 625.  Read More
Three Website Factors Most Dentists Forget About
By Dr. Josh StelzerGone are the days of huge, full color phone book ads being the cornerstone of a dental marketing strategy. Let’s face it – consumers aren’t using phone books when the internet is overflowing with dynamic, multimedia content to help them make choices.In just a...  Read More
Essential Reasons to Balance Form and Function on Your Dental Website
In classic episode 24, Colin explained how dental web design can attract or deter patients. Learn about form vs. function in Patient Attraction Podcast 569.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Why Doing Your Own Dental Marketing Could Be Losing You Business
In classic podcast episode 207, Colin warns dentists that they shouldn’t do their own marketing. Hear why in Patient Attraction Podcast 536.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Have You Considered the Psychology of Your Dental Website?
What does your website say about you and your practice? Colin revisits a classic podcast on dental website psychology in Patient Attraction Podcast 513.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
How Your Great Dental Website Could Be Hurting You
Beautiful, content-laden dental websites can help convert patients into prospects. Colin tells how they can hurt your practice in Patient Attraction Podcast 502.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The "Voodoo" Behind Dental Marketing this episode you will see:- We never intended to work with dentists. Get a quick glimpse of our origins and see why we work exclusively with dentists now- Web marketing isn't voodoo...  Read More

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