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The Dentist Student Turned TV Private Eye
“I’m just a very fortunate fellow I feel to have had the life that I’ve had.  I could have been playing golf every Wednesday in Kansas City, having been a dentist.” – Craig StevensCraig Stevens isn’t the first person we’ve featured in this space who planned a career in dentistry, only to take a...  Read More
62: The one thing every dentist should do as soon as they graduate with Dr. Eric Studley
Here is episode 62! Here I interview the wonderful Dr. Eric Studley. In this episode we really dissect the marketing practices and tactics that have worked in the past and continue to work and what is popular now that we should NOT be doing at all. Too many times we spent too much time trying to...  Read More
From nursing school to dental school and beyond, gratitude is the key
I grew up loving to read.  As much as I loved "Nancy Drew" books, and aspired to be capable as she was, I voraciously read "Sue Barton, Student Nurse" and "Cherry Ames, Student Nurse" books.  My course was set.  I would be a nurse. Oh, how I wanted to be like the nurses in the books, my starched...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 32 - Mentur DDS
Episode 32On Episode 32 Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron announce and discuss our new mentoring program, Mentur DDS. We started the Dental Realist Podcast to help other dentists and dental students navigate their career in dentistry and Mentur DDS will allow us to do this on a more personal...  Read More
5 Options for Dental School Graduates
You’ve studied for the past eight years and now finally have that much coveted dental degree in hand. Now what? Even if your dreams are to own your own practice, there are other options to consider and a few steps you might want to take first.AssociateshipWhile taking on an associate is risky from...  Read More
Dental Realist Podcast: Episode 29 - Important Questions From A Dental Student
In this episode we answer a second year dental student's email about his future after dental school.-With $300-350k in student debt, is it possible to have the lifestyle his family wants?-What is a good timetable to plan to purchase a practice? -Is working in public health for a year after dental...  Read More
Episode 28 - Dealing with Insurances and Salespeople
In this episode we discuss some actual situations that happened recently at our offices. We start by discussing Dr. Neff's recent experience with a salesperson. Are salespeople out of touch with real world dentistry? Do they really have the dentist's best interest in mind? We continue our...  Read More
Cost effective amalgam separator
The DD2011 amalgam separator makes it easy to comply with the final rule from the EPA.  Very cost effective,less than $100.00    Check it out  Also known as The Simple OneWe will be at Booth 4920 Chicago Mid Winter meeting Feb -22-24 or contact us at  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 26 - How Dentistry Is Changing
Episode 26 In this episode we discuss how dentistry is changing and how these changes will affect the future of dentistry. What affect will retiring baby boomer dentists have on dentistry? Dentists are working less than they did in years past. Why, and will the trend continue? How will a higher...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 27 - Managing Dental School Debt and Practice Stress
Episode 27In this episode we discuss if dental school is worth the debt that most students take on and options for limiting that debt. We also talk about some of the best ways to repay that debt and if student loan forgiveness is a viable option. Next we discuss what causes the most daily stress in...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 24 - Tax Planning w/ Craig Cody
                                                                                                Episode 24/ Tax Planning                                    In this episode we are joined by Craig Cody of Craig Cody and Company Inc. Craig is a certified public accountant and a certified tax coach, as...  Read More
Dental Realist: Episode 23 - Student Debt's Influence On Dental Practices
In we discuss Howard Farran's article "Suck It Up, Buttercup" and Decisions in Dentistry's article "How Educational Debt Influences Practice Choices." With dental school student loan debt being so high are dentists able to choose which procedures they want to do or should general dentists being...  Read More
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2-11 How Dr. Derek Williams Doubled Revenue in Less than a Year
In episode 1-2 Richard interviewed Dr. Derek Williams after two weeksof practice ownership as a brand new graduate. Since that episode Derek has more than doubled revenue and profitability of the office. George interviews Derek about all the factors that ledto his practice growth. Derek discusses...  Read More
Episode 22 - What does the ADA actually do?
In .Contact Dental Realist:Twitter:Email:  Read More
Dr. PeyRay’s journey to placing 1,000 implants two years out of dental school!
Dr. PeyRay’s journey to placing 1,000 implants two years out of dental scho In episode 2 we get to hear Dr. Peyman Raissi’s story!.If you’re a D4 in dental school and its the spring semester and you don’t know what...  Read More
Ergonomics saves one dentist's practice
Dr. Agour felt old even though he wasn't. After only a little over a decade practicing dentistry, he found that when he was with his colleagues the conversations always turned to aches and pains. Since he had so many years ahead of him to practice, he needed a solution. He found it! Now he...  Read More
588 From Dental School to Private Practice with John Aylmer : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #588 - John Aylmer Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #588 - John Aylmer Dr. John Aylmer is new to the dental profession, graduating from Nova Southeastern...  Read More
Episode 53: Barriers To Dental Practice Growth
Episode 53: Barriers To Dental Practice Growth Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Episode 15 - Things Learned In Dental School--Usless or Useful?
In this we talk about many of the lessons learned in dental school. Some seemed important at the time and turned out to be totally useless. Some seemed pointless and ended up being useful in private practice. How are you supposed to know the difference? This episode will help you know.Contact...  Read More
506 Public Health, Leadership, and Dentistry with Jack Dillenberg : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #506 - Jack Dillenberg Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #506 - Jack Dillenberg Dr. Dillenberg is the inaugural Dean of A.T. Still University’s...  Read More
Dental School Student Loans - Which Loan to Payoff First?
Since interest is calculated off of the total balance over a certain period, paying down the higher interest rate dental student loans first would generally be the best way to reduce total cash flow.However, if you looked at this situation from an opportunity perspective, does eliminating one loan...  Read More
Episode 43: What Dental School Won’t Teach You About Your Finances With Dr. Tom Larkin
Episode 43: What Dental School Won’t Teach You About Content originally appeared at:  Read More
5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Entering a Pros Residency!!
Congratulations!! If you are reading this, you must have decided to pursue the best specialty in dentistry. The rewards will be great, but so will the sacrifice. I’m not going to try to sugar coat this; Pros residency was the most challenging three years of my life. Despite the lack of sleep...  Read More
Episode 12 - Dental School Admissions w/ Brian Trecek of Marquette University
In this episode we are joined by Brian Trecek, Director of Admissions at Marquette University School of Dentistry. Mr. Trecek discusses the many aspects of the dental school application and interview process. What makes an applicant stand out? How should an applicant prepare for dental school...  Read More
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