3D Printing – the future is HERE!
3D Printing for Solo-Dentists – the future is HERE! I’ve been a 3D-Printing “groupie” for a long time.If the technology had a tour bus, I’d be on it.And now for solo-docs, the reality of 3D Printing...  Read More
028 Implants Made Easy with August de Oliveira, DDS
028 Implants Made Easy with August de Oliveira, DDS 028 Implants Made Easy with August de Oliveira, DDSAfter graduating from the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Dr August de Oliveira completed a GPR at the VA Sepulveda in Los...  Read More
Episode 23: Prosthodontists Love Rubber Duckies
When you purchase an expensive 3D printer for your practice, there is no doubt that it will change your practice's productivity and offer some amazing solutions for your patients and staff. However, it can also be really fun to play with— as we've learned on our recent episode with Dr....  Read More
Episode 20: Tiny Bubbles (Another 3-D Printing Podcast)
After a long day of installing a brand new 3-D printer from 365 Printing in our office, Bryce Servine and Holly Tolbert joined Justin and Gabe in Studio 1-A for the 20th episode of our podcast. It sounds like a great time was had! Since this is our second 3-D Printing podcast (with one more on...  Read More
Episode 17: 3-D Printing with B9 Creations
Shon Anderson of B9 Creations in Rapid City joined us in Studio 1-Afor our seventeenth episode. We definitely had a good time... from whatwe remember. B9 Creations is a locally founded, owned and operatedadvanced manufacturing company, specializing in cutting-edge 3-DPrinting. Their newly launched...  Read More
3D Printed Tooth Aligners: Great Press for Dentistry and 3D Printing or Dangerous Precedent?
I was floored when I noticed a trending article related to the dental profession this week. I don't condone people treating themselves without the proper training but I find myself admiring the ingenuity. If you are still not on board with what 3D printing can do you, I encourage you to learn more...  Read More
3D Printing – the SHOCKING shift that’s hitting Dentistry…right NOW
3D Printing – the SHOCKING shift that’s hitting De Which ONE topic will reshape dentistry more than any other in the next 10 years?Listen to this week’s interview…you’ll be shocked by what you hear. The tidal...  Read More
Living an Abundant Life with Dr. Bill Blatchford : Howard Speaks Podcast #65
Is it possilbe to work less days and make more money? Can vacations boost productivity? Should new graduates take out more loans to buy a practice? Dr. Bill Blatchford answers these questions and more in this hour podcast interview with Dr. Howard Farran.Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
What Do Dentists Look for When Buying a Dental Practice?
As a dental practice owner who has put a lot into your practice, it's only natural that you would see your practice in a different light than a potential buyer, who is not as familiar with it. However, when making the decision to place your dental practice for sale, considering the needs and wants...  Read More

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