Cents and sensibility
When preparing a root canal, there seems to be nothing that can’t beachieved by a skilled endodontist. In the right hands, virtually anyroot canal can be prepared with virtually any file or number of files.The very small curvature radius and large curvature angle in thefeatured x-ray...  Read More
Is scientific hype replacing scientific evidence?
Many endodontists have devoted a great amount ofvaluable time to endodontic instrumentation research using scientificevidence in an attempt to convey useful information for the advancementof endodontics. Scientific evidence relies on comprehensive data and itis crucial for researchers to ensure...  Read More
410 Three Steps to Never Break a File with John McSpadden : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Listen on iTunes Watch Video HereStream Audio here                                                                      AUDIO - DUwHF #410 - John McSpadden                                    About NanoendoFounded by Dr. John McSpadden, NanoEndo is the culmination of more than three decades of...  Read More
Limiting Torsional Stress on Endodontic Files: Lubrication, Irrigation and/or Technique
I was recently asked if irrigation and lubrication influenced the stresses a file undergoes during instrumentation. Research that I carried out indicated irrigation and lubrication can reduce torque requirements by as much as 400% compared to rotating in a dry canal. However, one can see from the...  Read More
A rare chance to hear from Dr. Ron Jackson outside of his lectures
Get your 'fill' with Dr. Ron Jackson and Dr. Hornbrook from the Kerr Convention 2015. Dr. Ron Jackson shows his passion for patient benefit through long lasting materials and ingenuity in this week's Dental Up podcast.Click Here:  Read More
Conventional Research: Greater Value than Actuality?
After so many years of research, it is daunting to succumb to therealization that so much of my time was devoted to compilingconventional, or what could be considered useless, data for evaluatingendodontic files. Someone once commented, “There is no ox so dumb as theorthodox.”For...  Read More
Join Us for a Complimentary Seminar
The Efficient and Productive Endodontic Practice: Dr. JohnT.McSpaddenIf you save a penny and double it every day, it only takes 27 days to become a millionaire. We are familiar with the power of compound returns but sometimes the power of accumulative returns escapes us, particularly in our...  Read More
Direct comparisons of a singular NiTi file design with and without heat treatment
The physical properties of nickel titanium endodontic files that areheat treated for enhancing flexibility differ so widely that definitecorrelations are difficult to determine. This is particularly true whenthere are no controls for heat treated files having the same designdimensions. D&S...  Read More
EXO Endo File Impresses Southeastern Endodontics' Dr. Brock
Compliments of Matthew Brock, DDS, MDS (Southeastern Endodontics)Shortly after sending him his first packs of :We appreciate Dr. Brock taking histime to let us know about his experience using EXO Endo files and hopeyou can find the time to try them for yourself. And if you feel youdon't have the...  Read More
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what's that worth?
Most of the time x-rays of tortuous canals are used to demonstrate thecapabilities of a file. This begs the question: exactly how muchinformation do we get from an x-ray. Dr. HB Johnson, one of the pioneersof endodontics and the man who coined the term endodontics, is theperson that performed the...  Read More
NanoEndo and Stellar Studios Take the Gold for
NanoEndo is proud to announce its website, , has been awarded a Gold Communicator Award from The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.The website was developed in conjuction with , a multimedia marketing agency basedin Johnson City, TN. The Gold Communicator Award falls within the Websites,...  Read More
What difference does unwinding an endodontic file make if it doesn’t break?
I was recently asked why would it matter if an unwound as long as it didn’t break. First, let us think of a file asnot only an instrument that enlarges a canal but one that acts as anauger as well; it conveys debris. When a file unwinds to the extent thatits helix augers apically rather than...  Read More
Maximizing Efficiency - for what it's worth
Time is the one commodity shared equally with all. No matter who we are or where we are we each get 60 minutes with every hour, 24 hours each and every day and then it is gone forever. One cannot keep time from passing, yet, profoundly, one can save time.Early in my career, I had the good fortune...  Read More
On Communication and Collaboration for Advancing Endodontic File Design
While the overwhelming majority of comments we receive regarding ourresearch and innovations is very positive and complementary, publishingour and claiming unbiased objectivity opens us up to criticism andscrutiny. We expect and welcome such skepticism as it inspiresdiscussion and informs further...  Read More
Stacking the Deck : A response to questions about our selection of testing protocols
Recently, we received feedback regarding our methodology for creating protocols for evaluating endo file performance on our ,a computer controlled clinical simulator. As always, we encourage yourparticipation in our discussions and we felt others might benefit fromincluding these comments in our...  Read More
What differences do endo file design differences make?
What differences do design differences make? We intend to find out.We are embarking on a very ambitious research program to test each partof every major file in production, from tip to handle. We havecompletely up-dated the computer controlled to improve resolution of its sensors and motors and to...  Read More
Sample Selection: How we select files for evaluation on the Endo File Evaluator
In any scientific study that intends to make inferences about anentire production of endodontic files its primary objective, the samplesize is a very important feature for having sufficient statisticalpower. In estimating unknown parameters larger sample sizes generallyresults in greater...  Read More
What is the fewest number of endodontic files required for canal instrumentation?
After 35 years of for endo file efficiency vs. file stress, I continue to be puzzled forhow to best answer the frequent question: “How few of your instrumentsare necessary to prepare a canal?” Just as perplexing are the marketingclaims asserting that only 3-5 of their particular files...  Read More
The Emperor’s Clothes; Making the Invisible Visible
The ability to provide unparalleled critical information about teethand their surrounding tissues has been transformed with the developmentof 3-D imaging systems such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography. Ourknowledge is no longer limited to conventional intra-oral radiographsthat represent a...  Read More
NiTi Endo 101: understanding terminology of nickel titanium endodontic files
Image contributed by Matthew Brock DDS - Southeastern EndodonticsThesuccess of using instruments while preventing failure depends on howthe material, design and technique relate to the forces exerted on theinstruments. To how the file reacts to applied forces, terms have been defined...  Read More
Why different endo files have a different "feel"
The One Endo file's cutting edge extends through its tip allowing it to cut very efficiently. This efficiency, however, may be perceived as having an "aggressive feel".Endodontic files basically have three functions: forming a dentinalchip, dislodging the chip, and transporting...  Read More
Does the quality of manufacturing make much difference for endo files?
SEM courtesy Nova Southeastern University College of Dental MedicineBeforedifferent types of files are studied, it should be stressed that thequality of manufacturing is the most basic consideration for determiningthe success or failure of endodontic files independent of...  Read More
Steps of Endodontic Instrumentation Technique
Many endodontists have spent a great deal of time deciding on thefile sequence that serves them best and would prefer not to have tolearn a new technique. For those, we would recommend no technique changesince the One Endo file was designed to give better results with anytechnique simply by using...  Read More
Get to Know Endo
For over three decades I have had the remarkable opportunity to design, manufacture, market, scientifically test and clinically evaluate new endodontic files. My research lead me to build a computer controlled clinical simulator to comprehensively assess key performance indicators of endodontic...  Read More

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