The Great News for Associates on Dental School Debt
Let's face it...Dental School Debt is stressful.After helping hundreds of associate dentists across the country, I have seen specific instances when dental school debt is inherently helpful for associates. And I’ve learned the times this debt is not good. Surprisingly, the differences have nothing...  Read More
	How much is a dental practice worth?
How much is a dental practice worth?That question occurs to many dentists as they approach a time in their careers when they are considering  selling their practices. You need to plan an exit strategy in advance !The New Owner can Build it up EasyI hear this all the time. The seller dentist says...  Read More
What are Buyers Looking For?
What are Buyers Looking For?By Marie ChatterleyThe dental market is hardly suffering from a shortage of dentists in more populated areas of the country; however,the increased supply of dentists does not equate to a profusion of ideal opportunities. Most dental school graduatesprefer to live in...  Read More
Episode 72: How To Achieve Dental Success With Dr. Peter Boulden of BulletProof Dental
Episode 72: How To Achieve Dental Success With Dr. Peter Boulden of BulletProof Dental Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
The Start-Up Dental Practice Guide To Insurance Participation
Congratulations on your new dental practice! At Dental Insurance Credentialing, we work with many start-up practices that are trying to decide which insurance plans their office should accept. It’s important to remember to plan ahead in order to be able to make your decisions without feeling...  Read More
Running a Successful Dental Practice
We know how busy our dentists are! It’s easy to become so caught up in the day-to-day tasks that you forget about the most important part of your dental practice, which is ensuring that your patients have an exceptional experience.Below are 6 simple ways that you can improve your...  Read More
Startup -vs- Acquisition…how to know which is BEST
Startup -vs- Acquisition…how to know which is BEST Have you ever wondered if a startup is better than acquiring a practice?Today, we’re going to analyze the options.This may be the deepest comparison you’ve ever...  Read More
Ep. 23 - How To Build A Highly Efficient Practice with Dr. Gina Dorfman
Episode 23: How To Build A Highly Efficient Practi Content originally appeared at:   Read More
The $0 Down Startup Dental Practice with Dr. Howard Farran - Episode 18
Read More >> Episode 18: The $0 Down Startup Dental Practice wi Content originally appeared at:  Read More
How To Buy A New Practice
How To Buy A New Practice Have you ever asked yourself if you should buy or start up a dental practice?Well…you’re not alone. We get that question all of the time.Today learn when Jayme says it’s better to buy an existing...  Read More
Buy or Start a Dental Practice: The 2 Tests
We’ve seen some doctors thrive and be deeply fulfilled in their startup practice (like this one)…others will only be happy if they’re in the “fixer” mode of practice acquisition.My firm () has, ironically, advised many doctors to go the acquisition path INSTEAD of the...  Read More

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