Google Ads Targeting for Dentists
Video Summary  Google Ads is the most powerful Internet Marketing tool available to your dental practice.One of the great things About Google Ads - but one of the things that can also be overwhelming to the inexperienced - is the amount of control that Ads provides advertisers.Specifically, the...  Read More
Will Google Continue to Matter to Dentists?
Published on Jan 3, 2017Google may no longer bring new dental patients to your website. Colin discusses the possible changes and how to respond in Patient Attraction Podcast 963.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
How You Can Get New Patients From Google…On Yahoo
Yahoo Search Results Are Showing Google AdsDentists can get new patient calls from their Google Ads, on Yahoo?Yes, but first a little background.Before Yahoo entered into their deal with Google, Yahoo used to show Bing(Microsoft) Ads in fifty-one percent of their own search results.They still do...  Read More
The Surprising Truth Behind Dental Keyword Rankings
Published on Feb 5, 2016Colin Receveur goes back to a classic episode to reveal why dental patients will pay based on value, not price. Hear more in Patient Attraction Podcast 690.  Read More
What Every Dentist Ought to Know About Facebook and Google PPC Ads
Published on Jan 6, 2016Dentists who want to get the most out of Facebook and Google PPC ads must weigh their pros and cons, revealed in episode 38. Patient Attraction Podcast 660  Read More
My Internet Marketing Secret Formula
MY INTERNET MARKETING SECRET FORMULAIn just a few moments I'm going to reveal my Internet Marketing Secret Formula, but first a few (important) thoughts to ponder.Now that we’ve started the New Year, you may find yourself sitting at home today pondering the future growth and profitability of...  Read More
Google’s HUGE Change Can Bring You More Patients
Published on Nov 28, 2015Google’s new Adwords feature can help dentists reach hot prospects at a moment’s notice. Colin Receveur tells you how in Patient Attraction Podcast 621.  Read More
 How Dentists Can Get the Biggest Bang for their Buck with Paid Search
In podcast episode 213, Colin shared the benefits of paid search and how your dollar can go farthest online. Listen again in Patient Attraction Podcast 550.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
What is the ROI of Digital Dental Marketing?
New patients, right?Sure, new patients are ultimately the return on investment goal of most dental practice digital marketing endeavors, along with improved retention, reactivation, & recall percentages, along with amplified online reviews.But let's dig a little deeper and match specific ROI...  Read More

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