How to Get Your Team to Do Their Best Work Every Day
           Because dentists take on so many roles in their practice, it would be impossible to build a thriving practice without help. A hardworking and motivated team is essential. In fact, if there’s one thing that separates thriving practices from ones that struggle, it’s the team you have...  Read More
How to Keep from Losing Your Best Team Members
           Recently one of my bootcamp group members was having a problem. One of her best team members was thinking of taking a position with another practice. Losing that team member would have presented a big challenge for her practice, so I quickly jumped in to see how we could help.My first...  Read More
My Boss it the Best! I Love my Work!
How to hear these words from your employees...There is a serious conundrum in every dentist’s work life: 99% of your training was clinical dentistry when in reality you spend more than 50% of your time focused on interacting with employees and patients. There was no training for that, was...  Read More
The Big Five: #2 Team
Your teamis your enabler. They enable you to reach your goals, to do what you do best, and that is to love and heal patients. To become a consistent $10,000 dentist, you need a stable full of “10’s” on your team: cross-trained partners who know how to convert patients from hygiene...  Read More
The Five Reasons Your Employees Don’t Work Together As A Team.
There are few things as satisfying as being a part of a successful and well-aligned team. Maybe you’ve been on a terrific athletic squad that prevailed over a more talented but less coordinated team. Maybe you’ve connected with some incredible diversely talented partners in a work...  Read More
Building a Winning Team with Judy Kay Mausouf
Building a Winning Team with Judy Kay Mausouf Judy Kay Mausolf is a dental practice management coach, speaker and author with expertise in helping others get happier and more successful!She coaches teams how to grow their practices by...  Read More
Ep. 28 - How To Build A Culture In Your Dental Practice That Leads To Profit with Dr. Anissa Homes
Ep. 28 - How To Build A Culture In Your Dental Pra Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Ep. 26 – How To Hire The Best Talent For Your Dental Practice (Advice From a “Dental Titan”)
Ep. 26 – How To Hire The Best Talent For Your Dent Content originally appeared at:  Read More
004 Getting the Best ROI on Your TEAM Dr. Anissa Holmes
In this episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast, Dr. Holmes shares strategies for getting the best ROI on your team. She discusses that what is takes for you to get the best return on the investment on your team, is for you to be a good leader. In this episode, Dr. Holmes shares the specific...  Read More
Ep. 23 - How To Build A Highly Efficient Practice with Dr. Gina Dorfman
Episode 23: How To Build A Highly Efficient Practi Content originally appeared at:   Read More
Here's How to Create a Winning TEAM
The Secret to having a Winning team is to first have a big Vision for your business. This Vision includes where you want to be in 5 or ten years, a Vision of Excellence. You must then inspire your TEAM to create personal visions for themselves. What are they working for. It is important for your...  Read More
Achieving Practice Efficiency with Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams
IntroductionIn today’s dentalpractices, it is becoming more difficult to manage the challenges ofclosing the gap between science research (best practice) and optimumpatient care. Many patients still see dentistry as an elective serviceand not the preventative medicine it truly is. With that...  Read More

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