Accounts Receivable
Joe explains Accounts Receivable and whether you should consider purchasing AR when acquiring a practice. Accounts Receivable  Read More
Common Dental Insurance Pitfalls to Avoid Part 2
Post-Appointment Dental Insurance Claim Management ChecklistThe patient’s dental appointment wraps up, they’ve received a comprehensive detailed treatment plan with all insurance implications identified, and the patient has made a confident and informed decision to proceed with the...  Read More
Fall In Love with Your Accounts Receivables Process
Managing the accounts receivable department can often become a thorn in a dentist’s side. Beyond the patient care, it’s the accounting details, process, and management that can have a deep, lasting impact on a practice’s day-to-day operations and overall success. It’s...  Read More
Episode 57: Getting Paid: Mastering The Art of Accounts Receivable with Andy Cleveland
Episode 57: Getting Paid: Mastering The Art of Accounts Receivable with And Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Oral Surgery's Slow Recovery
Oral surgery is unique because it is the only medical profession that must file insurance twice: once for medical and then for dental. This leads to a significant delay in the time patient responsibility is determined. As result, oms patient revenue cycle can be like pulling teeth - but it...  Read More
Top 3 Secrets to LOWER OVERHEAD and grow a bigger BANK ACCOUNT…without cutting staff of breaking your back in the process [hear directly from the internationally respected consulting expert]
Clickto subscribe now.Don’t miss a future episode. Top 3 Secrets to LOWER OVERHEAD and grow a bigger Listen today and learn directly from the internationally respected consulting expert. With 30 years experience, a successful...  Read More
How to FIX past-due-balances…without losing patients – Proven Accounts Receivable Strategies for Dentists
How to FIX past-due-balances…without losing patien It’s a surprise when you find out that “good” patient isn’t such a “good” payer.Dentists all over the country deal with this reality. Your...  Read More
Fourth Quarter Practice Review: Why it is Important
Fall is a great time for medical and dental groups to review theircash-flow and revenue cycle process. It is a crucial time before theholiday season when you are short-staffed and patients beginprioritizing discretionary spending.Recently, an administrator contacted me concerning her group'sgrowing...  Read More
The Five P's of Internal Collections
I often ask practices if they know “howmuch future revenue their current A/R will cost”. After receivingpuzzled looks, I explain what I’m asking is how much it cost to billeach patient and how many bills are required to recover what is owed?Itis easy to determine what is owed; the...  Read More
Standardize Your Collections Process and Reduce Stress
Yes, practices should use a standardized approach rather than emotions. Having a clearly defined financial policy and standardized process (including scripts) will give staff something to stand behind when dealing with "uncomfortable" but necessary business practices. It also helps to periodically...  Read More
The Key to Higher Net Collections
Comparison: Two Practices with the Same Flat Fee Automated Collections ServiceBackground:Each office began service roughly at the same time with averagebalances within $3.60 of one another. Both specialize in generaldentistry within the same demographic region. They are using the samesoftware...  Read More
Best Practices: Dental Collections
When internal efforts fail to resolve patient debt, it may be time to change your approach. The question is— which approach best meets your needs? Should you use an attorney or a collections agency; a percentage based or flat fee approach? What are the pros and cons to these alternatives?...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Use a "Rebilling Charge" to Motivate Slow Payers to Pay Faster
There is no question that adding a monthly rebilling charge to account balances will motivate patients to pay their bill faster. We all try to collect fees and co-pays but still manage to have patients owing money to the practice, especially since insurance companies don't always pay what is...  Read More

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