HHS Promises HIPAA Review
 At a July 27 address at The Heritage Foundation, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, explained that HHS will be undertaking several updates to health privacy regulations over the coming months, including updates to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act...  Read More
Three years ago, Dr. Joseph Beck became the , sending a warning to dental offices nationwide about HIPAA compliance.  Until that point, dental offices had avoided fines for patient privacy noncompliance. The penalty Dr. Beck paid was not issued by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office...  Read More
Why Tell Patients You’re Safelock Certified®?
A recent survey conducted by health insurer Aetna explored consumer attitudes toward health care, relationships with their providers, and what they view as the most important aspects of healthcare. The Health Ambitions Study was conducted using responses from 1,000 consumers aged 18 and above, with...  Read More
HIPAA requires both Covered Entities and Business Associates to retain past email communications containing ePHI. The retention period is 6 years. For any healthcare organization, no matter the size of the practice, storing 6 years of emails and attachments requires considerable storage space....  Read More
Are Your Posts Breaching Patient Privacy?
Many dentists and dental office employees don’t realize that any social media discussion of patient treatment – even posts that do not identify a patient by name – can violate HIPAA.Because social media is still evolving, most offices have no social media policy and haven’t given much thought to...  Read More
 How Adware Scams Work and How They Work
You’re at your desk, working away when you receive a message from a Facebook friend. You click on the link. Congratulations! You’ve just fallen for the latest social media adware scam.While little is known about the adware or those behind it, the adware uses Facebook Messenger to track your web...  Read More
How To Protect Patient Data Part 3: HIPAA's Physical Safeguards
The HIPAA Security Rule defines physical safeguards as “physical measures,policiesand procedures to protect electronic information systems from natural and environmental hazards and unauthorized intrusion.”In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy breached lower Manhattan, officials estimated that...  Read More
How To Protect Patient Data Part 2: Social Media Posts
By responding to a patient review on social media recently, a Texas dentist found himself in hot water with HHS and the Office for Civil Rights. While the dentist wasn’t fined formisusingpatient information, he did have to spend money for specialized legalcounsel,and likely spent many...  Read More
After the Disaster ...
Disaster recovery has been a staple of patient privacy law since 1996, and yet, many practices still operate without a viable data backup system in place. Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, experts estimated that nearly half of all healthcare offices in Manhattan had no functioning backup or...  Read More
 Is HIPAA Compliance Worth Your Attention?
Most Americans think of themselves as honest, law-abiding citizens. However, consider a familiar experience: You get into your car to drive to work and the first thing you do is buckle up. Why?Either you buckle up because it’s the law, or you buckle up because you are mindful of the reports...  Read More
The Dark Side of Social Media Posts
Did you know that by responding to a patient review on social media you could find yourself in hot water with HHS and the Office for Civil Rights? That’s exactly what happened to a practice in Texas recently. Even if the practice manages to come away without fines for misusing patient...  Read More
GET "HIP" WITH HIPAA: Check Out this HIPAA Checklist of Requirements
As HIPAA Requirements evolve---It can seem impossible to keep up on the changes and updates. So many Townies are reaching out requesting a simplified checklist that can streamline efforts to set-up protocols properly within the dental office--to the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule Standards.HIPAA laws...  Read More
What are HIPAA Auditors looking for during Dental Office HIPAA Audits in 2016-2017...
THE ADA recently sent out a letter explaining the new 2016: PHASE I & PHASE II HIPAA AUDITS that all healthcare offices (including dental offices) are subject to --throughout the USA. The audits are in full swing and I thought you might be interested in what the HIPAA Auditors are looking for...  Read More
HIPAA just got a little bolder! This week I had an opportunity to attend a special legal update webinar about the new PHASE I & PHASE II HIPAA AUDITS that all healthcare offices are subject to --throughout the USA.As a HIPAA Trainer & Coach I have to attend HIPAA updates constantly. While...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online.....HIPAA For Dentistry- Tips and Tools for Compliance by Leslie Canham
Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present THE course on HIPPAA...HIPAA For Dentistry- Tips and Tools for Compliance by Leslie CanhamThis CE course can be found here....?HIPAA regulations require covered entities to comply with the Privacy, Security, and the new Omnibus Rules. Dentists must...  Read More
Upcoming Webinar: How to put a HIPAA Compliance Program in Place
Is Your Dental Practice HIPAA Compliant?Do you need to understand how to put a HIPAA compliance program in place? Find out what what regulatory requirements must be in place to meet government scrutiny. Join Jay Hodes - President, Colington Consulting for this interactive and informative webinar.   Read More
HIPAA Training:  What is Required for My Practice?
Let me try to bring some clarity to what is required for HIPAA Security Awareness Training, especially dental providers that utilize electronic health records (EHR) and/or file electronic health insurance claims. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provides guidance for the...  Read More

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