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188: Treat Your Dental Office Like Disneyland
That’s right, in today’s episode, Kiera talks about how to turn your dental office into a magical wonderland for your patients. That idea centers around having an on-stage and off-stage persona! Remember, your patients are your paycheck; regardless of whether you like them or not, you need to...  Read More
187: The Success Tax
In this episode, Kiera shares a thought that can help us right now: The more we grow as a practice, the more we grow in leadership, the more we evolve as people, there is a success tax. What that means is life is not always rainbow and butterflies. As you become more established and successful,...  Read More
186: Successful Virtual Meetings
Here’s a super quick podcast episode to set you on a better path for having effective virtual meetings. Kiera spills the tea on how The Dental A-Team (a virtually run company) keeps on track:          Utilize Google Drive (or another cloud-based system) for organization               Create an...  Read More
185: What is Your Identity Attached To?
Kiera is joined by Tiffanie Trader in this episode, and the two talk about reestablishing your identity in your current downtime. Remember, you’re more than your job — you’re more than an office manager or hygienist or dental assistant or practice owner. Here are some ideas to help you realize...  Read More
184: Filtering the Wave of Bombardment
Are you getting slammed on all sides with information and emails and webinars and tips for being your best quarantined self? Yeah, us too. In this episode, Kiera shares tips for sorting through the wave of unnecessary information. Her biggest tip: If it didn’t matter before the COVID-19 pandemic,...  Read More
183: Two Sides of the Coin
A quick feel-good episode for your Monday morning. Kiera talks about how people are probably flip-flopping quite a bit these days between being super productive and sinking into depressive thoughts. Kiera’s certainly feeling that. So she gives a couple tips to hang in there:          Instead of...  Read More
182: Let’s Talk Money Buckets
Kiera offers quick tips for shifting your money mindset in this episode, sharing the idea of money buckets in your life. Some of the best practices she shares in this episode include:          Writing down your actual expenses               Writing down your income               Subtracting fixed...  Read More
181: Billing: How to Tackle AR Successfully!
This quickie episode has billing guru Tiffanie Trader discussing with Kiera insurance and patient AR, plus tips to not get your insurance AR quite as high. This is a great topic to tackle right now because you NEED THE CASH FLOW!          Insurance AR: Sit on the phone with your insurance...  Read More
180: Systems 101- Nurture Your Business Now to Bloom Later
This episode is chock-full of valuable information! Kiera is joined by Doctor Desiree Yazdan (previously on episodes  for the rest of the webinars!). Today, Kiera and Dr. Yazdan talk about creating/improving the systems in your office. With everything happening right now, use this time to sustain...  Read More
179: This is the New Normal
In this crossover episode with Doctor Mark Costes, Kiera and Dr. Costes dig down  into the new reality of working during the novel coronavirus pandemic. They recall how quickly the travel bans and closures of nonessential businesses changed their lives; Dr. Costes even had to lay off 45 employees....  Read More
178: How to Work From Home Successfully
Kiera teams up with Dental A-Team traveling coach extraordinaire Tiffanie Trader to talk about the most productive ways to work from home. They discuss setting  boundaries, productivity time slots, book-ending your work hours with activities you look forward to, and establishing routines. Plus, how...  Read More
177: Operations Manual 2.0
Kiera’s walking you through the successful creation, implementation, and next level-ness of operations manual! This episode is broken down into three parts for the three different stages of operations manual creations:     For offices who don’t have an ops manual              Write down job flow  ...  Read More
176: Moving You Forward
With the tumultuous times right now, it’s pretty easy to get discouraged. In this episode, Kiera shares a recent snowshoeing experience she had, and how it relates to life (basically, sometimes life really sucks and you’re too angry to move forward!). Challenging experiences are often thrown at us...  Read More
175: 11+ Ways to Maximize Your COVID-19 Downtime
The Dental A-Team is HERE FOR YOU during this crazy time! We’ve got everything from coaching calls to biweekly webinars to all types of strategy to move you forward. Kiera shares the best way to give your team members virtual support while social distancing is happening, including ideas like…  ...  Read More
174: What is Your Zone of Excellence?
It’s time to shift your life from where you’ve always been to where you want to be! Just because you’ve started somewhere doesn’t mean you need to finish there, too. In this episode, Kiera talks about the changes she’s implemented in the last few months to reach her zone of excellence, both...  Read More
173: How to Hook New Patients
Kiera is joined by Amol Nirgudkar, founder and CEO of Patient Prism — a software service that helps monitor and manage how front office staff handles incoming calls. Amol shares his journey to create the company, the success he’s had with the 800+ practices using Patient Prism countrywide, and how...  Read More
172: So You Want to Buy a Practice…
  Real estate expert Paul Moore is back! Previously in episode , here Paul talks with Kiera about how to calculate the cost for buying a dental practice, including calculating your true value assets, unique avenues for investments, and when to buy/when not to buy a building. Hint: Paul encourages...  Read More
170: Function > Dysfunction; Here’s How!
Today’s a dicey topic! Kiera shares her take-aways from a recent book she read,  by Patrick Lencioni, and how they can apply to your team. When your team is functioning, your practice progresses like a well-oiled machine. Then teams are lacking the five tools below, they’re welcoming in...  Read More
169: Dental Life Hacks
In this sunshine-filled episode, Kiera is joined by Doctor Brielle Renz and the two talk about how the best patient rapport and office culture come about. Dr. Renz encourages listeners to be who you are as a person, and meet your patients where they are — use compliments and positive reinforcement...  Read More
168: Offices, Take the Leap of Faith!
Dr. Maxwell Johnson out of Tucson, Arizona joins Kiera to talk about leadership and accountability (something that Dr. Johnson admits to having struggled with). The two chat about Kiera’s last in-office visit, what was implemented, and how the team aligned behind a single theme to work on:...  Read More
167: Practices! Save $20,000 in 6 Years
Zak Allmand with Apex Payment Solutions joins Kiera in this episode to talk about how the best merchant services can save you tons of money! First, the two dive into what merchant services even means, then they discuss innovative ways to keep your business current with the digital times, and they...  Read More
166: Expanding Your Dentistry Scope
Doctor Erin Elliot, DDS sits down with Kiera to talk about what growth in dentistry looks like, specifically her passion for sleep apnea. She shares her tips and tricks on how to educate patients about their diagnoses, while overcoming their defensive cost objections. It’s all about finding...  Read More
165: DAT’s One-Year Birthday Party!
 Holy cow, we’ve been doing this for an entire year! And what a year it’s been. Thanks to all of YOU for listening to us as we go through the ins and outs of being involved in a dental practice. In this celebratory episode, Kiera encourages you, our dear listeners, to take an inventory of your...  Read More
164: The Art of Saying No
Jennifer Abshier is back to perfect what it actually means to say no! So often we build an identity around always saying yes to everything, to embrace the busyness of our lives. Kiera and Jennifer talk through the benefits of saying no, including…            Learning to not respond immediately  ...  Read More
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