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What to Look for in a Dental Practice Lender
What to Look for in a Dental Practice Lender   As with all members of your , finding the right lender isn’t a cut-and-dry process. Likewise, your lender should have a strong understanding of the industry, as well as the ability to judge high-quality practices. Because the dental industry is one...  Read More
How Important is it to Have Your Dental Practice on Page 1 of Google?
When it comes to marketing your practice, how important is it to be “first” on Google? Is it much better than second? Or third? For that matter, what is the normal process or behavior patter when someone searches for a dentist online? And how can you use this to your advantage? Both of these...  Read More
If you’ve thought about dental hygiene as a profession, you’re in luck. It is an occupation with a growing rate of demand, unlike other job areas where the market is becoming restricted.   The growing demand for dental hygienists is linked to the aging population. People are living longer, and...  Read More
017 How to Hire The "A Team" (Six Tips You Need to Implement)!
017 How To Hire The A Team In This Episode of The Efficient Practice Podcast,  I discuss six tips to help you hire the "A Team."  Over the years, I've spoken with many colleagues, and this is the area that doctors report as being one of the biggest challenges in their practices.   We know...  Read More
Are You Trusting Your Office Manager?
          Are You Trusting Your Office Manager? Once you have an Office Manager that really steps into their role, amazing things happen. This week I dive into how to empower your Office Manager, and place them in the role of a Chief Operations Officer (COO). And, it doesn’t take much to make...  Read More
The Dirty Little Secrets about Managing Debt in your Practice with Debra Robinson
Most dentists have a lot of debt in their practice.  Most do not understand the burden of servicing debt has on their cash flow.  They can have a profitable practice and pay a lot of money in taxes, but still don’t have a lot of money in their pockets. is for a dentist to understand the balance...  Read More
Business and Marketing Planning
Business and Marketing Planning A  is a roadmap for your health and wellness business. It describes the nature of your practice, your business goals, how these goals can be achieved, and your financial projections. Your business plan is your internal roadmap for you and your team. It is also an...  Read More
A Simple Way to Improve Customer Service in Your Dental Practice
There are about 200,000 dentists in the United States. And, depending on where you practice, there may be hundreds if not thousands of dentists in your immediate area. With all of this competition, how can the average private practicing dentist make their office stand out?  For that matter, what...  Read More
How to Schedule up to 30 Appointments From One Email
                How great would it be to send one email and have thirty appointments scheduled? That's exactly what one of our  members experienced. Here's exactly how she put it: How awesome is that! A week before she sent this email, we trained all of our Platinum Practices on how to...  Read More
1271 Dr. Robert Koff, the Frozen Dentist of Antarctica : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Koff is a general dentist in private practice in Colorado Springs, CO. He has traveled and done dentistry in a number of countries, starting in 1985 in China - sometimes as a volunteer, sometimes in a paid position. He prefers a small dental practice, one on one to develop personal...  Read More
Leadership Opportunities In Dentistry
Introduction Working and managing is a crucial segment in a dentist company as it controls some of the most vital activities carried out in company. It is also the same position that can help in creating leadership opportunities for the employees and the managers of the company. Here are some of...  Read More
5 Ways to Motivate Your Dental Team
Whether you’re a dentist mostly on your own looking to build a great team, or you already have a full complement of staff and are looking to get everybody on the same page, this article is for you! This will help you put together a dental team you can trust to run the business like a well-oiled...  Read More
Coffee Talk: Federal Income Tax Myths and Facts
Mike McAninch is a Practice Integration Advisor with , where he specializes in helping dentists connect their money and their values to realize their most important financial goals. I am often surprised by the income tax “facts” that dentists sometimes share with me. Unfortunately, in many cases,...  Read More
Episode 87: Ruffling Some Feathers on the Topic of Consultants
Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor ruffle some feathers as they discuss the all-important topic of consultants. How do you separate good advice from being sold on good advice? Dr. Laskin and Dave get into the details of what to consider when considering hiring a consultant. Ruffling Some Feathers...  Read More
1268 Dr. Jessica Rickert on Cultural Competency in Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Jessica Ann Rickert, D.D.S. is the first female American Indian Dentist in the world.  Dr. Rickert attended the University of Michigan from 1968 to 1975.  In 1975 she established a private dental practice.  From 1975 to 1982, she was the director of the dental clinic at the Children’s Aid Society,...  Read More
Autonomy, Corporations, mergers and the future of dentistry...
"Find the autonomy in your work. Autonomy is key to feeling good about the work you do, no matter what kind of work it is."  ~Jean Chatzky, author     Keep your autonomy while owning your business!   Many of you have the chance to take over the small family business.  Or you...  Read More
Leveraging Your Practice Safely to Generate Substantial Passive Income Through Intelligent Real Estate Investing with Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson is with us today and has plenty of information to offer to our listeners. Gary Wilson is an expert in the world of real estate investing. He isn’t about teaching risky real estate loopholes and tricks.  And he isn’t about selling a dream that is mostly fluff.  Gary is dedicated to...  Read More
The Jameson Files 107 – Dr. Shannon Maddox – The Pitfalls of Buying and Building a Dental Practice
"Yeah, so I had to tread carefully because the office that I had taken over was an existing practice. I was fortunate enough that they viewed it as their practice. That was a culture that was already in place. But what was hard about that was they had a perspective of his vision. ... I knew what I...  Read More
The Jameson Files 106: Leadership with Dr. Cathy Jameson
Dr. Miles has an amazing story of from where he's come and how he has become such a significant leader, a mentor in dentistry. You have a clear love for helping other young dentists identify their vision, for their journey and helping them to be successful. You know, a lot of amazing people....  Read More
How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service?
What is customer service? How can customer service help my dental business? Providing excellent customer service is dependent on you. This episode is geared towards private practices and solopreneurs, to help differentiate yourself from the corporate companies. Listen now and start providing...  Read More
How To Conduct a Winning Interview?
Understanding the importance and impact of conducting an interview is critical. not only for the employer but for the potential employee as well. Learn how to conduct an interview in a variety of situations so that information, and objective is accurately obtained.  Read More
The Jameson Files 105: Dental Practice Evolution with Dr. John Jameson
In this episode of the Jameson Files Carrie Webber discusses the amazing evolution of Dr. John Jameson's practice with him. Dental Practice Evolution with Dr. John Jameson For full details and show notes go to .   Read More
The Jameson Files 104 Communication, Vision & Leadership with Dr. Cappy Sinclair
In this episode of the Jameson Files Carrie Webber discusses the importance of having a vision for your practice and making success happen with guest Dr. Cappy Sinclair. TJF-104: Vision, Leadership by Dr. Cappy Sinclair   For full details and show notes go to .   Read More
The Jameson Files 103 - The Importance of Community with Dr. Robles
In this episode of the Jameson Files Carrie Webber discusses the importance of connecting with your community with guest Dr. Loeta Robles from Chico, California.  TJF - 103 - The Importance of Community with Dr. Robles For full details and show notes go to .   Read More
The Jameson Files 102 Origin Story with Dr Cappy Sinclair
  In this episode of the Jameson Files Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Cappy Sinclair of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We're going to talk about his incredible origin story that took him on a journey from art restoration to smile restoration.  Origin Story with Dr. Cappy Sinclair For full details...  Read More
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