If you're a dental office manager, you might find yourself taking on challenging marketing tasks. Don't be intimidated. You can do it! I founded , a full-service digital marketing agency in 2009. Since then, I've helped dentists around the country get new patients and grow their practices.Over the...  Read More
How to Become a Patient Magnet
Patient attraction is EVERYTHING in business; therefore, it should go without saying that without a steady stream of patients, your practice will die! As such, you're going to learn how to transform your clinic into a patient magnet through powerful messaging.The information you provide (either on...  Read More
Ethically Steal Your Biggest Competitor's Best Patients!
To succeed in your practice, you must develop better marketing strategies --- tactics that allow you to attract as many patients as possible.It only makes sense, when you started your dental practice your desire was to be successful, which translates into being profitable. In fact, you can trace...  Read More
#22: Location, location, location; how important is it on and offline? with Dr. Bryn Cooper
In this episode I had the privilege of speaking with one of; the wonderful Dr. Bryn Cooper.Dr. Cooper is the founder of Cooper Orthodontics; she holds multiple degrees and is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Board of Orthodontics. Patients have praised Cooper...  Read More
#21: A secret way to get extra help in attracting new patients with Dawn Metcalf
In episode 21 we uncover a secret way on how to attract new patients from a different point of view. When we are creating a marketing strategy it is very important everyone is on board in your team. This means you need to recognize who is in your team and communicate your goal in attracting new...  Read More
[VIDEO] How do I promote using internal promotions?
You would be surprised about how little your patients know about the full breadth of what your office does. Solve this problem with internal promotions.  Read More
How To Get Patients to Like Your Facebook Page
Dentists Need to Connect With Patients on Facebook FirstSocial media is all the rave these days, even for dentists.Who'd a thunk it, but has your dental practice taken the most fundamental step in realizing actual results from your Facebook page?It's not about how many Likes you have, it's all...  Read More
Tips for Exquisite Intra-Oral Photography
By Dr. Jason OlitskyOne of the most difficult shots to get in the intra-oral series is the retracted occlusal shots using mirrors. These images are critical in restorative treatment planning, evaluating arch form, and seeing the occlusal surfaces of teeth. Both images are really a “must...  Read More
Three Website Factors Most Dentists Forget About
By Dr. Josh StelzerGone are the days of huge, full color phone book ads being the cornerstone of a dental marketing strategy. Let’s face it – consumers aren’t using phone books when the internet is overflowing with dynamic, multimedia content to help them make choices.In just a...  Read More
10 Things Dentist Wish They Knew When Buying a Dental Practice
Buying a dental practice is no doubt one of the biggest decision you'll ever make. How do you make sure you ask the right questions, and get what you really think you are buying? We asked 8 dentists to tell us what they wish they'd known before buying their practice. Here's what they have to say....  Read More
[magic]  Get FIVE NEW PATIENTS for each ONE you treat!  This is crazy…
Anytime you hear about 1 patient turning into 5 patients,we call it dental practice marketing magic.You’re about to learn the secret to 4 clever dental practice marketing techniques that turn 1 new patient into 5. I know this 5x strategy works because it happened with my wife, at our family...  Read More
Dentist Can get 20 New Patient Instantly If They Follow These Tips
What business couldn’t benefit from getting 20 new clients in a hurry? It doesn’t matter if you are a small start up or a huge corporation, 20 clients can make a big impact. , who rely on the amount of clients that come through their door as the way that they make a living. For a...  Read More

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