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Informed Consent from Minors and the Mentally Disabled
                        Obtaining informed consent from a competent adult appears relatively easy. However, receiving informed consent from a minor or mentally impaired/ disabled individual can become a more difficult process.This type of patient population typically raises serious questions as to...  Read More
Emergency Management - Recognizing Risk
                        Recognize patient risks to prevent unexpected emergencies. Signs of patient risk include:                                                                Patients with complicated medical histories or who are medically compromised should have treatment plans reviewed by...  Read More
Top 10 Risk Areas Checklist
1. Do you have efficient check-in and check-out procedures, including guarding the patient's protected health information, greeting patients when they arrive, and recognizing them when they leave?2. Do you have comprehensive documentation on each interaction with the patient?3. Do you regularly use...  Read More
How to Correctly Respond to a Cyber Attack
As technological advancements increase daily, our dependence on technology continues to positively correlate with this trend. Practices implement technology to streamline administrative tasks, gather patient data, organize and store patient health records, manage finances, and other tasks to...  Read More
Manage Risk Through Proper Insurance Coverage
Katie Collins, a Practice Integration Advisor with , helps dentists order their financial lives and reach financial peace of mind so they can better focus on what truly brings them joy.Dr. Jones was out running errands one Saturday. He went to enter a store not realizing the door was shut, ran into...  Read More
How to Reduce Workers' Compensation Expenses
Operating a dental practice is very expensive. Many times, the expenses are associated with workers' compensation. Below are a list of guidelines and procedures that may help a practice owner reduce workers' compensation costs and claim exposure:    Maintain a written safety policy.         Have...  Read More
Risk Management in Endodontic Clinical Practice
Endodontics is an area of dentistry which gives rise to an increasing amount of dental board complaints and litigation. Endodontic procedures can be very challenging and technically demanding.The endodontic quality guidelines provide a statement of good practices for dentists about to embark on...  Read More
#74: Preparing for Next Year Part 3: Budget Allocation and Risk Management
What do you do with your budget? And more importantly, WHY? While preparing for next year, it is important to manage your risks.Listen#74: Preparing for Next Year Part 3: Budget A...Podcast Highlights Ideas vs. statistics Budget allocation basics The real target market you...  Read More
Risk Management Process (continued)
Involving staff members in the risk identification process will give you a comprehensive picture of the risks based on different people's involvement in different areas of your practice. You may also wish to engage the services and opinions of an accountant or a lawyer.Assess the risks:If you have...  Read More
The Risk Management Process
Risk management is a cycle. That means that it is not something that gets checked off a "to do" list but it is a continuous activity. Having a risk management process means that your practice knows and understands the risks. It also means that your practice has deliberately evaluated the risks and...  Read More
Applying Risk Management to HR
When developing a risk management plan for your practice, there are a number of areas to focus on. This general list will get you started, but it is very important that you identify and evaluate the risks unique to your own practice. HR Activity ...  Read More
Legal Issues in Endodontics
The following questions should be discussed as potential areas of litigation in endodontic treatment:    Was there a misdiagnosis or treatment on the wrong tooth         Did the tooth develop pulpitis and who was responsible?         Did good radiographic technique occur         Was a rubber dam...  Read More
Risk Management
Below is a list of items that every practice owner should be aware of.  1. Prepare a new comprehensive employee manual (including a social media policy, cell phone and Internet policy), which also includes new overtime regulations. 2. Prepare a new employee package [documents for applications,...  Read More
Signed Informed Consent Forms: A Must
Informed consent is critical to clear and comprehensive patient communication. Dental patients should be well informed on the results of examinations, problems or potential problems.State laws guide the implementation of formal, written informed consent. All dental procedures should be performed...  Read More
Patient Risk Management Principles
Patients in dental practices may (and do) file claims because they feel as though they have received poor dental treatment. Professional liability claims are based upon the theory of negligence, which must be proven to support the validity of a claim.Negligence is defined as the failure to produce...  Read More
How Dental Staff Members Can Reduce Risk
Dentistry is a team business. In a dental practice, staff members are extremely important in every aspect, which includes their ability, whether directly or indirectly, to manage risk.Dental assistants make clinical procedures safer for patients and increase a dentist's productivity. Dental...  Read More
Tips for Cyber Security in Your Dental Practice
With the risk of a cyber-security breach increasing on a daily basis, below are some tips that will help a dental practice owner maintain the security that they need in order to protect patient information.Use Strong Passwords and Change Them RegularlySelecting PasswordsChoose a password that is...  Read More
Must Have Items for Every Practice
In the last few months, we have received substantially similar questions regarding "MUST HAVE" practice items in order to avoid the violation of state or federal law. In addition, we have addressed many of the same questions regarding employee non-disclosure agreements, protection of patient lists,...  Read More
Staying Clear of Whistleblower Protection Problems in Your Practice
OSHA is becoming very active in the day to day operations of a dental practice, especially in the enforcement of employees' rights. An area that is surfacing in dental practices is OSHA's enforcement of the whistleblower statute. It may not be well-known, but OSHA oversees whistleblower protection...  Read More
Insurance Checklist for Your Dental Practice
Many times a dental practice owner will ask about certain insurance coverages and exactly what each particular type of insurance covers. Below is a list of insurance for businesses and their specific purpose:PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCEMalpractice coverage for individuals, corporations, or...  Read More
Tips for Cyber Security in Your Dental Practice
With the risk of a cyber-security breach increasing on a daily basis, below are some tips that will help a dental practice owner maintain the security that they need in order to protect patient information.Use a Firewall Unless your Electronic Health Record (EHR) is totally disconnected from the...  Read More
Tips for Cyber Security in Your Dental Practice
With the risk of a cyber-security breach increasing on a daily basis, below are some tips that will help a dental practice owner maintain the security that they need in order to protect patient information.Establish a Security Culture Build a security-minded organizational culture so that good...  Read More
9 Things You Never Want to Hear An Employee Say - Live from HR Base Camp Podcast #4
Today’s Live from HR Base Camp podcast is hosted by Paul and Kurt, andthey’ll be discussing what to do if you learn an employee has beensaying problematic things. 9 Things Click to subscribe to CEDR's Podcast   Read More
Maternity Leave - Live from HR Base Camp Podcast #3
Today's episode of Live from HR Base Camp deals with maternity leave, and making sure your practice has the right policies in place. Join Paul and special guest Grace as they discuss common scenarios that can play out when an employee becomes pregnant. Maternity...  Read More
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