HIPAA – Why is Compliance So Hard to Achieve?
by Jay Hodes - President, Colington ConsultingIf you track the healthcare sector like I do, then it should not come as a big surprise how many HIPAA data breaches are occurring on a regular basis. Almost every day there is another news article announcing breaches large and small. Why is that? Why...  Read More
Social Media Opens Door to HIPAA Violations
While healthcare practitioners have unique perspectives on topics of interest to patients, the demand for this information must be balanced with how information is used, who may access it, and who else it can affect.  Take some commonsense precautions with social media postings: If you wouldn’t say...  Read More
Many times, HIPAA violations are caused by well-meaning staff members. More and more often, violations occur because of inappropriate use of social media. Staff members should be trained on the ‘Golden Rule’ of social media usage; if they wouldn’t say it in an elevator, they shouldn’t say it...  Read More
Ever wonder where the criminals who file fraudulent income tax returns get the data they need to scam the government?  Consider Jean Baptiste Alvarez, a 43-year-old behavioral healthcare worker who stole daily census sheets from the 267-bed facility where he worked. The census sheets contained all...  Read More
Are Your Posts Breaching Patient Privacy?
Many dentists and dental office employees don’t realize that any social media discussion of patient treatment – even posts that do not identify a patient by name – can violate HIPAA.Because social media is still evolving, most offices have no social media policy and haven’t given much thought to...  Read More
Until two years ago, dental offices had avoided fines for HIPAA noncompliance.  In 2015, Dr. Joseph Beck became the first dentist to be fined for a HIPAA violation, which sent a warning to dental offices nationwide about HIPAA compliance. Interestingly, the penalty Dr. Beck paid was not issued by...  Read More
 How Adware Scams Work and How They Work
You’re at your desk, working away when you receive a message from a Facebook friend. You click on the link. Congratulations! You’ve just fallen for the latest social media adware scam.While little is known about the adware or those behind it, the adware uses Facebook Messenger to track your web...  Read More
How Secure is Your Office’s WiFi Network?
If you offer patients a WiFi network to access when they are in your office waiting room, your practice is liable for any criminal activity that transpires.  Considering that nothing on the internet is really secret, this is a serious concern.You may provide a ‘splash page’ containing an acceptable...  Read More
How To Protect Patient Data Part 2: Social Media Posts
By responding to a patient review on social media recently, a Texas dentist found himself in hot water with HHS and the Office for Civil Rights. While the dentist wasn’t fined formisusingpatient information, he did have to spend money for specialized legalcounsel,and likely spent many...  Read More
After the Disaster ...
Disaster recovery has been a staple of patient privacy law since 1996, and yet, many practices still operate without a viable data backup system in place. Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, experts estimated that nearly half of all healthcare offices in Manhattan had no functioning backup or...  Read More
 Is HIPAA Compliance Worth Your Attention?
Most Americans think of themselves as honest, law-abiding citizens. However, consider a familiar experience: You get into your car to drive to work and the first thing you do is buckle up. Why?Either you buckle up because it’s the law, or you buckle up because you are mindful of the reports...  Read More
Ransomware - Catastrophic Cyber Security Breaches
Dental offices are now being hit with Ransomware (cyber blackmail). If you own or work in a dental practice, you need to know what Ransomware is, and the ramificationsof this serious security breach.Ransomware Trojans are a type of cyberware that is designed to extort money from a dental office....  Read More
HIPAA just got a little bolder! This week I had an opportunity to attend a special legal update webinar about the new PHASE I & PHASE II HIPAA AUDITS that all healthcare offices are subject to --throughout the USA.As a HIPAA Trainer & Coach I have to attend HIPAA updates constantly. While...  Read More
048: Dr. B Interviews Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist
The Real Episode 48 - Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist Tune in every week for more episodes. Visit.comDr. Lorne Lavine, a former periodontist, is known as the leading authority on technology in the dental practice. Founder of The...  Read More
The Continuing Issue of Reactionary IT Security in Dental Health Care
Health care providers have been hot and cold with respect to protecting patient data of late, as many have made progressive moves to protect their systems and information, while others have lagged behind in this regard. Although retailers and others have had their own struggles, health care is...  Read More
Anti-Virus Checklist Policies should be in place requiring use of anti-virus software. All staff should understand and agree that they should not hinder the operation of anti-virus software All staff should know how to recognize possible symptoms of viruses or malware on their computers ...  Read More
The Future of Dental Healthcare IT Will Pose Risks
Healthcare providers were constantly under the gun when it came to the safe deployment of new technologies throughout the past several years, and it would be hard to argue that the sector at large has been highly successful in these endeavors. This is not to underplay the extreme efforts and wealth...  Read More
How can dental practices choose and use email encryption?
has become an important asset for healthcare organizations in a world where cybersecurity is a necessity. Although it doesn't seem like the most fancy or complex protection tool, it can be an amazing resource for email security, and may have been able to prevent the Sony Entertainment cyberattacks...  Read More
At-risk Data Dentists should know about
In this modern technological age, disaster recovery plans are necessary for businesses. Cyberattacks have become unavoidable for all organizations, so companies need to prepare themselves for hard-hitting hackers and keep themselves on high alert. Security measurements should include firewalls,...  Read More
HIPAA Compliance – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
The expression “waiting for the other shoe to drop” appears to have originated in the early 1900’s and is often associated with the arrival of a seemingly inevitable event. I speculate we are at that point in terms of ramped up HIPAA compliance enforcement. The recent Anthem data...  Read More
How To Avoid A HIPAA Violation In The Use Of An Office Copier
Protected Health Information on Photocopier HardDrivesMany dental practices lease photocopiers and simply returnthe photocopier to the leasing company to replace it with the latest model.However, most dentists are unaware that their old photocopier could subjecttheir dental practice to substantial...  Read More

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