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Why Choose Dental Implants?
Do you avoid smiling? Do you avoid eating raw vegetables? Is your healthy diet suffering, all because of missing teeth? Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. Whether you need one tooth replaced or several, dental implants give you back your smile and your life....  Read More
Should You Buy or Should You Walk? (Part 1)
Should You Buy or Should You Walk? Look at the Tax Return FIRST! In my opinion, a practice HAS TO make money AND has to make sense for you to reasonably go forward with any purchase.Let’s figure out how to determine basic profitability quickly and easily.  It would be helpful to have the tax...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 37 - Is This the Truth About Dentistry?
The release of a recent article by The Atlantic called  raised some questions about some of the information about dentistry that the general public receives. On Episode 37, Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron discuss many of the topics in this article. Is dentistry really a science?  Where is...  Read More
Episode 66: The Magic That Has Been Lost In Dentistry
Has dentistry lost some of the magic along the way? Can we get it back? Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave discuss this idea.The Magic That Has Been Lost In DentistryFind us on !  Read More
The essential Reasons To visit The Dentist
Numerous individuals regularly go a long time without a visit to the dental specialist, because of dread, spending issues or in light of the fact that they figure their teeth don't have any issues. Whatever the reason, visiting the dental specialist two times per year will do you and your grin a...  Read More
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When you're considering dental veneers, whether that's for restorative or cosmetic reasons, it's important to know what your choices are. Veneers are often used to improve the appearance of your smile, and can be used on discolored teeth, broken or chipped teeth, misshapen teeth or teeth with large...  Read More
Episode 65: How To Create The Right Impression With New Patients
Dr. Bryan Laskin is back in studio with David Pryor as they discuss the importance of making a good first impression with patients and provide some key ways to make that happen.Create The Right Impression with New PatientsFind us on !  Read More
Episode 64: How The Current State Of Treating Facial Pain Is Changing With Dr. Brad Eli
On the final episode of this four part series, Dr. Laskin discusses with  what the future looks like for treating patients with facial pain.How Treating Facial Pain Is ChangingFind us on   Read More
Balancing a Thriving Dental Career and a New Podcast Venture with Dr. Kevin Fryer, DDS
Shaun Keating sits down with our guest this week Dr. Kevin Fryer, DDS and chat about his latest project, “The Clinical Hacks Podcast”, and goes in-depth on what inspired this group of Dentists to come together and start a podcast focused primarily on clinical content.  Dr. Fryer talks about his...  Read More
Episode 62: How Dentists Can Inadvertently Cause TMJ Pain With Dr. Brad Eli
Dr. Brad Eli of  continues his discussion with Dr. Bryan Laskin about how he deals with patients that have been a significant challenge for many other dentists.How Dentists Can Inadvertently Cause TMJ PainFind us on !  Read More
Episode 61: How To Treat The Untreatable With Dr. Brad Eli
Have you ever had a patient with mouth pain and no discernible explanation? In this series you’ll meet Dr. Brad Eli of . He sits down with Dr. Laskin to discuss some of the issues he’s seen and how his specialty comes into play.How To Treat The Untreatable with Dr. Brad EliFind us on !  Read More
Practice Transition Issues with Attorney Cecilia Chen, Esq. and Dr. Robin , Podcast Episode #21
Practice Transition IssuesAttorney Cecilia Chen, Esq. and Dr. Robin Podcast Episode #21In this episode, you'll learn about practice purchase and sale issues that occur commonly between buyers and sellers, and what Ms. Chen thinks is the best way to handle a transition that benefits both...  Read More
Episode 60: How To Avoid Your Dream From Becoming A Nightmare
You love dentistry and your work. But how do you ensure this business doesn't turn into a nightmare? Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor provide a few ways you can be both a business owner and a practitioner without losing sight of either.How To Avoid Your Dream From Becoming A NightmareFind us on !  Read More
Episode 59: Why DSO's and What You Can Do About It (with Mitch Olan)
In the spirit of killing the dinosaurs in dentistry, Dr. Laskin welcomes Mitch Olan of  to discuss a product that will both improve your productivity and help create a positive experience for your patients.WHy DSOs are ThrivingFind us on !  Read More
The top five advantages of consulting a restorative dentist
A charming and confident smile has a power of its own! Everyone desires a vibrant smile. However, sometimes due to poor dental habits and unforeseen mishaps, people miss out on a great smile. But there’s nothing to fret. As restorative dentistry has you all covered. It can efficiently place the...  Read More
144: Michelle Strange | Philanthropic Marketing
In this episode I WILL need your feedback! We need to know if this is something that… if it was happening in your community, what would you want in return truly? Listen in and brainstorm with us how Philanthropic work (in your community) can bring in more awareness, new patients, and how you may...  Read More
Episode 58: Tackling The Tension Between Security And Interoperability
Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave discuss a very common issue in healthcare technology and how to deal with it.Tension Between Security and InteroperabilityFind us on!  Read More
Episode 57: The Number One Reason To Listen To This Podcast
Dr. Laskin sits down with friend and patient David Pryor to discuss the magic ingredient of .The Number One Reason To Listen To This PodcastFind us on !  Read More
How to Successfully Manage a Family Dental Practice
Managing any business is a difficult task. When it comes to the dental arts, there are complex parts to this industry that must be built into the business model. A family dental practice can thrive for many years with the proper protocols in place. Here's what you should know about managing a...  Read More
The Importance of Financial Discipline with Dr.Heath Lampee, DMD
Our guest this week is Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD. We sat down with Dr. Lampee and discussed the importance of having financial freedom. How he was able to reduce his debt completely and turn his fairly new practice into a well-established pillar in the Beaverton Community. How he utilizes traditional...  Read More
Episode 56: How To Tell If ANY Technology Is Worth It (Bryan's Decision Filter)
It’s no secret that embracing technology is a big part of killing the dinosaurs in dentistry. But just because something is new doesn’t mean its going to have a meaningful impact on your practice. In today’s episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin shares how he determines if a new product is worth...  Read More
Common Patient Questions About Veneers
When chips or cracks are found in your teeth, there are several options to treat them, depending on the size, location and severity of the damage. Your dentist may recommend veneers as one possible solution to protect your teeth from further chipping and cracking, and to enhance the appearance of...  Read More
Episode 55: Your Three Choices When It Comes To Technology
As Dr. Bryan Laskin continues his quest to get rid of the dinosaurs in dentistry, he shares the three choices any dental practice faces when deciding how to integrate technology.Your Three Choices When It Comes To TechnologyFind us on !  Read More
Building Patient Retention through Honesty and Transparency with Dr. Omar Paredes DDS
Our guest this week is Dr. Omar Paredes, DDS. We sat down with Dr. Paredes and chatted about the importance of being honest and transparent with your patients; and how doing so, helps your patient retention and your practice in the long run. We also get to know his story, his roots in Honduras and...  Read More
The Day to Day Life of a Dentist
When a dentist's day first starts each morning, it is very much like any other professional's. A dentist will usually wake up quite early, perhaps around 6-7 AM, and possibly do a light to moderate exercise routine which may consist of jogging, walking, or riding a bike. That is typically followed...  Read More
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