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3 Ways to Produce 20% More NOW!
Straight Talk #23 - 3 Ways to Produce 20% More NOW! Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how producing more in your practice is very do-able and really isn’t a mystery. This stuff is kind of basic, but many of you never learned it and lots of you are telling me you...  Read More
How to Get To Get Treatment Accepted (Part 2)
Podcast Episode #37 - Straight Talk #20 Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how to get your treatment accepted! This is a 3 part series, so make sure to go back and check out part 1 & 3.  WHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and...  Read More
How to Get Treatment Accepted (Part 3)
Podcast Episode 38, Dr. Bette Robin's Straight Talk #21 - How to Get Treatment Accepted Series There are so many different ways to get treatment accepted within your practice, Dr. Bette Robin decided to break it into 3 parts, the most important tips on how to get treatment accepted. They're only...  Read More
How to Get Treatment Accepted (Part 1)
Straight Talk #19 with Dr. Bette Robin Attorney, dentist, practice sale broker, Dr. Bette Robin talks about how to get your patients to accept treatment in your practice. There are so many things you should know about this topic. Are you doing them? If so, GREAT! If not, get to it!  WHAT IS THIS...  Read More
How to Look Like a Million Dollars
HOW TO GET TREATMENT ACCEPTED, PART 1:  LOOK LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSEI’m going to tell you some of the Secrets of the Universe!  Well, at least I’m going to teach you how to get treatment accepted almost every time.  I know some of you don’t like the word “sell” – but I think...  Read More
What is Sexual Harassment?
Straight Talk #18 Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about what sexual harassment is in the workplace, to help you better understand. Sexual HarassmentWHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing, and...  Read More
Conversation About Leases
Dr. Bette Robin's Conversation About Leases - Straight Talk 17Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks with her assistant who has a lot of questions about leases. Tune in to find out the Answers  Convo About LeasesWHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about...  Read More
Don't Sign a Lousy Lease!
Straight Talk Episode #15 - Types of Leases  Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how leases can be confusing with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. Listen to this podcast to make sure that YOU don't sign a lousy lease. LeasesWHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is...  Read More
Prosthodontic Innovation and Disruption with David Guichet DDS
Dr. Bette Robin and Dr. David Guichet Dr. David Guichet tells us about recent advancements in the Prosthodontics field and how patients can benefit from it. WHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing, and changing rapidly - but it...  Read More
Episode 65: How To Create The Right Impression With New Patients
Dr. Bryan Laskin is back in studio with David Pryor as they discuss the importance of making a good first impression with patients and provide some key ways to make that happen.Create The Right Impression with New PatientsFind us on !  Read More
Independent Contractor or Employee?
Straight Talk Episode #13 with Dr. Bette RobinIn this episode, Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how to properly pay Associate Dentists in California.  WHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and dentistry. Dentistry may be changing,...  Read More
Hiring A Good Dental Receptionist
An important part of the front desk management is ensuring dental appointments are made available to patients. All the appointments have been approved, but some patients are forced to go to dental care. It is the receptionist’s job to do everything possible for the patient to arrive on time, but if...  Read More
Building a Forever Transaction Through Brushing
In addition to being good word-game players and world-class worriers, we Kellmans are exceptionally prolific plaque producers, and so I have been going to the dentist every four months for cleanings since I was a teenager. And I spend a lot on toothbrushes and hygiene care.For years, I have said I...  Read More
Episode 44: How To Grow Your Practice By Addressing Patient Anxiety
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor discuss a big key to growing your practice - addressing patient anxiety. It can come in many forms, but ignoring its significance can be very perilous to your business.Addressing Patient AnxietyFind us on !  Read More
The Most Important Productivity Factor Most Dental Practices Ignore
           When dental practices want to increase productivity, the natural instinct is to increase their marketing efforts. After all, new patients are the obvious way to increase productivity. And since we can use Facebook to attract new patients on autopilot, increasing marketing efforts is an...  Read More
Simple Way to Attract New Patients In Your Practice
Going to the dental practitioner makes many of us nervous, particularly if they’re self-conscious regarding their teeth or distressed that a procedure could be painful. Having a decent relationship with you and your employees will create all the distinction in whether or not or not patients come...  Read More
13 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice
You’re focused on providing the highest quality of care for each patient/family who comes through the doors of your medical practice, and this leaves you little time to consider how you can expand your brand in the marketplace. However, improving the reach and exposure of your practice with online...  Read More
Episode 31: 4 Learning Experiences About Getting Your Teeth Cleaned From The Patient Perspective
Who better to share the patient experience than our resident perennial guest, David Pryor. Dr. Laskin and David have a candid conversation on what that looks like from the other side of the chair.Getting Teeth Cleaned from Patient PerspectiveFind us on !  Read More
Episode 27: The Top Tips to Having ESP With Your Patients
Dr. Laskin explains how you can be a rockstar to your patients by simply following a few simple steps.Top Tips To Having ESP With Your PatientsFind us on   Read More
The Membership Economy and Your Dentistry Practice
When I talk to dentists about the Membership Economy, they often say this:"I see how principles of membership, subscription and community work for big tech companies like Amazon, LinkedIn or Spotify, but I don't think it applies to me"Actually, dentists have much to gain from membership.The...  Read More
Make possible what looks impossible for your practice
Relationships are transformational for your dental practice. Deal with your patients with absolute love in your heart.  "If words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart. If they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears." - Suhrawardi© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
101. Harnessing The Power of Video Marketing With Geoff Anderson
Geoff Anderson loves helping his clients tell their stories through video. Since 1993 he has owned and operated Sonic Sight, a video production facility in Sydney Australia.He has worked on productions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US. Geoff is a video producer, acamera man,...  Read More
#53: What To Do Before And After Your HIPAA Audit Or In Case Your Data Is Breached With Dr. Lorne Lavine
SPONSORS FOR THE EPISODE:SURGICAL MASTER COURSE The value bombs continue to drop! In episode 53 Dr. Lavine explains why securing all your files and having the proper IT team behind you is essential. We explain how sometimes we tend to get some new shiny machine for our office or software and then...  Read More
#50: The Quarterbacks Of Dentistry With Dr. Derek Gatta
We made it to episode 50! *confetti falling* And guess what…..we”re just getting started! In episode 50 I changed the format of the show just a little and I interview Dr. Derek Gatta, a prosthodontist for the US NAVY. In this episode we are just talking about what being a...  Read More
#49: What Can 39 Years Worth Of Research, Showing Us How To Skyrocket Our Dental Practices To Success, Tell You With Dr. Michael Schuster.
Episode 49 is one you will need to listen to over and over from time to time! In episode 49 my featured guest is Dr. Michael Schuster. We discuss many things here but what is really interesting is how we break down marketing and what exactly you are doing wrong. You see, there are three forms of...  Read More
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