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7 Types Of Dentists And How They Can Help You
You may or may not know that there are many different types of dentists who care for the public’s dental health. Dentists are highly trained medical providers who specialize in treating your teeth and mouth. Oral health is essential to your overall health, and our oral health might  including:...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 39 - Challenging Patients and Diagnoses
Every dentist encounters patients who have oral hygiene issues that are difficult to diagnose and questions that may not have clear-cut answers. Also, some patients claim to have immaculate oral hygiene home care, but still get cavities and want to know why.What are the best ways to deal with these...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 35 - Is the Solo Practice Dead?
With the rise of dental service organizations, is private practice still a viable option for dentists?What sets dentistry apart from medicine that will allow private practices to survive?What are the benefits of working for a DSO?What are the benefits of working in a private practice?What are the...  Read More
Dental Therapists and the Dentist Shortage
A few days after Santa Claus had come and gone one state governor presented his state’s residents with a gift of his own.On Dec 27, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a Senate bill into law authorizing dental therapists to perform a variety of routine procedures for patients usually reserved for...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 34 - Challenges of Rewarding and Retaining Employees
With the current economic realities of dentistry what is the rationale for offering our employees incentives and bonuses? How do you communicate this to staff members? How can you make employees feel like their job is rewarding when you can't offer big bonuses and benefits packages? What motivates...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 32 - Mentur DDS
Episode 32On Episode 32 Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron announce and discuss our new mentoring program, Mentur DDS. We started the Dental Realist Podcast to help other dentists and dental students navigate their career in dentistry and Mentur DDS will allow us to do this on a more personal...  Read More
Establishing and maintaining a Positive Patient Relationship
We welcome Dr. Jamel Odeh DDS to the Dental Up Podcast this week! We talked with Dr. Odeh about his time attending The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and later teaching at that same facility for 26 years in their Prosthodontics Department. What inspired him to get into this field of...  Read More
Cost effective amalgam separator
The DD2011 amalgam separator makes it easy to comply with the final rule from the EPA.  Very cost effective,less than $100.00    Check it out  Also known as The Simple OneWe will be at Booth 4920 Chicago Mid Winter meeting Feb -22-24 or contact us at  Read More
Dentists and Physicians Have Gum Disease
You might think dentists and physicians know enough not to have gum disease. Well, they don’t know enough, and they do have gum disease. Some of my thoughts:    Read More
Episode 16: Fundamentals of Dental Ergonomics
Ergonomic solutions not working out for you? Take 7 minutes to explore the fundamentals of understanding posturing while practicing dentistry from a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or Podbean. Episode 16: The Fundamentals ...  Read More
Episode 6 Breakaway Dental
                                    Episode 6 Breakaway Dental                        Visit our website Show notes:1. Please give us a brief history of your background and how you started and built breakaway?2. How would you describe the state of the dental economy right now? Are the golden days of...  Read More
Episode 32: MOMgienists Take on the AAPD Conference, Nicole Phillips MOMgienist Rockstar, and NEW PRODUCT Phocal
The MOMgienists had the privilege to support Phocal at the AAPD Conference in Washington, DC at the Gaylord Convention Center.Hear about this amazing product and meet the Director of National Project Manager Nicole Phillips, RDH, BSDH. Nicole is an amazing hygienistthat supports the professional...  Read More
Episode 77: The THUD Factor
The Worms are back from a brief hiatus and, man, does it feel good to be back! Thanks for sticking with us through this little break. Blame Justin's travel schedule and be thankful that Jeff did not decide to go rogue again.On today's episode, Nick Raithel of Content Corps (aka The Seven Hour Book)...  Read More
Episode 62: The Heidi Hotline
Heidi Mount is a dental coach, consultant and expert who's servicesand guidance will "Add $500 to your Dental Practice's ScheduleTomorrow."See what Heidi can do for you by visiting her website at Thanks for being on the show, Heidi!  Read More
Episode 51: Mapping Bone with X-Nav Technologies
Our special guest for today's podcast is the legendary, Dr. RobertEmery, straight from Washington D.C. Dr. Emery is a visionary. Helistens, analyzes, and collaborates with teams of professionals to makethose visions a reality for both patients and fellow dentists. Checkout his beautiful practice at...  Read More
Episode 50: The 50th Episode Extravaganza
Today marks episode number fifty on Dentists, Implants and Worms!And to celebrate, we were graced with the presence of a certain WORM whohasn't joined us since episode fourteen. We took this special episodeas an opportunity to reflect on the previous fifty guests we've had onthe show and tell The...  Read More
Episode 49: Hacking The System During a Night Attack at Scam School Using Bizarre Magic
Tonight's episode is titled: "Hacking The System During a NightAttack at Scam School Using Bizarre Magic" or simply, "BRIAN FREAKIN'BRUSHWOOD!"That's right, folks, we hustled our way into gettingthe podcasting extraordinaire, Brian Brushwood in Studio 1-A with us forthe latest episode. If you don't...  Read More
Episode 42: OU College of Dentistry Old School Reunion
Apparently it's Old School week on Dentists, Implants and Worms because our latest episode was essentially a University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry reunion with Justin and Dr. Grant Ritchey. That's pretty much all I got for show notes on this one... this was all Justin and Grant! Definitely...  Read More
Episode 40: Gary Takacs was Born to be Wild
We had the opportunity to have one of the best podcast hosts out there, Gary Takacs, with us in Podcast Studio 1-A. Joining us from Scottsdale, Arizona, Gary gives us plenty of entertaining insight into the world of dentistry. Oddly enough, he is not a dentist, but he does own a dental practice...  Read More
Episode 39: The Mayor of Dentaltown (Part Two)
By now you've probably listened to Part One of our interview withHoward Farran. If you haven't, what are you waiting for?!? Listen toPart One and then come back here and listen to Part Two!In caseyou don't know who Howard Farran is (and if you don't you should beashamed) here's his bio, courtesy of...  Read More
Episode 35: Teen Mom's Dad, aka @PapaRandlicious
You ready for this one? We had not only a very cool, laid back guyon the latest episode, but he just so happens to be a celebrity— a legitcelebrity. Check it out!A direct quote from the bio section ofRandy's Twitter handle: "Part of the hot Teen Mom 2 grandparent crew. Byhot, I mean sweaty."...  Read More
Episode 34: Paging Dr. Snapchat
Today's special guest was none other than Dr. Snapchat himself, Dr.Daniel Rubinshtein— straight from Brooklyn, New York! Dr. Rubinshteinis one of the most passionate and visionary dentists we have had theopportunity to have on our podcast. He is a cosmetic dentist that hasworked in New York...  Read More
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