Claim Tip 12 - What is the "Dual Occupation" Defense, and Why Does it Matter?
In this post, we’ll be taking a look at one of the common misconceptions dentists have about their disability policies.If you have applied for disability insurance yourself, you know that part of the underwriting process involves you disclosing your profession (i.e. dentistry), and you may also be...  Read More
Claim Tip 11 - Why It Can Be a Bad Idea to Put Off Filing a Disability Claim – Part 3
In our last two posts, we discussed the importance of knowing when to file a disability insurance claim, and explained that certain actions dentists take before filing can make collecting benefits more difficult or even result in the denial of a claim. In this final post in this series, we will...  Read More
Claim Tip 10 - Why It Can Be a Bad Idea to Put Off Filing a Disability Claim – Part 2
In our last post, we discussed the importance of knowing when to file a disability insurance claim, and explained that certain actions dentists take before filing can make collecting benefits more difficult or even result in the denial of a claim. In this post, we’re going to talk about a few more...  Read More
Claim Tip 9 – Why It Can Be A Bad Idea to Put Off Filing a Disability Claim - Part 1
In our experience, many dentists we speak with put off filing a disability claim, even when they know in their heart that they’ve reached the point where they need to step away from practicing. Some dentists are reluctant to stop practicing because it has long been part of their identity, they...  Read More
Claim Tip 8 – Common Challenges Faced by Dentists After Filing a Claim Based on Anxiety
In our last several posts we have discussed how anxiety among dentists is quite common and can reach a level that may require stepping away from dentistry and filing a claim. In this final post in this series, we will be examining some of the common challenges experienced by dentists who file...  Read More
Claim Tip 7 – Disabling Anxiety v. “Burn Out”:  What Is the Difference, Why Does it Matter, and When is it Time to File?
By the time they finish dental school, most dentists are familiar with the concept of "burn out" and recognize that they have chosen a profession that can be particularly stressful at times. In fact, many of the dentists we consult with initially describe what they're experiencing as "burn out."...  Read More
Claim Tip 6 - Are Disability Claims Involving Anxiety/Panic Disorder Treated Differently than Other Claims?
This is another common question our office receives from dentists who suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks and are thinking about filing a disability claim.  Generally speaking, in our experience, we find that insurance companies subject mental health claims to heightened scrutiny, and that...  Read More
Claim Tip 5 - Can You File a Disability Claim for Anxiety?
Our office receives numerous calls from dentists experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks wanting to know whether they can file a disability claim under their policies, and asking us to evaluate the likelihood of success if they do file. The short (but admittedly not that satisfying) answer is,it...  Read More
Claim Tip 4 - What Does the Claims Process Entail? (A Broad Overview)
Most dentists know that if they file a disability claim, there’s going to be an investigation. Many dentists have heard stories about surveillance, or biased medical examiners, but tell themselves, “that won’t happen to me, because I’m filing a legitimate claim.” They...  Read More
Claim Tip 3: What to Expect When You Request Claim Forms
When you make the difficult decision to stop practicing and file a disability claim, the first step is to request the claim forms from your insurer. Each disability company has its own set of claim forms, and some companies have multiple sets of claim forms for specific types of policies (e.g....  Read More
Claim Tip 2: What to Expect if You are a Dentist Filing a Claim
In our last post, we noted that dentists are much more likely to become disabled than other professionals. At the same time, dentists’ claims are often targeted for denial because they (1) have high benefit amounts and (2) usually involve occupation-related slowly progressive musculoskeletal...  Read More
Claim Tip 1: Do You Need a Disability Insurance Policy?
If you’re a practicing dentist, the answer is a resoundingyes, as there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have to file a disability claim at some point in your career. Studies have shown that a majority of dental students experience chronic musculoskeletal pain by their third year...  Read More
Ergonomics saves one dentist's practice
Dr. Agour felt old even though he wasn't. After only a little over a decade practicing dentistry, he found that when he was with his colleagues the conversations always turned to aches and pains. Since he had so many years ahead of him to practice, he needed a solution. He found it! Now he...  Read More
Surveillance of Disability Claimants: Who's Watching, When Are They Watching, and What Are Their Methods?
Disability insurance companies purportedly use surveillance as a means to expose dishonest claimants and fraudulent disability claims. Unfortunately, many disability insurers also utilize surveillance as a means to deny legitimate claims.For example, if a disabled claimant leaves the house for a...  Read More
10 Mistakes Dentists Make in Disability Claims
Mistake #1: Failing to Consult With An Experienced Disability Attorney Disability policies vary greatly in the language used, and coverage is often restricted by technical qualifying words and phrases. Your claim will have a better chance of being successful if your policy is individually reviewed...  Read More
The Disability Insurance Claims Process Part 6: Denials and Terminations
Our last post discussed what you need to do to keep your disability benefits once they have been awarded. Unfortunately, many dentists’ claims are denied, particularly in the early stages of the claims process. Insurance companies will also periodically attempt to terminate dentists’ disability...  Read More
The Disability Insurance Claims Process Part 5: Claim Approval
In our last post, we finished our discussion regarding the investigation and evaluation stage of the disability insurance claims process. Hopefully, once you have submitted the required information and your claim has been evaluated, the insurance company will approve your benefits. This post...  Read More
The Disability Insurance Claims Process Part 4: The Investigation Continues
Our last post discussed some of the ways the insurance company will attempt to gather your personal information once you have submitted your disability claim. In this post, we will discuss some of the other methods insurance companies use to evaluate your disability claim.THE INVESTIGATION...  Read More
The Disability Insurance Claims Process Part 3: The Investigation Begins
In our last post, we finished up our discussion of the various disability claim forms that must be submitted when you file your claim. In this post, we will begin our discussion of the insurance company’s investigation into the merits of your claim.THE INVESTIGATION BEGINS Once the initial...  Read More
The Disability Insurance Claims Process Part 2: More Claim Documentation
Our last post discussed a few of the disability claim forms that will need to be filled out when you initially file your claim. In this post, we will discuss the remaining disability claim forms that generally must be submitted at the time you file your claim.INITIAL CLAIM FORMS: PART 2 Physician’s...  Read More
The Disability Insurance Claims Process: Part 1
It goes without saying that disability insurance companies would prefer not to pay out disability claims. This is particularly true if the disability policy is a high paying policy belonging to a dentist. If a dentists’ policy is not paid, or his or her benefits are denied or terminated, the...  Read More
All About Disability Insurance with Edward Comitz : Howard Speaks Podcast #110
Is disability insurance right for you? Educate yourself about why and when to get disability insurance, and what to avoid when you do.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Edward Comitz - HSP #110 Watch Video here: ...  Read More

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