Modernizing DDS Programs
Modernizing DDS Programs When standards of dental care evolve in response to new technologies and demographic trends, administrators of DDS programs should see an opportunity to carve out a competitive advantage. In many ways, they have responded admirably to emerging realities, but they have...  Read More
Predictable Implant Dentistry
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Jerome Smith DDS |Practicing implant Dentistry for over 30 years, Dr. Jerome Smith DDS shares his passion for restorative implant dentistry. Jerome joins us this week to discuss how implant dentistry has evolved with technology, types of implant options, common mistakes...  Read More
Dr. PeyRay’s journey to placing 1,000 implants two years out of dental school!
Dr. PeyRay’s journey to placing 1,000 implants two years out of dental scho In episode 2 we get to hear Dr. Peyman Raissi’s story!.If you’re a D4 in dental school and its the spring semester and you don’t know what...  Read More
030 Casey Hayes, Vice President of Sales Hayes for Hayes Handpiece Company
030 Casey Hayes, Vice President of Sales Hayes for Hayes Handpiece Company Casey Hayes started with Hayes Handpiece Company in 2003 as the owner of the Kansas City franchise. He then moved to Chicago in 2005 to develop the Chicago market...  Read More
Introduction to Dental Implantology with Philip Gordon DDS
Introduction to Dental Implantology with Philip Gordon DDS Welcome to the first episode of the Dental Implant Practices Podcast. In this episode I describe my story from knowing very little about placing and restoring implants to having a...  Read More
Screw Access Holes and Plumbers Tape
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady Managing the screw access holes is one of the challenges I run into with implant dentistry. We all hope to fill them once and then never have to get to the head of the screw again, but this is dentistry after all and that would be unrealistic. In the last 6 months I...  Read More
Osteonecrotic Lesions and Zirconium Oxide Implants. Hands on Training.
.This course will teach you how to identify and treatIschemic Osteonecrotic lesions (Day 1) and the evaluation of these sites for placing Zirconium Oxide implants (Day 2).The purpose of the two day course is to demonstrate how to integrate these procedures into your practice and help your patients...  Read More
Dental Implant Troubleshooting & Custom Abutment Technology Advancements With Dr. David Hornbook
In this technically savvy interview, Dr. David Hornbook talks Clinical troubleshooting with KDA dental implant expert Steve Tapie. Listen intently as David and Steve go over common problems and solutions with custom abutments, implant orientation issues and common mistakes with bite...  Read More
All About Implant Dentistry with Danny Domingue : Howard Speaks Podcast #124
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124 Howard and Danny discuss everything implantology, including whether or not you...  Read More

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