T-Bone Speaks: The Importance of Connecting With Patients and Giving Them Hope with Dr. Heath Brantley
         I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Heath Brantley to the show for an interesting discussion about what it really means to be a dentist and how you can develop a deeper connection with your patients.Dr. Heath Brantley graduated from dental school in 2013 and began working as an associate for two...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: Overcoming The Hardships Of Being An Overseas Graduate With Dr. Ashish N. Kakadia
        Join me on the latest episode of T-Bone Speaks where I talk with Dr. Ashish N. Kakadia about the struggles of being an overseas graduate and how he overcame them.Dr. Kakadia was born and raised in India and finished dental school in 2001. Ashish admits that he detested dental school in the...  Read More
032 Vatech America CBCT Imaging
032 Vatech America CBCT Imaging As the US subsidiary of Vatech Inc, Vatech America is committed to providing the industry with innovative dental x-ray imaging solutions while maintaining a primary focus on ultimately enhancing the quality...  Read More
Is Cone Beam a Cost-Efficient Service?
Is Cone Beam a Cost-Efficient Service?Adding new equipment to your dental practice is a big decision. Before moving forward, youwant to make sure that it’s a cost-efficient choice. That is the case with anything, but especiallywhen it comes to cone beam technology. One of these devices goes...  Read More
What Features Should I Look for in a CBCT?
What Features Should I Look for in a CBCT?Choosing a cone-beam CT scanner for your office is a big decision. This is a major piece ofequipment, so you don’t want to make a mistake during the purchase process. Fortunately, it iseasy to buy the best scanner for your office. Simply look for a...  Read More
The Impact of 3D Imaging on Clinical Results and Patient Care. Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting!
Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present "The Impact of 3D Imaging on Clinical Results and Patient Care". Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting! By Dr. Neal Patel.This 2 credit CE course can be found here...?Learn how 3D cone beam imaging works, the process of practice implementation, interpreting...  Read More
Why I CBCT Everyone with Dr. Neal Patel : Howard Speaks Podcast #67
Stream Audio Here: HSP #67 with Neal Patel audio Watch Video Here: HSP #67 with Neal Patel video "I scan ALL MY PATIENTS" --Dr. Neal Patel. Listen as he explains exactly what is so...  Read More
The Highest Margin Procedure in Dentistry with Dr. Dale Miles : Howard Speaks Podcast #16
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Dale Miles discuss cone beam CT and X-ray risks.Audio Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #16 with Dr. Dale Miles                        Video Podcast:                                    Howard Speaks Video Podcast #16 with Dr. Dale...  Read More

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