You Should Do This To Treat Pediatric Sleep Apnea
You can transform a child's life forever. The main key is identifying the airway issues.   Read More
111: Dr. Meghna Dassani | Sleep Apnea & Dassani Dentistry
Welcome to episode 111! So first off, let me tell you why I LOVE this episode:                                      Dr, Dassani is truly an amazing human being!                                      In this episode we learn how to save lives!                                       We also learn how...  Read More
Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder in which the diagnosed person has one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breath during sleep. The duration of the pauses could be few seconds to few minutes. It is quite possible to have 30 such pauses within an hour. Normal breathing starts again with a loud...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: Crowning Team Champions & Marketing Sleep Apnea with Dr. Kristina Palmer
                                               On this week’s podcast episode, I speak with  Kristina grew up in Michigan and later moved to Milwaukee to attend dental school at Marquette University. She graduated in 2005 and immediately knew she wanted her own dental practice. Kristina is an avid...  Read More
#95: How To Promote Sleep Apnea Treatment
Promoting sleep apnea treatment means sending the right message and tailoring that message to your audience. In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss how to do so, and we go over a few marketing mediums you can utilize to create sleep apnea patients.#95: How To Promote Sleep Apnea...  Read More
How to Integrate Sleep Apnea Treatment Into Your Practice With Dr. Meghna Dassani
How to Integrate Sleep Apnea Treatment Into Your Practice with Dr. Meghna DassaniI’m excited to welcome Dr. Meghna Dassani to this week’s podcast. Dr. Meghna Dassani is an internationally educated dentist located in Houston, TX. She received her dental training from the University of Mumbai in...  Read More
Sleep Apnea (Part 2): Screening for Sleep Apnea
In a previous video (), I talked about the importance of Sleep Apnea, it’s definition, why it relates to the oral-systemic component and why we help screen for that in the dental office.Although as dentists we can’t make the official diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, which is done by someone with a medical...  Read More
Tiger Woods and Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea
In general it is considered bad form to diagnose celebrities with medical conditions, though there is no scarcity of pundits willing to engage in speculation. I avoid this muck for the most part, but occasionally an opportunity arises to use what we know about a “case” to educate people...  Read More
623 Sleep dentistry and oral appliance therapy as an effective and non-invasive treatment solution for obstructive sleep apnea.
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #623 - David Walton Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #623 - David Walton David Walton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Respire Medical, subsidiary of Whole...  Read More
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Episode 86: Our Favorite Guest and Queen of the Worms
Episode 86: Our Favorite Guest and Queen of the Worms You may remember Erin Elliott, DDS from her previous episodes onDentists, Implants and Worms back in June 2016 where she was in RapidCity doing a sleep apnea continued education course...  Read More
576 Koala Sleep Centers with Rod Willey : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #576 - Rod Willey Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #576 - Rod Willey Dr. Willey is a Diplomate with the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines,...  Read More
485 Sleep Apnea and the NFL with David Gergen, Roy Green, and Alan Hickey : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #485 - David, Roy, and Alan Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #485 - David, Roy, and Alan Howard sat down with President of the Pro Player Health Alliance...  Read More
Episode 30: Sleeping with Dr. Erin Elliott (Part 1)
This is the podcast we've all been waiting for! We've been hypingthis guest up for a few weeks now and finally, Erin Elliot, DDS hasarrived. We had such a blast with her and her partner-in-crime Bri Bovethat we're going to go ahead and release two parts to this episode.Yep, that's right... another...  Read More
#AskTBone - Sleep Apnea, Medical Billing, and CBCT
#AskTbone - Sleep Apnea, Medical Billing, and CBCT Hello and welcome back for another episode of ask T-Bone.Today we've been submitted a question, and I would like to read the question as it was submitted. Well certainly there is a three or...  Read More
Episode 18: Airway, Breathing and Orthodontics
We're carrying on our streak of orthodontists on the show— this timewe had the chance to talk to Dr. Sean K. Carlson, who is a BoardCertified Orthodontist who lectures worldwide on CBCT. Dr. Carlson gaveus plenty of insight into how the airway and breathing can becompromised and how...  Read More
Episode 12: Clinically Correct
We had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Douglas Chenin, DDS from SanFrancisco, California on the latest episode of Dentists, Implants andWorms. Dr. Moody has an interesting connection to Dr. Chenin— theyreleased a DVD series together! We discuss a wide variety of topicsranging from Cone Beam...  Read More
What are Dental Patients Searching for Online?
Published on Feb 15, 2016In Patient Attraction Podcast 700, Colin explains how recent Google search data show huge opportunities for dentists. AND, an AMAZING OFFER for viewers!  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Dental Sleep Medicine: Sleep Principles and Oral Appliances By Dr. Barry Glassman.
Dentaltown Learning Online now has the CE course by Barry Glassman ....Dental Sleep Medicine: Sleep Principles and Oral Appliances on 2.5 credit CE course can be found here....?This course includes not only a review of the first course (Introducing Dental Sleep Medicine into...  Read More

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