How to Get a Return on Your Dental Practice Investment
Purchasing a dental practice is no easy task, but it’s only the beginning of the hard work you’ll need to do to see a return on your investment. Whether the practice is new or existing, opportunity cost should drive all your post-buying decisions. Here’s how you can ensure ROI is top of mind.Time...  Read More
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Clients often ask us about the different ways an Associate Dentist (AD) can be paid: which method (1099 or W2) was better for tax purposes? While this decision is not up to your accountant, here is some food for thought on the subject. Classification as contractor or employee is based on the facts...  Read More
What are excess distributions?
A common question from dentists is “How much money can I take out of the business?” We like to make sure business owners know what they are allowed to take out by educating them. After all, it is their hard-earned money. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this, I would like to point...  Read More
Another Big Tax Bill? Here's How to Avoid Them
We’ve talked a lot about the good, the bad and the ugly of taxes for the Dental enterprise. But then there’s the ugliest – the one many of you have experienced in one form or another and one of the most hated experiences in Dentistry – the dreaded tax surprise.As an...  Read More
Episode 3: How To Avoid Embezzlement In Your Dental Practice with David Harris - Start Your Dental Practice
Episode 3: How To Avoid Loosing $109,000 In Your D Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Till Retirement Do Us Part: Transitions, Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions with Jason Wood : Howard Speaks Podcast #13
Dr. Howard Farran and Jason Wood talk about dental practice transitions.Audio Podcast: Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #13 with Jason Wood Video Podcast: Howard Speaks Video Podcast #13 with Jason Wood ...  Read More
Thought for the Weekend
Leaves are changing, pumpkins (not artificial pumpkin flavoring) are coming out and even here in Florida, its starting to get a hair cooler. Fall has so many great distractions before we get in to the busy winter-season but its also a critical time for you and your practices. Why? Not only is it...  Read More
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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Retirement Plan?
It is part of human nature to avoid disturbing something that works well: “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”. While this can be a sound rule of thumb, when applied to retirement plans, it is exactly the opposite: if you haven’t had your plan reviewed by an...  Read More

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