Selling a Practice: What selling expenses should I expect to pay?
, works with dentists to help them achieve financial freedom through a comprehensive approach to wealth management. After a long and successful clinical career, you are ready to sell your practice. In our last post, my colleague, Katie Collins, laid out the expenses that a buyer should expect to...  Read More
Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling to a DSO
Some of the main components to running a successful dental practice are excellent patient care, a professional environment, and friendly and competent support staff. But, there are a lot of other factors to take into consideration. Factors such as location, insurance acceptance, marketing, Human...  Read More
Dental Practice Transition Checklist: What To Know
Transitioning a dental practice is an intricate process, and can seem overwhelming if you are approaching or going through the process. Not only does transitioning a practice include the financial challenges but the emotional and relational ones as well. We can help you navigate this process...  Read More
How To Know My Dental Practice Value
How To Know My Dental Practice ValueUnderstanding the value of your dental practice can be an asset, regardless of whether or not you are in the process of selling your practice. At Professional Transition Strategies, we understand that selling or merging a dental practice is an intricate process,...  Read More
THE Year to Consider Selling your Dental Practice - 2017
WHY 2017 MIGHT BE THE YEAR TO CONSIDER SELLING YOUR DENTAL PRACTICEAs practice transition specialists, we are often asked, “Is now a good time to sell my dental practice?” While there are many factors involved in making the decision to transition your practice, the short answer is YES....  Read More
Growing Your Dental Practice
Are you looking to grow your dental practice? Perhaps you’re trying to add more patients, create demand for new services, reduce overhead – or all of the above.Many factors outside your control will influence the selling price of your practice, whether it’s next year or five years...  Read More
When Is The Right Time to Talk To the Staff About Your Transition?
Timing is everything. When dealing with delicate situations such as selling your practice, you should approach the conversation with staff carefully. Some dentists experience feelings of guilt by keeping the news of their dental practice sale a secret from their staff. Or they view keeping the...  Read More
Podcast Episode #6 Demystifying the Buying and Selling of a Dental Practice
Catch THE Jerry Jones Radio Show, live, 11AM Pacific, every Tuesday, at on iTunes, Stitcher and at Episode #6 Demystifying the Buying and Selling of a Dental Practice ...  Read More

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