#90: Making a Good First Impression
In this episode, we discuss how to make a good first impression on who matters most -- moms! Review management, showing the benefits of dentistry, and properly educating the consumer all work towards this goal. So how do you go about it?#90: Making a Good First ImpressionPodcast Highlights ...  Read More
#78: Transitioning Your First Associate With Dr. Staci Blaha
Transitioning your first associate can be rough. So, how do you do it as painlessly as possible? We interview Dr. Staci Blaha to find out!Listen#78: Transitioning Your First Associate With Dr. SPodcast Highlights A situation many dentists find themselves in ...  Read More
#69: Keeping It Real With Sandy Pardue
Sometimes, the truth hurts. In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we interview Sandy Pardue of  about training your front desk, avoiding missed opportunities, customer retention, and more!ListenPodcast Highlights:    How dentists who invest in marketing can get more from the opportunities...  Read More
FRONT DESK STAFF:From appointment setting to a warm in-office welcome, front desk staff has the opportunity to make a lasting impression (positive or negative) with THE LIFELINE OF THE DENTAL PRACTICE
From appointment setting to a warm in-office welcome, front desk staff has the opportunity to make a lasting impression (positive or negative) with patients before a patient even lands in the dentist chair. As the first and last interaction with patients, and a multitude of duties in between, those...  Read More
#34: The Boogieman of Dentistry | Dental Marketing Mastery with Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush
Allowpatients to schedule their own appointments online? MADNESS!Or is it?In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we explore the pros and cons of online scheduling and debunk the myths surrounding this controversial subject.ListenPodcast highlights: The two crowds in this argument ...  Read More
Let Them Go
6 Ways of Identifying a Deadbeat Dental Patient:Any of the items on this list is reason enough to show a patient the door, with a referral of course. Chronic Appointment Breaker No Payment Verbally Abusive Physical Threat Inappropriate Behavior Unsolicited Advances Prescription...  Read More
LESSON: how to create the BEST FRONT DESK staff…learn from an expert of 20+ years and get the best team possible!
LESSON: how to create the BEST FRONT DESK staff…le When your front desk is at its best, your practice can care for patients in amazing ways. One of the biggest dangers for practice owners is under-valuing the front desk. Those few...  Read More
Is Your Front Desk Missing Something? with Mary Beth Bajornas : Howard Speaks Podcast #122
"Some practices don't even have voice mail. They just ring incessantly when they're not in the office". If this sounds even remotely familiar, Mary Beth has your solution.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Mary Beth Bajornas - HSP #122 Watch Video...  Read More
“self-managing”  front desk staff
By Jayme Amos. Get free updates of postsHow do practices create “self-managing” front desk staff?This graphic shows the 12 Duties of a self-managed front desk staff. At each stage, a precise moment of interaction occurs with a patient...can you guess which stage is most important?(hint:...  Read More
Making Patients Comfortable
As your receptionistbecome familiar with patients she will know a little more about them and will be able to talk to them about their interests, etc. This is very important. She should make a point of bringing up what she talked about last time the patient was in. For instance, if the patient just...  Read More
Categories: front desk
Has Your Front Desk Been Taken Over by a Porn Site?
Recently I was using a dental client’s computer and noticed that it was running really slow. On a hunch, I installed anti-spyware software.Spyware, for those of you who don’t know, is computer software that is installed secretly on your computer to intercept or take partial control over...  Read More
Categories: front desk
Noise and Distractions at the Front Desk
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It looks like it’s time to muster the troops and expound upon a worthy virtue! The subject of the day is the old adage—“Silence is golden.” An adage, of course, is a simple truth. And the truth of the matter is, the front desk can be more effective with...  Read More
Distractions at the Dental Office Front Desk
Distractions at the Dental OfficeFront Desk Distractions at the front desk in dental offices can be common. Since this area is responsible for creating and maintaininga full and productive schedule for the practice,it is important to not have other team memberspulling front desk staff away from...  Read More

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