Should You Renew Your Dental Office Lease Or Should You Relocate?
Your lease might be due to expire soon.If it is, beware of your landlord trying to pressure you into renewing your current one. He might do his damndest to keep you on as a tenant because if he does, he won’t have to go through the considerable hassle of finding your replacement.Landlords know that...  Read More
Steven Mautner - Maximizing Profitably in an Era of Commoditization
Podcast Episode #243: Steven Mautner - Maximizing Profitably in an Era of CommoditizationEpisode #243: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastSteven Mautner - Maximizing Profitably in an Era of CommoditizationSteven Mautner manages a high-volume practice by paying attention to what patients actually want...  Read More
Finding your Sense of Purpose at work and in life with Dr. Christopher Vo, DDS
Our guest this week Dr. Christopher Vo, sits down with Shaun Keating and shares his journey from practice owner to associate and what made him re-structure his long term goal as a Dentist early on in his career. Dr. Vo talks about his love for Visual Arts, Branding, his role as a Dental Marketing...  Read More
Avoid Costly Mistakes When Leasing Dental Space By Using This Checklist
Leasing space for your practice is an incredibly important decision. That's because a single mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars. To help ensure you don't make any errors you'll spend years paying for, use the following checklist:      START EARLY:  Finding the perfect office...  Read More
What to Look for in a Dental Practice Lender
What to Look for in a Dental Practice Lender As with all members of your , finding the right lender isn’t a cut-and-dry process. Likewise, your lender should have a strong understanding of the industry, as well as the ability to judge high-quality practices. Because the dental industry is one of...  Read More
Dental Transitions Team
HPRG officially announces its Dental Transitions Team. Use the three pillars of Valuation, Operations, and Real Estate to sell your dental practice. Learn more at .   Read More
Richard James and Michael Strauch - The Entrepreneur’s Journey
Podcast Episode #242: Richard James and Michael Strauch - The Entrepreneur’s JourneyEpisode #242: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastRichard James and Michael Strauch - The Entrepreneur’s JourneyRichard James does what I do for dentists—but with attorneys. His focus is on helping attorneys learn how...  Read More
Practice Transitions with Dr. Lee Maddox, DDS, Esq.
Podcast Episode #55, Dr. Lee Maddox, DDS, Esq. with Dr. Bette Robin, DDS, Esq. on Practice Transitions and the state of the dental field. Dr. Bette Robin, dental attorney, dentist, practice sale broker has a lively discussion with Dr. Lee Maddox, also a dental attorney, dentist, and practice sale...  Read More
Practicing in Chicagoland
To practice in this municipal area (MSA), you need to get an overview of what is happening.  This episode is an overview of Greater Chicago.  Read More
Autonomy, Corporations, mergers and the future of dentistry...
"Find the autonomy in your work. Autonomy is key to feeling good about the work you do, no matter what kind of work it is." ~Jean Chatzky, author  Keep your autonomy while owning your business! Many of you have the chance to take over the small family business.  Or you go to school with the hope of...  Read More
Jerry Jones - What’s Your Next?
Podcast Episode #241: Jerry Jones - What’s Your Next?Episode #241: Dentist Freedom Blueprint PodcastJerry Jones - What’s Your Next?Jerry Jones is back to continue the conversation from the last episode. This time we are focusing on what’s next for your practice and your life. If you are letting...  Read More
The Jameson Files 103 - The Importance of Community with Dr. Robles
In this episode of the Jameson Files Carrie Webber discusses the importance of connecting with your community with guest Dr. Loeta Robles from Chico, California. TJF - 103 - The Importance of Community with Dr. RoblesFor full details and show notes go to .  Read More
The Jameson Files 102 Origin Story with Dr Cappy Sinclair
 In this episode of the Jameson Files Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Cappy Sinclair of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We're going to talk about his incredible origin story that took him on a journey from art restoration to smile restoration. Origin Story with Dr. Cappy SinclairFor full details...  Read More
The Jameson Files 101 – Origin Story with Dr. Loeta Robles
In this episode of the Jameson Files Carrie Webber discusses the Origin Story of Dr. Loeta Robles from Chico California. The Jameson Files 101 - Dr Loeta RoblesFor full details and show notes go to .  Read More
Navigating Commercial RE with Tanner Milne : Howard Speaks Podcast #56
When Tanner Milne realized that there was no commercial real estate broker in the Phoenix valley who specialized in helping dentists, he created Menlo Group CRE.  Since then he has brokered over 1000 real estate transactions for dentists and advises them on leases, renewals, purchases, and new...  Read More
Till Retirement Do Us Part: Transitions, Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions with Jason Wood : Howard Speaks Podcast #13
Dr. Howard Farran and Jason Wood talk about dental practice transitions.Audio Podcast:                                                                                                Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #13 with Jason Wood                                    Video Podcast:                   ...  Read More

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