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How Email Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Dental Practice
           While people’s inboxes are often crowded, email marketing can still serve many important purposes for dental practices. Fortunately, a little knowledge can go a long way to make your dental email marketing profitable.For example, interesting email subject lines for dentists can make sure...  Read More
If you're like many dentists, you're always looking for a way to get more value out of your current patients and to connect with new patient opportunities. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a monthly email newsletter.Why Have an Email Newsletter?1. Connect and build trust with your...  Read More
#47: Mail Bag and Special Announcement | Dental Marketing Mastery Podcast
Defend Against Illegitimate Reviews - Is Mail Dead? - How Much Should I Email?In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we answer a few questions we received and give a special announcement.ListenPodcast Highlights:We just attended the "Get it Done Weekend"and it was great! It is a great place...  Read More
Why Are Dentists Ignoring “Experience” Innovation?
Published on Jan 26, 2017Your patients’ experience in your practice is a huge factor in your success. Colin discusses how to innovate for success in Patient Attraction Podcast 980.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
When Your Dental Email Calls-to-Action Stifle Action
Published on Jan 25, 2017The call to action is the final piece of the marketing puzzle between you and more new dental patients. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 979.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Stop Chasing, Start Nurturing Dental Prospects
Published on Jan 12, 2017Dentists who nurture relationships with their prospects get more and better patients. Colin shares 4 welcome letter tips in Patient Attraction Podcast 970.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Are You Using These 5 Tips for Winning Dental Emails?
Published on Dec 22, 2016Dental emails are excellent marketing tools. Unfortunately, they’re easy to misuse. Colin shares 5 tips for email success in Patient Attraction Podcast 955.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Your Dental Emails Have 5 Seconds or Less
Dentists’ emails have to hook their readers within five seconds. Colin explains how to grab your patients’ attention in Patient Attraction Podcast 899.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Shake Up Your Dental Emails
Published on Jul 18, 2016Dental emails can help build trust with current and prospective patients. Colin discusses how to email differently in Patient Attraction Podcast 840.  Read More
5 Dental Email “Do-Insteads”
Published on Jun 7, 2016Check-in emails are a waste of resources, and they can cost you new dental patients. Colin shares 5 “dental do-insteads” in Patient Attraction Podcast 809.  Read More
Key Email Metrics for Dentists
Published on May 8, 2016Tracking dental email campaign metrics is crucial to attracting new patients. Colin shows you which metrics to focus on in Patient Attraction Podcast 783.  Read More
3 Tips to Keep “Touching” New Dental Patients
Published on Apr 28, 2016You need multiple “touches” before new dental patients choose you. But what happens when you’re away? Colin shares 3 tips in Patient Attraction Podcast 773.For mo  Read More
Don’t Make These Dental Email Mistakes
Published on Apr 18, 2016Mistakes in your dental email marketing can damage relationships with potential patients. Colin examines 3 deadly myths in Patient Attraction Podcast 763.  Read More
The Secret “Rule of P’s” for Dental Drip Marketing
Published on Apr 10, 2016Follow the “Rule of P’s” in your dental drip email campaigns to attract more new patients over time. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 755.  Read More
Tips for Winning Dental Marketing Emails
IPublished on Feb 19, 2016In Patient Attraction Podcast 704, Colin finishes his series on creating and using great dental marketing emails that convert more prospects to patients.  Read More
Secrets to Successful Dental Email Marketing
Published on Feb 18, 2016Your dental marketing email's value proposition is the part that brings results. Get more clicks! Colin tells you how in Patient Attraction Podcast 703.  Read More
Dental Marketing Emails that Patients Will Read
Published on Feb 16, 2016Is dental email marketing dead? NO! Colin explains how to create effective dental marketing emails that get results in Patient Attraction Podcast 701.  Read More
Your Dental Marketing Emails Suck But There is Hope
Published on Jan 12, 2016Are you making one of the biggest dental marketing mistakes by overlooking this common marketing tool? Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 666  Read More
Email Trends Dentists Need to Know About (part 2)
Published on Dec 8, 2015Colin wraps up his two-day series on email marketing and gives dentists some big secrets about effective email content in Patient Attraction Podcast 631.  Read More
Email Trends You Need to Know About (part 1)
Published on Dec 7, 2015Colin discusses the latest statistics about email use and breaks down how dentists can benefit from that information in Patient Attraction Podcast 630.  Read More
50 Businessowners Paid Big Money to Hear This Information
Published on Nov 19, 2015In classic episode 86, Colin warns dentists about a little-known but very costly mistake. Learn how to avoid it here in Patient Attraction Podcast 612.  Read More
The 1 Program Dentists Need to Attract More Patients
Published on Nov 18, 2015Google rankings play a crucial role in getting dentists more patients. Colin reveals details in classic episode 31, here in Patient Attraction Podcast 611.  Read More
Little-known Ways Automation Can Boost Your Dental Practice
Published on Nov 17, 2015Automation helps dentists attract the patients they want. Colin reveals the biggest secrets of automating your marketing in Patient Attraction Podcast 610.  Read More
 Email Marketing Essential to Attracting More Patients
Published on Nov 7, 2015Colin gives insight on how to convert more leads and draw news patients using an effective email marketing strategy in Patient Attraction Podcast 600.  Read More
The Best Advice for Dentists and Their Email Marketing
Published on Oct 14, 2015Classic podcast episode 25 shares important advice about dental email marketing. See Colin explain in Patient Attraction Podcast 548.For more information on attracting the patients YOU want, go to.  Read More
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