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Guided Surgery: Lower Teeth In A Day
Here's another example of a patient's teeth in a day experience in our office. A patient who has upper natural teeth and no lower teeth is a classic dental cripple, because the lower jaw has limited ability to support and retain a denture, and the bone shrinks quickly when the upper natural tooth...  Read More
Women With Lupus: Osteoporosis
, some treatments increase the risk of the disease, resulting in weaker bones and a greater chance of fracture. In fact, women with lupus experience osteoporosis-related fractures almost five times more often than other women. Therefore, bone health is important.How can you keep your bone strong?...  Read More
A, B, C's of Toothbrushes
Given the enormous number of bacteria in your mouth, and the fact that most toothbrushes are kept in the bathroom, cleaning and storing toothbrushes appropriately goes a long way to fostering oral health. Let your brushAir dry, in an upright position. Eliminating moisture between uses means...  Read More
Pregnancy Vitamin D Levels Important for Infant Teeth
The journalPediatricsreported a study from the University of Manitoba that followed 133 mothers and their 135 infants in the first year of life. The researchers measured the mothers' serum vitamin D levels during pregnancy and compared them withrates in their infants. Of the women, 33 had deficient...  Read More
Breast Cancer Rates and Obesity
The American Society of Clinical Oncology reported a study of 80,000 women in 70 clinical trials. The object of the study was to determine the affect of obesity onsurvival. Researchers differentiated between pre- and post-menopausal women, type of cancer (ER+ or ER-), tumor size, lymph node...  Read More
June Is National Smile Month
If your teeth bother you, we can make you happy when you look in the mirror!  Read More
Your Next Denture: Made By Computer
CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) is a technology that is being applied to many prosthetic dentistry techniques. In the past couple of years, more methods of computer-generatedhave emerged.Leading the way are groups from Loma Linda University Dental School and Louisiana...  Read More
Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis
There are ways to forestall the loss of bone mass that accompanies aging. Get enough calcium--the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends 1,000mg of calcium daily, increasing to 1,200 mg daily for women over 50 and men over 70 Avoid--cola, in any form, has been linked to greater risk...  Read More
Vitamins/Minerals Vital for Women's Health
A healthy woman needs essential vitamins and minerals throughout life. For that reason, she ought to consider supplementation with the following: calcium--for bones and teeth, muscle and nerve function, and hormonal secretion. 1,000 mg to age 50, 1,200 mg after that age iron--for protein...  Read More
Organic Food and Cancer Risk
Chemotherapy Advisorhas just reported data from the United Kingdom's Million Women Study by Oxford University. Beginning in 1996, it has surveyed more than 600,000 middle-aged women for twelve years. The researchers removed from the data influences of socioeconomic status, smoking, body mass index,...  Read More
Walk to Keep Your Brain Healthy
The Radiological Society of North America has reported another study to add to the increasing body of evidence that physical activity has cognitive benefits. In an ongoing 20 year study, researchers analyzed the relationship between physical activity and brain structure in 426 people, including 299...  Read More
Relief For Sensitive Teeth
Tooth sensitivity is tooth pain that commonly comes from one of two sources. The first is wearing away of the tooth's surface enamel to expose the dentin underneath. The second is the exposure of the root surface, which is not covered by enamel, by gum recession. When dentin or root surfaces are...  Read More
Understanding Lupus
is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood and kidneys. It is of special interest to me because my wife has the disease, and so do many of my patients. Here are some facts to help understand the disease: it is an autoimmune...  Read More
Teeth in a Day Surgical Guide
With the use of a. From that design, an accurate-fitting surgical guide is fabricated, which allows the precise placement of the dental implants.In the pictures above, the guide has been fabricated, and when secured in the mouth, provides tubes through which the implants are placed. The 3D Scan...  Read More
Importance of Being Board Certified
After four years of dental school, it takes an additional three years of training to become a specialist. Completion of such a program only makes an individual eligible to apply for Board Certification. To become a Board Certified Prosthodontist, one has to have been in practice for five years, and...  Read More
What Is A Burpee?
Are you looking for one all-around exercise that tones and strengthens muscles and provides a cardiovascular workout? Try aburpee.This is how it goes: start standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms down by your sides bend your knees and squat, keeping your back straight get into a pushup...  Read More
It Took An Attitude Adjustment
Ask people who have, and despite the commercials for all the smoking cessation medications and programs, they all say the same thing: regardless of what aids they used, what really made the difference is that they made the decision to quit. Look into alcohol/addiction treatment and even though they...  Read More
Dangers of Multiple Medications
A combined study by the Yale School of Medicine and Oregon State University looked at Medicare patients with multiple chronic conditions and the medications they were taking. They found more than 22% of these patients were taking at least one prescription medication that could adversely affect a...  Read More
Keys to a Long Life
An article by Kirk Spitzer in thehighlights the Nagano region of Japan as the area with the longest life expectancy in the world. It is also number one in employment rate for those over the age of 65, and vegetable consumption per capita. According to data from, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor...  Read More
Pedodontists Keep Kids Smiling
Pedodontists (children's dentists) take care of your child's smile. As soon as your baby's teeth break through the gums, or no later that your child's first birthday, it is time to see the dentist. .Source:   Read More
Medications and Dry Mouth
Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a condition of reduced or no saliva in your mouth. Because saliva enhances your ability to taste, aids in digestion and makes it easier to swallow, it affects your enjoyment of food. In addition, saliva washes away food particles from tooth surfaces and limits the...  Read More
Porcelain Veneers--24 Years!
We had the pleasure of seeing a patient from long ago at a restaurant last weekend. There were the sameplaced 24 years earlier!  Read More
Be Ready When The Earth Shakes #3
Earthquakes make things move, shake and fall: check windows anchor bookcases, cabinet doors, refrigerators, water heaters (it's the law), furniture heaters andstoves other large appliances have flexible connections for gas appliances air conditioners use plastic containers...  Read More
Be Ready When The Earth Shakes #2
Put together asurvival kitfor earthquake preparedness: tools:ax, shovel, broom, screwdriver, pliers, hammer, adjustable wrench, rope, plastic sheeting and tape safety and comfort:shoes, gloves, candles and waterproof matches, change of clothes, knife, garden hose, tent, blankets and sleeping...  Read More
Be Ready When The Earth Shakes #1
Here's what's recommended for your earthquake preparednessfirst aidkit: hydrogen peroxide antibiotic ointment alcohol wipes over the counter pain medications current prescriptions anti-diarrhea medicine eye drops bandages elastic bandages gauze Q-tips adhesive...  Read More
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