Should You Acquire a Dental Practice or Start From Scratch
Owning a dental practice is a goal of most dentists, in fact it’s the American Dream to have ownership of something.  So, how do you get there and what do you need to think about first?  For dentists, the first decision is whether you should begin an acquisition of an existing practice or create a...  Read More
2-7 Dr. Hunter Smith - Reading Practice Valuations Like a Book
In this episode Dr. Hunter Smith lays out the fundamentals of understanding what a practice is worth. A broker can send you a practice listing, but how do you know if this is all the information you need and what is the most important? Hunter lays out which documents to ask for, which numbers to...  Read More
2-6 How Dr. Hunter Smith Bought 6 Practices in 2 Years
In the first two years out of school, Hunter Smith and his partner have acquired 6 dental practices. In this episode of the Shared Practices Podcast, Hunter joins us to talk about that journey. We cover a lot of ground in this episode including the value of getting great advice, what not to do when...  Read More
1-13 Debt Pay-down vs Liquidity with Reese Harper, CFP
Reese is the founder and CEO of, a registered investment advisory firm with an exclusive focus on dentists and specialists.Since 2003, Reese has devoted his career to helping dentists plan, invest, and retire better. He is a financial planning thought-leader in the dental industry and a popular...  Read More
1-12 Street-Smart Dental CE with Dr. Howard Farran
Listen toDr. Howard Farran share his uncensored opinions on ownership, finding good associateships and how to learn without spending an arm and leg on CE.Howard is the owner and founder of, which features daily interviews with dentists from around the world.  Read More
When you’re ready to own your own practice, there’s two options you may be considering; building a new practice or buying an existing one. Let’s focus on things to review for the potential purchase of an existing practice.Client BaseOne of the main lures to obtaining an existing...  Read More
What are Buyers Looking For?
What are Buyers Looking For?By Marie ChatterleyThe dental market is hardly suffering from a shortage of dentists in more populated areas of the country; however,the increased supply of dentists does not equate to a profusion of ideal opportunities. Most dental school graduatesprefer to live in...  Read More
Startup -vs- Acquisition…how to know which is BEST
Startup -vs- Acquisition…how to know which is BEST Have you ever wondered if a startup is better than acquiring a practice?Today, we’re going to analyze the options.This may be the deepest comparison you’ve ever...  Read More
This doctor reveals his Practice Acquisition PERSONAL success story– The “How-to” CASE STUDY with Dr. Shvartsman
This doctor reveals his Practice Acquisition PERSO Just a few short months ago, Dr. Shvartsman was confused, wondering if he should keep looking at all the old, tired practices for sale. He knew the typical process isn’t working in...  Read More
How To Buy A New Practice
How To Buy A New Practice Have you ever asked yourself if you should buy or start up a dental practice?Well…you’re not alone. We get that question all of the time.Today learn when Jayme says it’s better to buy an existing...  Read More

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