Real Estate Syndication: A Dentist’s Guide To Investing
I’ve written about  in the past due to the high interest in the online doctor community. A few years ago, I decided to diversify my portfolio and invested a certain percentage in real estate.As a practicing periodontist, I knew that I didn’t have time to become a landlord so I decided to invest in...  Read More
Why It Pays to Understand the Lingo When Leasing Your New Dental Office Space
Every profession has its own lingo.The healthcare real estate world is no different. If you want to succeed in that world, you have to learn to speak its language.Learn the language and things change.The mind-numbing fog lifts and a little light goes on in your brain. So, without further ado,...  Read More
2019 Real Estate Forecast
As we enter 2019, after nearly a decade of above average real estate appreciation, many of our clients are asking what we think will happen in 2019. I’ll save you from reading the rest of our forecast if you want the short version. We agree with the 104 out of 105 economists, market analysts, and...  Read More
What Is The Best Month To Buy A House (Three Ways You Can Save This Winter)?
The holidays are upon us, and more often than naught, prospective home buyers are putting their decision to purchase a new home on pause until after the New Year.Who can deal with all that stress during the holidays?I get it, buying a home during the winter can be a little more challenging, even...  Read More
Episode 4 - Dental Office Real Estate with Special Guest Brian Madden
The Dental Amigos are excited to host their Philly amigo, Brian Madden. Brian is a commercial real estate agent with Carr Healthcare Realty which is a commercial real estate firm that provides tenant and buyer representation services for their dental clients around the country. In this episode,...  Read More
When Will The Real Estate Bubble Pop?
If you’re one of the millions of Americans who wants to buy a home this year, the constant increases in property values might have you feeling edgy. When you keep getting outbid on homes, you wonder if it’s wise to offer more for the next home you fall in love with.People who already own homes...  Read More
5 Things Every Doctor Should Know When Choosing Their Commercial Real Estate Agent | Part 2
A commercial real estate transaction can either catapult or cripple your business. As one the highest expenses of healthcare practices, real estate evaluations and negotiations need to be handled by an expert. One small mistake on a lease or purchase can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars....  Read More
Timing Your Next Real Estate Transaction - Part 1: Too Early
Every commercial real estate transaction has an ideal timeframe to begin the process. Most healthcare professionals understand that opening a new office or relocating an office doesn’t happen overnight, but the majority of professionals are not aware of the ideal timeframes for each type of...  Read More

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