Episode 37: How To Turn Your Employees Into Assets
Dr. Bryan Laskin talks with David Pryor and Martin Helmbrecht about changing mindsets toward employees and seeing them as assets instead of a payroll expense.How to Turn Your Employees into AssetsFind us on !  Read More
Managing and Supervising Licensed Staff
 Most dental practices employ additional licensed professionals other than their associates. These licensed dental professionals must be managed by a licensed dentist in a structured manner.  Before hiring licensed staff members, it is vital to confirm that their license is current within the state...  Read More
Podcast Episode 006: What every dental office manager needs to hear.
Here we go with a motivational episode!In this episode I talk mainly to the “Office Leaders”.I express how managing and leading aretwo completely different things. This episode was inspired by a quote Iread on one of my Instagram post.You office managers, set the tone and pace of the...  Read More
The Right Dental Staff Will Lead, Too
The right dental staff can innovate and lead productive changes in a practice. Colin explains how to tap their expertise in Patient Attraction Podcast 871.  Read More
Your Dental Practice’s “Poison Pill”
Published on May 22, 2016A single disgruntled employee can severely affect your dental practice. Colin explains what to watch for and what to do in Patient Attraction Episode 797.  Read More
Could You Be De-Motivating Your Dental Staff?
Published on Mar 30, 2016Using recognition and fun to motivate your dental practice staff increases staff and patient satisfaction. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 744.  Read More
Is Your Dental Staff Killing Your Marketing?
Rekindling a passion for the possible is the job of every leader. Colin tells how dentists can light that fire again in Patient Attraction Podcast 726.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Create Amazing Team Adventures - Season 1 Episode 2
Dr. Chris Griffin Show S1 E2 The Dr. Chris Griffin Show: Season 1, Episode 2 -Creating amazing team bonding experiences is one of the most powerful team productivity strategies ever invented. In this episode we will walk you through how to...  Read More
Why Your Dental Employees are Leaving
Published on Feb 29, 2016You lead your dental practice; are you managing your staff for performance AND retention? Colin details why they leave in Patient Attraction Podcast 714.  Read More
Staff Changes
Since taking over eight months ago we have made a lot of changes. One thing that we knew when we took over was that we didn't want the practice to remain stagnant like it had been for the past 15+ years. This meant that changes needed to happen in the way that we treated and communicated with...  Read More
Why Your Patients Aren’t Excited to See You (And What You Can Do About It!)
For more on this Article Visit:Dental Up Media:The dental community is generally an under appreciated one, especially because many patients aren’t excited to see you. Hey, we know dental health is important, but for many they just aren’t thrilled. Whether it’s because you’re...  Read More
Mac Hacks for Dentists
For More News and Free Business Strategy Visit: Gone are the days when Macs were beloved by only creatives; dental practices are realizing their power, too. This move to the Mac operating system means an OS that’s easy to use and has established cross-platform abilities. So why move from the...  Read More
Do’s and Don’ts for Developing a Great Dental Team
A good staff can make or break your dental practice. SmartBox founder Colin Receveur tells you how to build a great team in Patient Attraction Podcast 533.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Episode 5: How To Spend Less Than 5% Of Your Time Managing Your Dental Practice with Dr. Tuan Pham - Start Your Dental Practice with Jonathan VanHorn
Episode 5: How To Spend Less Than 5% Of Your Time Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Success depends on dentist's attitude - SmartBox Web Marketing
Five statements show whether a dentist has what it takes to be a success. SmartBox's Colin Receveur tells you what they are in Patient Attraction Podcast 519.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Staff relationships build your practice - SmartBox Web Marketing
If you want employee satisfaction, a writer says you should focus on building relationships with your staff, Colin says in Patient Attraction Podcast 518.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
005: Judy Kay - Conflict Resolution within the Dental Team
005: Judy Kay - Conflict Resolution within the DenWelcome to another episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show we’re talking with Judy Kay. Judy is a very successful coach in the dental field that focuses on conflict resolution within your practice to primarily make the work...  Read More

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