Using Google Drive to Organize Practice Documents, Photos, and Monthly Bills
With so many documents, photos, and bills to manage, keeping organized can be a nightmare. We need to organize leadership files, patient photos, advertising assets, and more. We need to keep our accounting documents organized to make sure bills get paid. We need to keep training and development...  Read More
Why Every Dentist Needs to Give Their Dental Practice an Organizational Checkup
         As dentists, we're used to examining people's mouths. We know the importance of checking people's mouths to their overall health. We know many patients don't enjoy their exams and make a point to Deliver WOW to ease some of that anxiety.But at the end of the day, we know people need mouth...  Read More
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry- A Cluttered Desk
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/LOVE About Dentistry-A Cluttered DeskI absolutely cannot stand a cluttered desk. The truth is, a cluttered desk makes me feel extremely nervous and unsettled...I do not like disorder. Then why, you may ask, is my desk at this very moment in complete disarray? The...  Read More
58: Organization With Sandy Pardue
Click forSandy Pardue is a dental consulting powerhouse with decades of experience helping business owners build the practices of their dreams. Through working with countless individuals across the country, Sandy has found that company improvement begins with an organized leader. Join Michael and...  Read More
Electronic Record Keeping
Use of electronic dental records is expanding and eventually will become standard. There are considerable risk management benefits to electronic records. Some benefits include:    Standardized organization and format         Avoids handwritten, illegible entries         Facilitates complete record...  Read More
Top 5 Dental Practice Issues: Resolved
Owning a dental practice or working in a dental office can be a very rewarding albeit sometimes challenging profession. With the right systems and training any job in the dental office can bring a sense of accomplishment and can be very rewarding. We all face challenges every day but it’s how...  Read More
TOP 5 Reasons Why Dentrepreneurs Need Intrapreneurs Now More Than Ever
My father always said, “ Meaningful change begins within & Nevergive up!” Two phrases that give meaning to being significant in theworld.If you are learning, growing and serving, change is constant,embrace it! As disruptive innovation changes are continuing indentistry, through a...  Read More
Entrepreneur’s Tip #8:   Release, Relax, & Reconnect to Get Back on Track!
Ever find yourself sitting at your desk faced with projects or tasks you just don’t want to do. Well, you have three options. You know you’ve picked option number one when you find that time has passed and you haven’t really done anything except think about what you don’t...  Read More
Entrepreneurs Tip #6:  Is Your Business Ready For The Super Bowl?
Do you start your business day or week thinking about your Super Bowl?Recently, at the beginning of my business week, I was thinking about what was on my schedule for the day and some of the things I would need to do to prepare for it. As I thought about how I would prepare for my clients and...  Read More

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