Cyber Security for Dental Practices
The provision of healthcare is changing at a rapid pace as healthcare providers endeavor to maintain maximum efficiency while navigating the technology rich climate. As a result of the reliance on electronic data, dental offices have become vulnerable to cyber security threats. The growing volume...  Read More
General Policy Manual: What To Include
A Dental Office General Policy Manual – regardless of the size of your office - is vital.The following are some basic guidelines advisesyou consider when assembling your manual:1. Make a distinction in your dental offices manual between policies that apply to everyone in the company (general...  Read More
Guidelines for Dental Staff
records that all offices have aCode of Conduct guidelines for the staff. The purpose of such guidelines is to improve staff relationships and to enhance production. Guidelines should be enforced in a constructive manner.It is important to clearly define and make these guidelines available in...  Read More
Code of Conduct
All dental practice staff must, at all times, remain level headed, polite and positive in all patient dealings, whether the patient is right or wrong. advices that such a policy be part of any comprehensive general policy dental manual.If the patient is wrong, you can correct him/her and work it...  Read More
Dental patient information, both written in the chart and verbal, is absolutely confidential. Practice and dentist’s business affairs are also to be treated with the utmost confidentiality.The above subjects should not be discussed outside of the office. Office matters must be kept in the...  Read More
Cell Phones, Office Phones and Computer Use
If you haven't already done so advises that you include in yourgeneral dental office manualan up-to-date phone/computer policy. This isthe phone/computer policy Irecommend:CELL PHONESCell phone use (including texting, checking Facebook, etc.) at your dental practice during working hours should not...  Read More
Communicating and Relating to Dental Patients
1. Patients' needs are top priority. The practice owner and all staff should leave personal issues and opinions outside of the dental practice. Patients visit your office to improve their dental health and eliminate pain. An atmosphere of warmth, cheerfulness and caring must be conveyed....  Read More
Acceptable Conduct
While it is important to understand what is unacceptable conduct for your dental staff, it is equally important to understand what is “acceptable conduct” in a dental practice so you can concentrate on the positive not the negative. In order to create a positive working environment I...  Read More
Unacceptable Conduct
Groups of people who work together for any purpose require guidelines. The same is true for the management of your dental practice. The purpose for these guidelines is to improve staff relationships and to enhance production. They should be enforced in a constructive manner.It is important to...  Read More
Staff Meetings
Office meetings should be held either weekly or monthly depending on the size of the practice. Over lunch is generally a good time.Whether you hold your office meeting during lunch or not staff still must paid - even if you have the meeting outside of the practice during normal lunch hours. Check...  Read More
Vacation Policy
The following is the vacation policy I recommend for your dental office general policy manual. As with all HR policies check with your attorney or a local HR pro to ensure your policy is complaint for your state and federal laws as they often change:VACATIONSAnnual paid vacation is a benefit...  Read More

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