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159: Say the Thing That’s Stopping You From Saying the Thing with traveling DAT Coach, Tarley Reed
Being human means we each go through times of upset. Learning how to have hard conversations with people (both professionally and personally) can help smooth out those rocky paths. Kiera connects with DAT’s traveling coach, Tarley Reed, in this episode to talk about communicating when it’s...  Read More
158: Bonus Episode: Do You Feel the Love? 5 Love Languages, 6 Human Needs + 1 Overflowing Love Bucket
Happy week of love! Did you know the number one reason people leave jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated? Kiera discusses how to show love for your team members in a personalized way, based on their love language and human need.  That’s right, it’s time to take some quizzes! . Encourage your...  Read More
157: News Flash! Block Scheduling is the Way to Go!
157: News Flash! Block Scheduling is the Way to Go! It’s time for a deep dive into something that will make every single team member’s life easier AND get rid of non-productive days! That’s right, the title said it all: block scheduling! In this episode, Kiera dives deep into one of her favorite...  Read More
156: Case Study: Fundamental Leadership 101
156: Case Study: Fundamental Leadership 101 It’s leadership pow-wow time! Kiera is talking with Dr. Bill Keith and Ashley Keith, her case study out of Kansas City, about how to be a forward-thinking office that excels in leadership. Topics include why having a third-party expert come in is helpful;...  Read More
155: “There’s Something Special About Being Good at Something…” (with Dr. Mark Costes)
155: “There’s Something Special About Being Good at Something…” (with Dr. Mark Costes) Kiera and Dr. Mark Costes catch up to discuss 2019 takeaways, and what changed since the January 1, 2019 versions of themselves. Kiera shares how she found her fulfillment piece — and why it’s more than just...  Read More
154: Increase Case Acceptance from 50% to 100% in one Afternoon: NDTR Handoffs
154: Increase Case Acceptance from 50% to 100% in one Afternoon: NDTR Handoffs Kiera’s dental tips today revolve around perfecting the hand-off. What does it take to make the best cookies ever? The right ingredients and stellar instructions. The same can be said for having the best VIP patient...  Read More
153: It’s Not Work That’s Stressful, It’s Your Boundaries
153: It’s Not Work That’s Stressful, It’s Your Boundaries Stress!!! It’s the worst, right? In this podcast episode, Kiera talks with the Dental A Team’s traveling coach, Tiffanie Trader, about managing stress. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in work life, especially when your workload spills over...  Read More
152: Side Hustle: This Will Dramatically Increase Your Income
Episode 152: Side Hustle: This Will Dramatically Increase Your Income Kiera connects with Paul Moore in this episode, a real estate expert with an impressive background, to talk about the realities of real estate for dentists and team members alike. They discuss residential and commercial real...  Read More
151: Insurance Verification: DO IT THE EASY WAY!
Time for more helpful nuggets from Kiera! This time, she’s talking insurance verification. Hold your moans and groans, folks. These quick tips will change your life with better case acceptance, improved VIP patient experience, and less stress in your practice. (If you haven’t already, check out...  Read More
150: A Weak Link with an Easy Fix
In this follow-up episode to #147, Kiera’s journey to find a physical therapist continues. After calling three more offices after the first failure, she’s realized that even though your business/practice might be the best one ever, people will never know if your gatekeeper — AKA the person...  Read More
149: A Strong, Purposeful Year Ahead
Kiera and Dr. Mark Costes are back to talk accountability, pushing one another, and inspiration. This feel-good episode will push you to be successful this new year. (We’re only a month in, there’s so much time to have your best year yet!) The pair chat about time journaling, knowing when to...  Read More
148: Step by Step to Having Uncomfortable Conversations
No one likes to have awkward, hard conversations, right?! Wrong! Kiera does! And in this episode, she walks you through five steps for having those discussions with your team members. Her most recent example is from an awesome office that’s struggling with morale (think backbiting and gossiping)....  Read More
147: Is YOUR Front Office Killing Your Practice?
Fact #1 about Kiera Dent: She travels a lot. And because of all the cramped airplanes, she’s been dealing with knee and hip pain. The journey of her pursuing physical therapy for this pain resulted in some major eye opening experiences that every dental office (and medical care provider) should be...  Read More
146: Can You Be Nice AND Hold People Accountable?
Ahh, the age-old question: Is it possible to be a nice office manager while still holding people accountable? In this episode, Kiera says yes! It’s easy to understand why so many people assume holding people to their word turns you into an evil, nagging boss, but there’s a reality to both sides of...  Read More
145: Breaking Down Bonuses- Do They Actually Work?
Kiera is car-casting! Join her for her drive as she talks about bonuses, something she gets asked about ~a ton~. Do bonuses actually work? What’s the best way to implement them, etc. First up, do NOT make a bonus some unattainable prize; make it something someone can get when they go above and...  Read More
144: The 3-Month Shakeout (Mergers & Acquisitions)
Kiera sits down with Debbie Dodson, practice director for Castle Peak Dentistry with Dr. Summer Kassmel, to talk about dental office mergers! Debbie has been involved with two mergers in the past couple of years, and she discusses tricks of the trade. The BIGGEST thing you can do is to be patient...  Read More
143: Short, Snappy Statement— Marketing Tidbit
There are a lot of dental practices out there. How does YOURS stand out? In this quick episode, Kiera talks you through how to create a marketing statement for your practice, something quick and snappy people can remember you by. Some examples from a marketing business, “We write words that sell...  Read More
142: Accountability in 10 Minutes
This episode is a quickie, but it has oh-so-much valuable information! Kiera talks having accountability and delegation in your practice. She gets the question a lot: How do I keep people accountable?! The answer? Turn ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts’! Does your team know they MUST submit their KPIs to you...  Read More
141: Complimentary Skillsets
Kiera finally shares her Tony Robbins experience! This episode is all about personal development and how Kiera became a better version of herself during a five-day event with Tony. She talks about her own fears as a business owner, and why she was THIS CLOSE to walking out of the event. The biggest...  Read More
140: Hygienists, Maximize Your 60 Minutes (with Kristen Shepherd)
First she talked about upping fluoride acceptance. Then she walked us through doctor calibration. NOW Kristen Shepherd is back to chat increasing hygiene production. Doctors, owners, are you wary about sharing production numbers and office goals with your team? Kristen talks with Kiera about why...  Read More
139: Office Autopsy: Are You Hungry Enough?
Kiera does a quick deep-dive into one of her practices that she’s worked with for about a year now, and has visited three times. When she first arrived, culture wasn’t great, accountability wasn’t 100%, and there were some management issues. Now, after her third visit, this practice has FLOURISHED...  Read More
138: Be the Best _______ You Want to Be in 2020!
Welcome to 2020! Are you listeners fired up about having a good year? In this episode, Kiera talks about what it took for her to have a successful 2019, and what she’s doing this year to build on that. It all comes down to the question, what are YOU willing to do? Start by taking massive action...  Read More
137: 2019 Finale: Reflect and Prep for 2020
Last day of 2019! In this episode, Kiera sets up how to have the best 2020, both personally and professionally. It’s time to look back at the good and bad of 2019 to be able to prepare for the new year. Get out a piece of paper and dive into what it takes:     Draw a t-graph on your piece of paper...  Read More
136: Deep Dive on Bonuses with Dr. Deren Flesher
Episode 112, , was our most-downloaded episode ~ever~, so what did we do? We invited Dr. Deren Flesher back! Here, you’ll hear him talk to Kiera all about bonuses and why his methods are so successful that even Kiera wants to hear more. A few nuggets from their conversation:     If your practice...  Read More
135: Live to Give- The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life
Yay for holiday episodes! Holidays create a stamp in time to take us back and get us out of our daily routines. They’re often dream days, where it seems that anything is possible. Kiera shares her family’s Christmas traditions (which includes falling asleep during The Santa Claus, intercoms, and...  Read More
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