Location, Location, Location: Why Your Google Local Search Results Can Vary (Sometimes Wildly)
What if Google told you that your nearest dentist was in another country?Recently we had a question about why a certain dental practice wasn’t showing up in the search results when the person Googled the word “dentist” along with the specific town. Showing up in the map results is...  Read More
The Game Has Changed for Dental Search
Published on Jan 6, 2017Online organic search has changed, and dentists must change with it. Colin explains a new approach to ranking online in Patient Attraction Podcast 966.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Will Google Continue to Matter to Dentists?
Published on Jan 3, 2017Google may no longer bring new dental patients to your website. Colin discusses the possible changes and how to respond in Patient Attraction Podcast 963.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Google Doesn’t Care About Dentists
Google’s changes can cost you new patients. Colin explains a better approach for dentists to keep their search rankings in Patient Attraction Podcast 913.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
3 Things to Understand Before Starting or Hiring for SEO
Most businesses aren’t going to always be able to hire an in-house expertto handle their online content all the time— which makes outsourcing their SEO services an increasingly attractive offer for their practice– but there’s a catch.1. You Need to Understand the Basics.SEO...  Read More
ALL Dentistry is Local
Published on May 17, 2016Dentistry is a local business; Google My Business is key to being found in local search. Colin reviews recent changes in Patient Attraction Podcast 792.  Read More
Identify the RIGHT Dental Keywords
Published on May 6, 2016The right keywords for your dental marketing are more important than ever. Colin explains the what and how of keywords in Patient Attraction Podcast 781.  Read More
Your Dental Mobile Website: Patients Want ...
Published on Feb 21, 2016Learn how your mobile dental website can increase your new patient conversions, and what it must have. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 706.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
How Google’s Trick Deceives Dentists
Published on Dec 2, 2015Google’s personalized and localized search results can create misleading rankings for dentists. Learn more in episode 34. Patient Attraction Podcast 625.  Read More
Use or Lose Your Dental Google My Business Page
Google My Business is a valuable tool for dentist to attract patients online. Colin tells you why Google may take it away in Patient Attraction Podcast 530.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
5 tips to boost dental website SEO - SmartBox Web Marketing
In podcast episode 219, Colin shares 5 tips for dentists to boost their SEO and dominate Google. Revisit the episode here in Patient Attraction Podcast 522.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More

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