Your Gut. Your Health. Your Choice. - Testimonial
 A few days ago, I received an email from Dr. L. N, a board-certified periodontist. She was excited to share her exceptional results after incorporating Protocols for improving gut health. The Protocols included eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods as well as taking spore-based probiotics...  Read More
Stress Destroys the Gut
STRESS!We all are exposed to stress. Some of us deal with it well. Many of us don’t. Did you know that chronic stress can destroy the gut? All of us must respect the damaging effects of continuous stress on the body.In 2015, I wrote about a patient who experienced a  that manifested in her mouth....  Read More
It's the Sugar: 7 Essentials to Know
There are many insults to our body. Some of these insults come in the form of poor food choices, chemicals and heavy metals, dirty electromagnetic fields, stress, inefficient or nonexistent exercise, nonrestorative sleep, and medications including over-the-counter and prescription. But, it’s the...  Read More
For almost three decades, specialists have gone up against ordinary reasoning with hard confirmation of an association of mouth and body. These spearheading researchers revealed, what is currently a logical actuality; the health of your mouth directly affects your overall health and lifespan....  Read More
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5 Questions to Help Your Patients Self-Motiviate
My hygienist came to me last week totally flustered. She saw a patient who was not taking care of her mouth – nothing new. But this patient has been seen in our office for a while. Yet, she was not taking the steps to help herself – she was not self-motivating. LacyI’ll call this patient “Lacy”....  Read More
All About Full Mouth Reconstruction
, also called full mouth restoration/rehabilitation, is the systematic approach to restoring all(or nearly all) of your teeth in both the upper and lower jaws simultaneously. This is not just a single treatment but a set of procedures designed to replace multiple missing teeth, set improperly...  Read More
Advice Given to Me
Do you like to get advice? I do. But, you must qualify the source. In this case, the source was questionable:    Read More
I was interviewed on "The Human First Show with Jonah Larkin"
I was interviewed by Jonah Larkin for his podcast. I talk about oral health, good and bad bacteria, and a whole lot more:  Read More
Why The Tooth Fairy Gave Up Grains & Sugars
I wrote this whimsical tale about tooth fairies, grains, and sugars. It may bring a smile to your face:   Read More
It's More Than All About the Tooth. We are Saving Patient's Lives.
On April 21stJimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly gave birth to a boy and they named him “Billy.”He appeared healthy for the first few hours the nurse in the pediatric floor noticed that William, aka: "Billy," had a heart murmur and he was soon after her discovered taken to neonatal floor...  Read More
Lasers have reformed multiple industries, and dental care is no exception. While laser gum therapy is still in its embryonic stage and not yet considered a proven treatment method – still it shows promising results for eligible patients.The present article - Laser gum removal: Before and...  Read More
What is Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate? | Seattle Oral Surgeons
As a parent, having a child born withcan be an understandably difficult or scary experience. It’s important to remember that cleft is a highly treatable deformity. A child born with a cleft in the United States can expect the best outcome possible with the technological and medical resources...  Read More
The Value of Probiotics: What’s Really Happening in the Mouth
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady Are you running out of answers for a patients oral health problems? Probiotics might be the solution for you! If you have patient who is a model of perfect dental hygiene and also wholly compliant with your health recommendations, but is still suffering from poor oral...  Read More
Why Do We Fluoridate Drinking Water?
Fluoridation is the process of adding the mineral fluoride to the drinking water supply with the goal of preventing tooth decay. In the USA, fluoridation is a huge public health effort -- about 74.6% of citizens drink fluoridated water. Many people are unaware of the fluoridation process or...  Read More
Stop Sweet Cravings to Have Great Oral Health
The percentage of Americans who are obese is quite alarming because it has been on a steady rise year after year. Statistics say that the main reason why a lot of people are obese here in America is not because of eating too much rice or meat but because there is an over consumption of junk food...  Read More
Categories: oral health
Red Alert: Uncontrollable Bleeding
As a long time practitioner within this series focused on susceptibility to infection, but this second article will focus on a risk foruncontrolled bleeding.Conditions related to uncontrolled bleeding are well known to clinicians. They usually involve a patient reporting specific medical conditions...  Read More
Complex Medical History=Time & Stress?
My new patient has arrived and presents her medical history. Let’s see….there are checks by these history questions: diabetes, heart disease, heart surgery, angina, bleeding disorder, neurological problems, lung disease and prosthetic joint replacement. She takes nine medications and...  Read More
A lot of people today are making lifestyle changes to help them lead a longer, healthier life. They are substituting more nutricius foods for those that are filled with sugar and fat, getting more exercise, and seeing their physician regularly for exams and health screenings for preventive care. In...  Read More
5 Tips to Protect Your Teeth and Keep Them Shiny and Beautiful
Periodontal disease or gum disease affects supporting structures of teeth and if left untreated can damage your beautiful smile. is not easy to detect and many people do not notice, and sometimes ignore, tell-tale symptoms. Foul breath and receding or bleeding gums are usually the first...  Read More
Much to Munch with School Lunches
Hollywood icon Orson Welles once said, “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” Anyone who saw photos of Welles’ girth in his later life may think he wasn’t kidding. American free market economist and writer Milton Friedman cautioned,...  Read More
Tooth Story: A Dental History Timeline
“Tooth” be told, everyone should know the basics of dental hygiene; unfortunately, many do not. We have written about the origins of the toothbrush and how to care for it. We have given you the rundown of foods to eat and those not to (refer to just last week!).We have given you a...  Read More

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