Preventing Embezzlement
    There are many opportunities for employee embezzlement to occur in a dental practice. There are, however, certain steps you can take to help prevent employee embezzlement. You must be diligent.            Make smart hiring decisions.         Screen all potential employees.         Conduct...  Read More
Conversation with a dentist - the  checkbook
This excerpt was taken from a client “assessment” interview I conducted about 5 years ago.This dentist suspected his office manager was stealing. His suspicions were correct, he just did not know it yet. In this part of the assessment interview, I’m asking him about check writing...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice an Embezzler's Playground?
Dental practice embezzlement is a real issue. It is estimated that between 60% and 80% dentists will know they were embezzled by the end of their career. Who knows how many never know!Embezzlers create their own, ongoing inventive methods to steal from you. Unfortunately, if your employee is...  Read More
Episode 17 - Embezzlement Risk & Prevention w/ David Harris
Listen to Episode 17 !In this episode, we are joined by David Harris, certified fraud investigator and CEO of Prosperident. We discuss steps dentists can take to prevent embezzlement, hiring techniques to select new employees, types of embezzlers, what to look for if a dentist suspects they are...  Read More
Categories: Embezzlement, #Dentistry
Dental Embezzlement: Fraud in Dental Practices
Oberman Law Firm – David Harris and Dental EmbezzlementDENTAL SERIES:David Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Prosperident, isa guest as part of our on-going podcast series featuring the leaders in the dental industry. Prosperident is the world’s largest dental embezzlement...  Read More
268 Predict Embezzlement w/ David Harris & Manuel Barroso : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #268 - David Harris Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #268 - David Harris Embezzlement exert David Harris and software entrepreneur Manuel Barroso have...  Read More
Welcome to the Prosperident embezzlement blog
Welcome to Prosperident's embezzlement blog. Here we will post information on the detection and control of embezzlement.  Read More
EMBEZZLEMENT - Here we go again.
I have heard this many times. "Eric, we are fine. Betty has worked for me 15 years. I know her friends, I have visited with her family, I have even gone to her daughters wedding. She has done so much for the practice I just don't even know how we would get by...  Read More
Are You Getting Embezzled? with David Harris : Howard Speaks Podcast #143
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #143 - David Harris Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #143 - David Harris Listen in to learn some of the amazing, shocking statistics behind embezzlement....  Read More
Episode 3: How To Avoid Embezzlement In Your Dental Practice with David Harris - Start Your Dental Practice
Episode 3: How To Avoid Loosing $109,000 In Your D Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Our last blog we discussed the startling fact that over 60% of dentists are victims of in-office embezzlement at some point in their career, and on average, will suffer a loss of over $100,000. Even more disturbing than the probability of being stolen from, is that the thief is usually a longtime,...  Read More
Dentists are plagued with the potential of being victimized byembezzlement. Experts estimate that over 60% of dental practices willsuffer from embezzlement with loses that average over $100,000. What areeven more disturbing are who embezzles and why they steal, how theysteal, and the warning signs...  Read More
Signs of Embezzlement
Tell tale signs of embezzlement:1. There is an employee who is always first in and last to leave. 2. There is an employee that gets upset when asked questions about their duties handling accounts/money or gets upset or angry at the idea of a consultant, other professional or spouse coming into the...  Read More
Categories: Embezzlement
Are you employing criminals?
Find the show notes for this David Harris podcast interview here:  Read More
Apples to Apples - Dental Intel with Adam Smith : Howard Speaks Podcast #50
Adam Smith, VP of Analytics at Dental Intel, shares his expertise on practice overhead, accounting in a dental office, uncovering embezzlement and more!Stream Audio Here: HSP #50 with Adam Smith Audio Watch Video Here: ...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Face Embezzlement Head On
Face Embezzlement Head On — by Sandy Pardue, Classic Practice Resources Embezzlement is a sad reality and a crime of opportunity. If you are a practice owner, you need to know how to protect your practice. Don’t...  Read More

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