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213: Avoid Routine; Expel Energy in Meetings!
Kiera gathers with Tiffanie Trader to talk about ways to spice up your morning meetings! If you have the same types of meeting day after day, team members tune out the information. Add a little pizazz to your day. Tiffanie and Kiera share such ideas as incorporating movement and ways to expel...  Read More
212: The Best You Can Be- Dental Marketer
Crossover episode with The Dental Marketer! This episode is a quick and dirty look into how The Dental A-Team works. Michael and Kiera discuss a ~ton~ of information, from how to live the life you want, how to hire the right person, and what a dentist can do today to improve their practice...  Read More
211: Spice Up Your Morning Huddles
Need a little excitement or inspiration in your morning meetings? Kiera delivers! In this episode, she talks about the reason for huddles in the first place — to come together to win the day! Each member of your team should have a personal plan of how to meet their goals, ways to inspire them to...  Read More
210: Peeling Back the Layers
Who are you as a real person? What’s behind your Wizard of Oz curtain? That’s the theme of this episode, and Kiera shares specific things in her life that make her her. For example: Hiring an accountability coach to help her get a six-pack; or going to therapy. It’s important to recognize what...  Read More
209: The Dr. Suess of Systems
The Dental A-Team has a new nickname … the Dr. Suess of Systems! Woohoo! In this episode, Kiera gives five systems for you to check on in your practice — whether they’re in place or if you need to create them. The five ones she wants you to “Dr. Suess” are…          New patient experience       ...  Read More
208: DAT Live: Your Questions Answered- Hiring
The Dental A-Team crew gathers LIVE to celebrate lots of birthdays and answer listener questions. Where do you find A-team members? What’s the best way to advertise for jobs? How do you on-board during a pandemic? These questions and more are answered by the DAT crew. Find other tips to make the...  Read More
207: Websites: Your Resume to the World
Ashley Dorn is Kiera’s special guest in this episode, and she’s talking all about her area of expertise: marketing. Specifically websites. Websites are often the first things patients see your office through, and they can set the tone for how your location is managed and run. Ashley shares tips and...  Read More
206: Tongue & Lip Ties, You Got This
Kiera is joined by Dr. Brielle Renz again (who’s previously talked about ), this time, discussing the implementation of tongue and lip ties in your practice. Dr. Renz has a personal relationship with these ties, and shares her story, as well as what the heck tongue and lip ties even are, how to...  Read More
205: How to Start Back Office Treatment Planning
In this episode, Kiera talks about a skill EVERY office should have in our world now that COVID-19 abounds: treatment planning and taking payments in the back. Don’t panic! Implementing this practice will streamline your practice and free up the bottlenecking around the front desk. It feels weird,...  Read More
204: You Need to Put This in Place
Membership plans! Yes, Kiera’s talking WHY you absolutely need to have membership plans in place in your dental practice. To summarize, membership plans replace insurance in your practice. Those patients who don’t have insurance, this is their pathway — it’s like a coupon for your practice. Kiera...  Read More
203: This One's for You, Grandma!
Birthdays abound! Today is Kiera’s, Tiffanie Trader’s, AND Kiera’s grandma’s birthday! So a celebratory podcast episode is in order. In this episode, Kiera talks about personal growth. Are you too set in some of your ways? Even when the world seems stalled, we can still be growing. Kiera suggests...  Read More
202: Office Autopsy: Accountability Leads to Credibility
It’s time to autopsy a practice! Kiera shares information about a practice she’s visited three times, with a team that started out very resistant to her methods. With 10 operatories, three doctors, four hygienists, and the recent departure of an office manager and high-producing doctor, the...  Read More
201: Future Traditions for Each Position- Operations Manual
The dynamic duo of Kiera Dent and Tiffanie Trader are back to offer guidance in creating or refreshing your operations manual! This topic is a hot ticket item these days, and The Dental A-Team knows exactly how to help you get it done! When you have a solid ops manual, you’re helping every current...  Read More
200: Becoming Your Doc’s Right Hand
The Dental A-Team has a BRAND NEW dental assisting course! Traveling coach and dental assistant guru Ashley Dorn joins Kiera in this episode to talk about how this course will leap-frog you into dental assisting success. Whether you’re a newbie or have been at it a long time, we promise there are...  Read More
199: Is your office where people WANT to be?
Special guest Cheryl Cornelius is back to talk about establishing the perfect patient experience. Cheryl’s practice in San Antonio received 600+ Google reviews in a short chunk of time thanks to the consistent work of making their office a place patients want to visit. Cheryl shared with Kiera a...  Read More
198: How to Set Up Assisted Hygiene
Time for the Week of How finale! When it comes to assisted hygiene, it can be really good or really bad — it’s up to you. But Kiera’s here to tell you how to do it the best way possible! She mentions the following:          Schedule on an hour/half hour basis               Know where the x’s and...  Read More
 197: Block Scheduling, a COVID Kick-Start
The Week of How continues! In this episode, it’s all about block scheduling and how it can totally help your business out. Kiera shares some important how-tos to consider:          What’s the doctor’s dream schedule?               Consider new patients’ place               Block out times for high...  Read More
196: Insurance Verification: Asterisk Power!
The week of step-by-steps with Kiera continues! Today is about insurance verification — not sexy, but necessary. It’s important to check to make sure your patients are still active with their insurance companies. Below are a few tips to help you out:          Create insurance view to cluster...  Read More
195: Roadmap to "Back to Office" Success
Kiera’s giving a game plan for heading back to the office! As a few offices begin to open back up, here are four ideas to consider as we get ramped back up into practice life.          Get insurance verification dialed in               Block scheduling is your friend!               Utilize...  Read More
194: Kiera’s Book Club, Part 2
The last time Kiera did , it was a huge success! So she’s back for round two of inspiration and good reads. Below are some of the favorites she’s been reading:  by Gino Wickman  by Gino Wickman  by Patrick Lencioni  by Delia Owens  by Patrick Lencioni  by Ryan Holiday  by Garrett...  Read More
193: Magic Phrases That Work Every Time
Kiera shares some key magic phrases that will take your dental squad from B-listers to the A-team! These phrases below add a flare and flavor to your practice. Check ‘em out, and be sure to listen to the episode to know when to use them:          Is this the credit card you’d like to keep on file?...  Read More
192: What Makes You Feel Alive?
Kiera talks all about her trip to Antarctica in this episode, and shares some super interesting facts (who knew you had to sterilize your boots before stepping on land?). The experience she had made her think about life in general, and what we should each be doing to make every day count. Traveling...  Read More
191: Remember, YOU’RE the Magic Sauce
Guess WHAT!? It’s Mark Costes’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Mark! In this episode, Kiera shares the traits she admires about Mark and how each of us should find someone like Mark in our lives. A few of the traits he exemplifies (and traits we should all try and acquire) are loyalty, striving to...  Read More
190: Here’s What the Best Practices Do
Ahhh, nothing like a podcast topic that will fuel your inspiration to be the best practice you can be! Today Kiera shares tips on common themes she’s seeing in the best practices she visits. Here’s the recipe for success:          Doctor is decisive               Office manager is consistent and...  Read More
189: Now’s the Time: Same-Day Treatment
You guys! Kiera’s talking same-day treatment in this episode, how to give patients amazing dental care AND bump up your production rate. This is the time to get this system dialed in so you and your practice can give better VIP patient are. Kiera boils this down for multiple positions:       ...  Read More
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