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Dental Practice Transitions, By The Numbers
You’ve kept up with the . Now it’s time to learn even more about the process by way of a cheat sheet broken down by the numbers.1,500Number of active patients considered full capacity for a single dentist. Any more, and it may be time to consider taking on an .680 Credit score that is favorable to...  Read More
Episode 36: How Offices Overlook Their Recall (with Cory Pinegar from CallForce)
Dr. Laskin is joined in the studio with David Pryor and Martin Helmbrecht of Opera DDS. They talk with Cory Pinegar, CEO of  about the value of patient recall and how to reactivate patients who have fallen off the radar.How Offices Overlook Their RecallFind us on !  Read More
Episode 35: Why Dental Support Organizations Will Crush The Solo Practice
Dr. Laskin is pulling no punches this week, as he talks about the rise of Dental Support Organizations, and why they will have a huge impact on solo practices - even ones that hire qualified millennials.Why DSOs Will Crush the Solo Practice?Find us on !  Read More
Episode 34: The Top 5 Things Patients Say
Dr. Laskin reveals the true meaning behind common statements made by patients. He also gives some great ways to put their mind at ease.The 5 Things Patients SayFind us on !  Read More
Episode 33: Product Testing with Dr. Joshua Austin
Dr. Laskin and David Pryor are joined by  to discuss his passion for product testing. It can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but very rewarding for people like Dr. Austin who want to make sure they're on the cutting edge of dental technology.Product Testing with Dr. Joshua AustinFind us...  Read More
Defining the High Risk Patient- Are you prepared?
We are working on the continuing education modules for sedation dentistry. Did you know that Texas passed new legislation requiring dentists with sedation permits to have an additional 16 hours of didactic? The content is very specifically specified. Identifying the High-Risk Patient is the...  Read More
Freedom Doc vs Hostage Doc with Dr. Craig Spodak
 about creating a vision, and updating it as your situation and circumstances change!  Read More
Episode 32: The Top 3 Things Virtual Reality Can Do For Your Practice
Nitrous effects with no drugs?! Dr. Bryan Laskin talks about the revolutionary product he's created with  and how virtual reality can provide incredible relief for patients without the common side-effects of drugs.The Top 3 Things VR Can Do For Your PracticeFind us on !  Read More
Episode 31: 4 Learning Experiences About Getting Your Teeth Cleaned From The Patient Perspective
Who better to share the patient experience than our resident perennial guest, David Pryor. Dr. Laskin and David have a candid conversation on what that looks like from the other side of the chair.Getting Teeth Cleaned from Patient PerspectiveFind us on !  Read More
Episode 30: How To Do An End To End 40 Minute Crown | Part 2
Dr. Laskin is joined in-studio with Dave Pryor as they discuss the most efficient and patient-centered way to create a crown in 40 minutes (part 2).How to do an end-to-end 40 minute crown part 2Find us on !  Read More
Knowing your Value and Strengths with Dr. Alister Man DMD
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we chat with Dr. Alister Man, DMD on the importance of knowing your value and strengths as a Dentist in your practice. Knowing what sets you apart and when to outsource cases when need be.  In this episode you will hear about: -What motivated him to...  Read More
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast Ep8 - Being a Boss: Bringing in a NEW Doctor
Being a boss means that one day you will assume the responsibility of on-boarding a new associate/future partner. There is a reason most of these relationships fail the first few times around. In this episode Bobby and I talk about what it means to bring on a new doctor as part of the TEAM. We...  Read More
117: Omar & Kirsten | Pure Life Dental
We’re back! After a week long break we are back with the podcast! I know what you’re thinking “it’s only a week Mike..” yeah but… I missed you! But you will be happy to hear that in the past week I created 2 things:and… The First EVER Ground Marketing Course, which will be released next week!So I...  Read More
107: Mazama Media | Bud Torcom
Heyo TDM Family!  In this episode I talk with the great and really chill: Bud Torcom from Mazama Media. Bud is a genius when it comes to digital marketing. His expertise is mainly in social media marketing and design/ implementing strategies. This is exactly what we talk about in this episode… what...  Read More
97: Voice Of Dentistry – Getting Inside The Remarkable Minds Of The Next Generation Of Dentists
Episode 97 is here! This is another great and wonderful interview done from Voice of Dentistry. I have the awesome privilege of interviewing the the founders of the … Christian Hart & Michael Touloupas! *confetti falls * .. These young gentlemen are in their third going into fourth year of dental...  Read More
95: An Incredibly Easy Tactic To Instantly Skyrocket Your Case Acceptance. W/ Dr. Chris Bowman
Episode 95 is in the books (almost to 100)! In this episode I have my wonderful guest Dr. Chris Bowman really break down for us how to increase your production and collection. One easy way I can tell you right now, that he mentions to me is to truly focus on what you are passionate about when it...  Read More
#78: The Most Highly Recommended Thing To Do To See Progress In Your Dental Practice With Korey Korfiatis
In this episode I interview the very amazing Korey Korfiatis, the owner of Legwork. Now, Legwork is a marketing software tool! If you wonder what that is Legwork helps your dental practice with reminders, referrals, obtaining more reviews and helping with reactivations, and SO much more! Korey...  Read More
#77: What You Need To Do When You Receive A Bad Review With Dr. Leonard Tau
It’s episode 77 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this episode I speak with the master of reviews… Dr. Leonard Tau! Such a fun and great guy and so much knowledge was shared in this episode. Some key things I learned was what exactly to do with bad reviews. Some times we think we need to reply to...  Read More
Episode 29: How To Do An End-To-End 40 Minute Crown | Part 1
Dr. Laskin is joined in-studio with Dave Pryor as they discuss the most efficient and patient-centered way to create a crown in 40 minutes.How to do an end-to-end 40 minute crown?Find us on !  Read More
Understanding Practice Management with Dr. Stephen Dugan, DDS
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast Dr. Stephen Dugan, DDS join us to talk about Practice Management and his methods of transitioning into a new practice. After being inspired by interest, he pursued a career in Dentistry. He served 3 years in the military and opened his first practice...  Read More
66: Building Multiple Dental Practices On Proven Systems With Dr. Mark Costes
Podcast: Subscribe: Have you subscribed? Don’t miss a single episode! You have a dental practice you’ve built from the ground up. It’s going well, and you’re ready to add on to your operation, but how do you get there? Dr. Mark Costes owns ten practices, is the founder of an extensive network of...  Read More
Episode 28: How To View Technology From The Millennial Perspective (with Dr. Sully Sullivan)
Whether its getting away from paper charts or automating your systems better, Dr. Laskin is joined by  to get a millennial perspective on modern dentistry practices.Dental Technology from the Millennial Perspective Find us on   Read More
Episode 27: The Top Tips to Having ESP With Your Patients
Dr. Laskin explains how you can be a rockstar to your patients by simply following a few simple steps.Top Tips To Having ESP With Your PatientsFind us on   Read More
Episode 26: The Real Problem With Dental Software And Why Dentists Hate It
Dr. Laskin is joined by his friend and patient, Dave Pryor. They discuss the software technology available to dental practices. Many come with key flaws that create more problems than they solve.The Real Problem With Dental SoftwareFind us on !  Read More
How To Notify Your Patients of a Dental Practice Transition
A successful transition of a dental practice should always keep the best interest of the patients in mind. Financing and purchase price depend on patient retention after the sale, which is why notifying your patients needs to be done properly and in a timely manner. A properly crafted exit strategy...  Read More
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