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1094 Talking with the Denture Queen, Valerie Cooper: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Valerie Cooper is a private practice prosthodontist with a passion for dentures. Called the “Denture Queen” by her prosthodontics coresidents, the name stuck, and her love for removable prosthodontics grew with time. Dr. Cooper presents a systematic approach to digital denture treatment which...  Read More
How to Care for Dentures
Dentures - What Can I Eat?Although dentures can give back your smile as well as your oral functions, it still cannot be compared to your original teeth when it comes to durability as they will never be your natural ones.  As much as you would like to treat it the same way you treat your original...  Read More
1012 Epic Dentures with Ryan McCall, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Before founding McCall Dentures, Dr Ryan McCall was a typical Midwestern boy from Effingham, IL – a small town with a population of 12,000. Growing up in close proximity to a farm, he was sure about two things: he didn’t want to live in close proximity to a farm forever and he wanted to own a red...  Read More
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997 Advanced Prosthodontics with Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD, FACP : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Nadim Z. Baba received his DMD degree from the University of Montreal in 1996. He completed a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Prosthodontics and a Master’s degree in Restorative Sciences in Prosthodontics from Boston University School of Dentistry in 1999. Dr. Baba serves as a...  Read More
Season 2017 Recap
Last Episode of 2017 This is our last episode of 2017 and we have a special one to end the year. As the new year approaches, we like to reflect on all the great moments we had in 2017 on the Dental Up podcast. We have gone over the past 49 episodes published this year and selected a couple of the...  Read More
Extractions and Dentures
 | Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Ryan Mccall DDS |Dr. Ryan Mccall of Mccall Dentures is a young passionate dentist who loves making dentures and has been at it for over a decade. Although Dr. Mccall doesn’t call himself a prosthodontist, he drastically changes lives daily practicing on many patients who...  Read More
Dental Implants or Dentures? | Puyallup Oral Surgeons Explain
Having a missing tooth or multiple teeth can be distressing, uncomfortable or embarrassing for many people. It can affect your ability to eat, increase the risk of oral infections and other dental health concerns, and not to mention, it impacts one's self-esteem and quality of life.While there are...  Read More
Dental Implants or Dentures? | Puyallup Oral Surgeons Explain
Having a missing tooth or multiple teeth can be distressing, uncomfortable or embarrassing for many people. It can affect your ability to eat, increase the risk of oral infections and other dental health concerns, and not to mention, it impacts one's self-esteem and quality of life.While there are...  Read More
Advance Your Dentures with Advice from Master Dental Technician
Shaun Keating CDT + Jack Edwards CDT, MDT Talk RemovablesWith the complexity of denture cases, gettingthe desired result might be a challenge to many dentists. Jack Edwards CDT, MDT shares his vast knowledge ofremovablesto create the perfect denture restoration and stresses the importance of...  Read More
Denture Reline: Why Do You Need It?
Weak SuctionThe day has come and you’ve got your last teeth extracted. Wearing dentures is now your new reality. Yes, they don’t feel like, don’t taste like, maybe don’t even look like you have expected. And just as you begin to learn to accept this new foreign object in...  Read More
Loose Dentures. Help!
Before becoming a Lab Technician who makes dentures full time I was a Dental Assistant for a year.Combined, these jobs gave me a really good understanding about 2 things:1. Patient needs and expectations.2. The process behind meeting or NOT meeting those same expectations.One of the expectations...  Read More
The Myth About Denture Patients
By Dr. John Nosti Modernizing the way you think about dentures is a good way to start attracting more denture patients. So, what is the Myth? Even as a dentist, the first image that comes to mind when you visualize dentures could be a decrepit old man or woman. They wave from a late night...  Read More
Dr. John Nosti - A Survivor's Case Study
By Dr. John NostiSometimes, missing teeth is a small price to pay compared to missing your life. William came to me after life-saving treatment for oral cancer, in remission as a cancer survivor."Maintaining health was the main priorityAs the photos indicate, much of William’s tongue was lost...  Read More
449 Single Visit Dentures with Lawrence Wallace : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #449 - Lawrence Wallace Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #449 - Lawrence Wallace Dr Wallace is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with over...  Read More
Tooth problem are the most common problem that are faced by people even of small ages.These problems can be cured either by prevention or treatment. The prevention helps to avoidthe occurrence of future problems of tooth. In order to have beautiful and attractive smile, oneneeds to have bright...  Read More
299 Treating the Worn Dentition with Steve Cutbirth : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #299 - Steve Cutbirth Watch Video here VIDEO - DuwHF #299 - Steve Cutbirth When young Steve Cutbirth broke his two front teeth sliding into second...  Read More
Premium Vs. Standard Dentures
Keating Dental Arts, Full service dental lab & Full prosthetics department in Irvine California, takes you through an overview of Premium Versus Standard dentures in this 4K Ultra Hd Clinical Video Tutorial by Dr. David Hornbook.See More...  Read More
KDA's Denture Lab Product Overview Video |4K|
November 16 2015-- As I casually stolled into the KDA lab on Wednesday morning I was formally greated by one of my favorite clinicians, Dr. David Hornbrook. His positive nature mixed with the high energy of the lab floor made for a solid set and stage for the next 4K Ultra HD video in the removable...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry can have dramatic resultswhen changing the color, size, shape or position of your teeth. At Desert Ridge Smiles, we can help to create the smile you have always desired.Are your teeth crowded?6 Month Smiles could be your answer.Are your teeth short and chipped?Veneers were done...  Read More
Dentures And Partial Dentures?
Dentures silver spring md can be impressive. There have been many advances in the dental field. Dentures and partials lead the list on the improved feel and comfort levels with the newer materials. This article written with .Partials - A partial is a removable appliance that is worn on either the...  Read More
Sterngold Brings Dental Relief with EZ Pick Up!
Sterngold Strives to Offer the Best: Sterngold restorative dentistry understands well how precious your smile is! Nothing but a charming smile can simply stun the whole world; it can brighten up the entire ambience with its grace and allure. But having a good smile will not suffice; to perfect the...  Read More
No Employees, Life Is Good! with Dr. Gigi Huynh a.k.a. 'tinker-bell' : Howard Speaks Podcast #31
When Dr. Huynh’s employees quit on her, she realized she didn’t need them.  Listen as Dr. Howard Farran interviews one of Dentaltown’s favorite townies about practicing solo, the perfect alginate impression, and much more!Listen to the Show on iTunes to listen on iTunesListen to the Audio Here: ...  Read More
The Advantages of Dental Implants over False Teeth
Dental implants are the most advanced, effective way to replace teeth. This is a permanent fix that avoids all the embarrassing slip-ups and fall-outs associated with removable dentures. You won’t have to worry about the embarrassment of having your true toothless-ness being revealed: dental...  Read More
Founding Father and Dental Postal Child
This Friday, July 4th marks the 238th anniversary of America’s independence. This weekend, Americans from sea to shining sea will celebrate our nation’s founding with cookouts, fireworks, patriotic concerts and parades.But there is one man in particular whose courage, stamina and...  Read More
Your Next Denture: Made By Computer
CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) is a technology that is being applied to many prosthetic dentistry techniques. In the past couple of years, more methods of computer-generatedhave emerged.Leading the way are groups from Loma Linda University Dental School and Louisiana...  Read More
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