Electronic Record Keeping
Use of electronic dental records is expanding and eventually will become standard. There are considerable risk management benefits to electronic records. Some benefits include:    Standardized organization and format         Avoids handwritten, illegible entries         Facilitates complete record...  Read More
Cephalometric uses in Orthodontics
From students to doctors, many people wonder what cephalometrics are used for in orthodontics.While cephalometrics have many uses, the most common example is by orthodontists as a diagnostic tool and for treatment planning and assessment. However, cephalometrics aren’t just for orthodontic...  Read More
4 Tips for Hiring Your Dental Dream Team
I have a friend who has been a manager at a Banana Republic Store in CA for over 10 years. She once admitted to me that in interviews she would ask interviewees if they knew who the Police were and if they liked their music? She literally said that if the prospective employee did not know who the...  Read More
One Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel....
One of the things that I find and see as I meet with dentists and their teams around the world is that there are dental offices out there where not all members of the team are on the same page.“On the same page” means the team all has the same agenda at the same time.In business, and in...  Read More
People Are Strange Creatures...
People are strange creatures.Today’s blog, as usual, being the second blog for the week, is on the business of dentistry.And today I have a lesson. On people.People are strange creatures.This week, as those of you who are my Facebook friends will know, I have been entertaining visitors from...  Read More
Innovation in the Dental Practice
I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation recently because I’m reading a book called by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christiansen . It’s about innovative thinking and how some of the world’s greatest innovators actually think and do things differently which gives...  Read More
I've Seen The Light
In office whitening has always been appealing to both dentists and their patients. For years, we used halogen lights causing significant side effects including soft tissue burns, pulpal heating, and tooth dehydration. I wrote an article published in the July 2012 issue of Dentaltown discussing the...  Read More
Legal and Ethical Way to Negotiating Your Insurance Reimbursements
As a dentist who hassuccessfullynegotiated with insurance carriers I feel obligated to share my success stories with my colleagues, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet as a result of the low insurance reimbursements that insurance carriers are forcing you to take. In my opinion,...  Read More
Spring Cleaning Tips for a Greener Dental Office
Looking tospring clean your dental practice? These simple tips will have youon your way toa cleaner, greener office in no time!1. Use an eco-friendly cleaning service:Find a service that uses non-toxic or biodegradable products and reusable methods, like cloth rags that can be washed and used again...  Read More

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