#75: Preparing for Next Year Part 4: Risk Management Review, Deployment Planning
We continue our series on how to prepare your marketing for the upcoming year. In this episode, we review risk management and lay out some deployment strategies.Listen#75: Preparing for Next Year Part 4: Risk ManagementPodcast Highlights: Budget misallocations Rotating services ...  Read More
#72: Preparing for Next Year Part 1: Budgeting
How do you make 2018 your year? With careful planning! In our next series, we walk you through the essentials for your practice's 2018 marketing plan.Listen#72: Preparing for Next Year Part 1: BudgetingPodcast highlights: What to do from October to December Why "getting bored" is...  Read More
#71: Top Five Things to Remember for 2018
The best time to plan your future marketing is NOW! So what should every practice know?Listen#71: Top Five Things to Remember for 2018Podcast highlights: How often should you update your website? Use it or lose it campaigns The dangers of putting all your eggs into one...  Read More
#64: Dealing with Corporate Dentistry, Finishing the Year Strong
Howie interviews Lee Buzard about corporate dentistry, setting goals for the rest of the year, and investing in your practice.Podcast Highlights: Corporate Dentistry takeover? What are they ACTUALLY taking from you? (Hint: don't worry) The top half vs. the bottom half of the market ...  Read More
#62: Dentistry is Rebounding - Take Advantage NOW!
What do you do in a rebound year? How do you take full advantage of it, and reap the benefits for years to come? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie explain how an upturn changes the dental consumer's spending habits, how to market to these new behaviors, how to ready your...  Read More
#48: Multi-Specialty Marketing Plan Example | Dealing with Transitions or a New Practice
ListenIn this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we run through an example marketing plan we did for a multi-specialty practice.Podcast Highlights Setting the marketing foundation Specialists Dealing with a capacity increase Getting this practice to the “next level” ...  Read More
[Podcast] #32: Creating a Marketing Plan
Have you reflected on your marketing year? What plans do you have for the next year? In this episode, Mark and Howie discuss how to make a marketing plan that works, and how to stick to it.ListenPodcast Highlights: Assessing your marketable assets Assessing your website, text & email,...  Read More
 The Marketing Plan That Brings the MOST new patients is...
The Marketing Plan That Brings the MOST new patie Too much money is burned on the wrong marketing.And in this episode we’re showing you plans that DO work.No theory, just proven results that you can start using this week.Does this...  Read More

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