Episode 9: How To Do An Ideal All Ceramic Crown Prep In 2 Minutes
In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Laskin explains his process for creating an all-ceramic crown preparation in only two minutes. Long crown preparations are one of the dinosaurs in dentistry that Bryan hopes will go extinct.2 Minute All Ceramic Crown Preparation Find us  on iTunes!  Read More
Episode 2: The Top 8 Reasons Patients Hate the Dentist | Part 1
Despite the advantages of regular dental cleanings and checkups, there are 8 major reasons why many people avoid the experience. In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin delves into just a few of them with the help of his friend (and patient) David Pryor. You might guess a few of them,...  Read More
Arbitration Agreements - The Employer's Weapon
Stuart J. Oberman, Esq. of Oberman Law Firm discusses Arbitration Agreements, or as he calls it, the “Employer Weapon.” If you own a dental practice and don't have arbitration agreements to protect yourself, reconsider. The absence of these important agreements could be...  Read More
Episode 5 Dental Attorney with David Cohen
Episode 5 Dental Attorney with David Cohen Visit our websiteShow Notes:David Cohen, owner of Cohen Law Firm, PLLC, specializes in helping dentists and specialists with their legal business transactional needs, including practice purchases,...  Read More
Episode 4 Dentagraphics
Episode 4 Dentagraphics Visit our websiteShow Notes:Kent Miller is President of Dentagraphics. Dentagraphics is a dental demographics company helping dentists to locate their practices and assess market opportunity. They do so by analyzing...  Read More
ETHICAL SHORTCUT: #1 Proven Step for Docs to Become Better Business Owner
ETHICAL SHORTCUT: #1 Proven Step for Docs to Becom If you’ve ever wanted to ethically shortcut your path to success in practice-ownership, you need to focus only on the best, PROVEN concepts. But the question becomes: HOW?Today,...  Read More
Learn the RANGE of YOUR Potential…warning: prepare to be inspired
Learn the RANGE of YOUR Potential…warning: prepare How do you want to be remembered?Does your business support your life plans? In today’s episode Jayme shares 2 inspiring stories:· Learn how the Life Extender bring...  Read More
The $0 Down Startup Dental Practice with Dr. Howard Farran - Episode 18
Read More >> Episode 18: The $0 Down Startup Dental Practice wi Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Dental Technology Advancements with (KOL) Ron Kaminer, DDS
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Dr. DavidHornbook andengage in this thrillinginterview about Pushing your comfort levels with dental technology & materials. Some of the Topics include CAD/Cam, Caries Detection devices, Spectra andlightwalker."They're doing a lot of cool things out there with...  Read More
Episode 6: How To Use Network Marketing In A Dental Practice with Dr. Chris Phelps - Start Your Dental Practice with Jonathan VanHorn
Episode 6: How To Use Network Marketing In A Denta Content originally appeared  Read More
Why so many startups FAIL Podcast
Why so many startups FAIL Podcast Many people say that failure of a startup is less than 1 %Today, hear why Jayme publicly states this number is dead wrong.Failure for startups is much, much worse than that. Listen now and learn WHY that...  Read More

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