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The Truth About High-Ticket Clients and How to Use High-Converting Sales Funnels Online To Get Them
Truth About New Patients & Online Sales Funnels I wanna start off by asking you an important question: “What's the difference between a six-figure, seven-figure, and eight-figure practice?” And the reason I asked that question (is because when I first started to scale my companies) … I really...  Read More
#45: Combining Online and Offline Marketing | Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss the importance of combining your online and offline marketing efforts.ListenPodcast Highlights: The problem with putting all of your eggs into one basket Offline advertising's effect on your online properties Over-allocating budget to...  Read More
How a Dental Hygienist Can Help Increase Patient Flow
How a Dental Hygienist Can Increase New Patient FlowAs a dental hygienist, there is more that you can do to increase new patient flow than you may think. Aside from being awesome and having everyone want to send their friends to see you, there are a couple other things that you can do. In a...  Read More
#1 online Patient Reviews…for free
#1 online Patient Reviews…for free With the RIGHT reviews, you’ll get more new patients.You’ll spend less on marketing.Your staff and you will feel proud because patients publicly write how much they appreciate you.The...  Read More
5 Reasons Dentists Have Trouble “Selling” Themselves
Published on Apr 9, 2016Today’s dental marketing is much more personal. Colin reveals 5 reasons why dentists are reluctant to show themselves in Patient Attraction Podcast 754.  Read More
Tricks to “Lure” New Dental Patients
Published on Mar 21, 2016Dentists can benefit from providing “something for nothing” to prospective patients. Colin tells you how to use dental lures in Patient Attraction Podcast 735.  Read More
Importance of encouraging your staff to engage in Social Media
Social media platforms have become an important marketing tool for businesses and customers alike. Customers can engage with their favorite brands and companies much faster and more visibly than ever before.At the same time, businesses can reach and interact with the consumers like never before....  Read More
Help Us Build A School In Guatemala! (Video Inside)
Conversion Whale is working with Pencils of Promise to build 10 schools in Guatemala!Conversion Whale has partnered up with Pencils of Promise, an organization dedicated to providing education to communities across the globe, to build our first school in Guatemala.This school will help children in...  Read More
5 Ways Dentists Can Connect With Their Patients
When it comes to youror connecting with your patients, there are so many things involved that can cause a relationship to go down the tubes. The secretary answering the phone in a less professional manner. A patient coming on the 'wrong' day. You know the day that you have patients back...  Read More
Conversion Whale Adds Three All-New Dental Practices
Dental practice marketing leader signs Georgia and two Florida dental clientsDAVIE, Fla.– Sept. 10, 2015 – Conversion Whale,a top dental practice marketing company, has reached agreements with three all-new dental practices. The new acquisitions in Georgia and Florida add to the more...  Read More
Using Instagram For Your Business - Can It Help?
From massive fast food chains likeMcDonald's, to financial service companies like Capital One, many businesses big or small have benefited from using Instagram as a marketing tool.With 300M monthly active users, 30B +photos shared, 2.5B likes daily and 70M photos per day, Instagram has moved on...  Read More
How To Make Your Website Rank Higher on Google
What is the secret to rank your business higher on Google? Well, it really is not too complicated, basically, the answer is to get more links and more visitors to your website. On previews blogs we talked about Googles newwhich also can help your website with rankings.On this blog post we will...  Read More
Conversion Whale Signs New Dental Practice Partners
Leading dental practice marketing company signs nine new dental clients in TexasDAVIE, Fl. – July 13, 2015– Conversion Whale, a national dental practice marketing company, has addednine all-new dental offices to its portfolio, now including more than 300 offices in 44 states. The...  Read More
Conversion Whale Announces New Dental Practice Partners
Leading dental practice marketing company signs six new dental clientsDAVIE, Fl. – June 9, 2015– Conversion Whale, a national dental practice marketing company, has addedsix all-new dental offices to its portfolio, now including more than 250 offices across 44 states. Thenewly acquired...  Read More
Six Strategies to Avoid the “50K” Mistake Most Dentists Are Making Right Now!
Online marketing is nothing new, but how much do you really know about modern marketing strategies? The tactics used today are leaps and bounds beyond what was happening five years ago. So, because you don’t know it all, you decided to pay an SEO company to do the work for you, but in the...  Read More
Conversion Whale at the 2015 Florida Dental Convention
Attending the FDC was a great chance for us to interact and communicate with new prospects. We were able to have a closer look at the industry and meet with many professionals who were very interested in our services. Some of the most frequently asked questions were "What makes our marketing...  Read More
Conversion Whale Announces New Dental Partner in California
DAVIE, FL.– March 9, 2015 –Conversion Whale, a top dental practice marketing company, has added a new dental office to their portfolio, which now includes over 100 offices across 35 states. The new practice is located in San Jose, California.“Our proven approach to dental practice...  Read More
3 Dental Marketing Myths that Even Chuck Norris Can't Kill - Part 2
This is a continuation fromWhy do myths exist? According to authorsEd Kramer and Neil Gaiman:When I talk to my dentist customers about their marketing strategies, i almost always hear two things1) I am not sure what's working and what's not.2) If it looks like its working, I keep using it. Why fix...  Read More
Conversion Whale Launches Digital Doctor Quiz - Take It Now!
Dental practice marketing company adds 10 new clients with the launch of Digital Doctor Quiz™DAVIE, Fl.– March 27, 2015 – Conversion Whale, a leading dental practice marketing company, has released Digital Doctor Quiz™, a proprietary tool designed to help dental practices...  Read More
Make your dental website mobile friendly in 3 hours
Your patients now expecta user experience that is optimized for their mobile devices and so does Google.On April 21, 2015,that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it will soon experience a decrease in search engine rankings.You must first test your practice website whether . If it isn't,...  Read More
Benefits of Google+ Reviews
As a business you can't overestimate the impact and importance that a testimonial has on other customers. A recent study showed that over 85% of customers check for reviews, when looking for a product or service, before making a purchase, and over 60% are more likely to purchase from a site that...  Read More
10 Things Dentist Wish They Knew When Buying a Dental Practice
Buying a dental practice is no doubt one of the biggest decision you'll ever make. How do you make sure you ask the right questions, and get what you really think you are buying? We asked 8 dentists to tell us what they wish they'd known before buying their practice. Here's what they have to say....  Read More
21 Tips to To A More Profitable Dental Practice
There's no doubt, all dentists that I speak to want at least 1 thing, that is to be more profitable. Sometimes that means taking on more patients. Other times, it means being more efficient with what you have. Here's 21 ways you can make your practice more profitable. Tyson Downs is an...  Read More
101 Ways a Dentist Can Grow Their Practice (Infographic)
Share this Image On Your Site (Embed Code Below)Share this on your website, just copy and paste the code below onto your site. Please include attribution to Titan Web Agency with this graphic.  Read More
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