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140: Cory Pinegar | Never Miss A New Patient
Fam… let’s all welcome CallForce to The Dental Marketer Family!!! Thank you for your support and allowing me to continue to do what I love to do! In this episode we talk with our partners, Call Force, Cory Pinegar. This time we really get into the statistics of how often a dental practice misses...  Read More
133: Dr. Shaina Holman | Holman Family Dental Care
“You’ve only been open 11 months and your bringing in 100-130 new patients monthly!? How?” I’m so happy to interview Dr. Shaina Holman from Chapel Hill! I personally met her and her husband on the Delivering WOW Summit and I remember her being so nervous about what the future had in store for her...  Read More
126: Dr. Hardeek Patel | NJ Smiles Dental
In episode 126 we really discuss the ups and downs of Dr. Hardeek Patel and how not everything seems to be what it really is! What do I mean? Well tune in to find out! Dr. Hardeek Patel is a true trooper! It wasn’t easy for him to transition from being a dentist in India to America, and it took him...  Read More
116: Allan Dib | The 1-Page Marketing Plan.
I want to welcome my brilliant guest Allan Dib! In episode 116 I interview the bestselling author of , a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and a business and marketing executive coach (he’s also great fun)… Allan Dib. This episode is filled and I mean JAMMED PACKED with gems that...  Read More
96: Voices Of Dentistry – How To Stand Out In An Insanely Saturated Community – Dr. Stimmler
Voices of Dentistry was UH – MAY – ZING! Along with that, I am bringing you some impressive and remarkable content from some of the best dentists out there and some of the most innovative and creative minds! I am so excited to introduce to you a friend of mine who has a practice in Brooklyn, New...  Read More
Effects of Constant Dry Mouth on Dental Health
Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia is not just an annoying symptom, it is a condition that can bring some major health complications if left untreated, especially on your dental health. Dry mouth occurs when salivary glands fail to produce enough saliva. This condition can occur to anyone,...  Read More
While some items come with instruction manuals,  With this being said, toothbrush replacement is an important topic to shed some light on.  Additionally, you should  Maintaining Your Toothbrush:Cleanliness is essential for a toothbrush. In addition  Although this may be a known fact for some, not...  Read More
 Techniques:The way you brush your teeth may be different from other individuals. Many brushing techniques may be specific to one’s own oral health needs, so it’s important to realize what brushing method may work for one person may not work for you. According to the American Dental Association,...  Read More
Knowing your Value and Strengths with Dr. Alister Man DMD
On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we chat with Dr. Alister Man, DMD on the importance of knowing your value and strengths as a Dentist in your practice. Knowing what sets you apart and when to outsource cases when need be.  In this episode you will hear about: -What motivated him to...  Read More
4 Steps to Selling Your Dental Practice
4 Steps to Selling Your Dental PracticeA . Here are the steps you should take to sell your dental practice.Hire a brokerA  can perform these services at no charge.)Vet potential buyersA non-disclosure agreement is signed by every potential buyer who inquires about your practice, after which time a...  Read More
Career Development and the Importance of Mentorships with Dr. David Doan, DDS
 Our guest this week is Dr. David Doan, DDS He received his undergraduate degree from UC Irvine and a DDS Degree from the University of California of San Francisco.  He also completed a one-year residency program at McCallen Air Force Base in Sacramento.   Read More
6 Considerations When Relocating Your Dental Practice
The old real estate adage of “location, location, location” also applies to your dental practice when considering a move. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space or are just looking for a change of scenery, there are other considerations you’ll want to make when looking to relocate your dental...  Read More
Dentbay - Now, Buy Dental Products With Social Media!
Nowadays social-media is the boom in any business or industry. is the dental store selling dental materials online. Dental store gives free shipping and full-time 100% warranty on dental materials and dental products. Dentbay is also selling the dental products and equipment online at Facebook. Now...  Read More
Minimally Invasive Dentistry with Dr. Caroline Ogunware
Our guest this week is Dr. Caroline Ogunware. She's been in the dental field for over 20 years. She is a firm believer in minimally invasive dentistry and evidence-based practical solutions for Dental Care. A member of the ADA, AGD and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Practicing from...  Read More
Dental Occlusion with Dr. John Kanca DDS
Our guest this week is Dr. John Kanca. He has published over 50 original articles and abstracts in peer-review journals. He is an active member of the AAED and has lectured in every major meeting in the United States and around the world.  Read More
Taking care of you and your family’s teeth is high on your list of priorities. You know that your oral health is not only important for your mouth, but your whole body too.You feel that you and your family do practice good oral hygiene habits, however there are few areas where you’re possibly...  Read More
Categories: dentist, oral hygiene
The old fillings in your teeth are a dark silver in color. Your teenage daughter needs a filling, but is horrified to think it would look like yours. She doesn’t want her filling to show.Dental fillings have come a long way over the years. If your dentist feels the material will work for your...  Read More
5 Ways to Find a Practice
This is a solo episode where I babble about five ways you could use in order to locate a dental practice to buy. I discuss using different options from brokers to soliciting with direct mail as ways to identify these dental practices. This isn't my best or longest episode, but hopefully you can...  Read More
For the year, practice production was up 6.1%.  Collections were up 4.3%. Patient traffic increased 2.4%.  New patients were up 2.7%. Crown and Bridge was up 9.4%.  Production per patient examined was up 4.2%.  All in all then, 2017 was the strongest growth year since the “Great Recession”.       ...  Read More
In order to get the best practice price, you want to be attractive to as many buyers as possible. In our market nowadays, practices are almost as likely to be sold to an existing practice (a practice merger) as they are to be sold directly to a practitioner who will take over the...  Read More
Corporate Dental Life with Dr. Jason Hobbs
Dr. Jason Hobbs joined us on The Mentors of Dentistry Podcast to share his experiences in his dental journey. We discussed how he decided on dentistry as a career, some of his residency training, and how he has had a positive experience helping Heartland Dental in opening a new practice in...  Read More
Financial Independence - An Incoherent Introduction with Dr. Philip Jenkins
I sat down and created a very unorganized show introducing the idea of financial independence. The idea of FIRE (financial independence retire early) has been a growing area of interest of mine recently, so I wanted to share the idea and hopefully create some dialogue on the Facebook group or...  Read More
Big Cases and New Jobs With Dr. Pranav Kaushish and Dr. Gary Johnson
We had Dr. Pranav Kaushish and Dr. Gary Johnson on the show to give us updates on new things going on in their lives. Plus it was just a great opportunity to chat with some of my best friends. Dr. Kaushish has found a new job and Dr. Johnson is tackling a full mouth rehab. The audio is not the best...  Read More
Categories: dentistry, dental, dentist, mentor
The Best Way to Sell a Dental Practice
You have likely spent your entire career building a dental practice, but now you’re ready to move on. But selling a dental practice is much more than putting a For Sale sign on the curb. Selling your dental practice is one of the biggest moments in your career and you only have one chance to...  Read More
Episode 28 - Dealing with Insurances and Salespeople
In this episode we discuss some actual situations that happened recently at our offices. We start by discussing Dr. Neff's recent experience with a salesperson. Are salespeople out of touch with real world dentistry? Do they really have the dentist's best interest in mind? We continue our...  Read More
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