The $10,000 a Day Dentist Book Is Here
Our first 5M Mastermind session was about to start and I had just completed the PowerPoint presentation to share with them how I understood it was possible for any dentist to produce over $10,000 every day.  When you lead a mastermind, you want to give your best, most impactful information, what...  Read More
The Value of Thought for Leadership
If you know me well enough, you have likely heard me say that leaders of extraordinary practices think in exceptional ways.I am firmly convinced that the difference between a mediocre and wildly successful clinical practice lies in the mind of the owner. Unlike other practice owners, highly...  Read More
Five Benefits of Coaching for Dentists
Business coaching will help you achieve the same benefits as experienced by corporate America.Although executive coaching is relatively new to the healthcare industry, Forbes cites it as the second fastest growing profession in the country. It has become the transformational process of choice for...  Read More
In the dental jungle there are thousands of success stories. Let me introduce you to our guide an elite dentist, a peak performer, in our dental industry. His name is Dr. Frank Frederickson.DENTAL HYGIENE DEPARTMENT/TEAM EMPOWERMENT - MAXIMIZING YOUR CAPACITY INSIDE THE DENTAL JUNGLEDr. Carley...  Read More
The Three Skills of a Full Capacity Leader-Dentist That “Fly” a Scaleable Culture
“…pilots fly the airplane, they don’t make the airplane fly.” 1Considerthe implications of those words. I believe you would you agree thatpilots are necessary for the functional capability of an aircraft.Of course, they’re the hands-on essential for guiding the...  Read More
3 Dentrepreneurial Realities that Sustain Your Relevance in the Brave New World of Dentistry
One thing can define your journey as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®?. It has to do with staying relevant, according to .Your relevance in dentistry must include a new mindset. And the essence of it might surprise you. Being a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®? comes with a certain attitude....  Read More
Deciding Your Compelling W.H.Y. And How It Drives Your Future as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®
“All enterprises or projects, big or small, begin in the mind’s eye; they begin with imagination and with the belief that what’s merely an image can one day be made real.” - James M. Kouzas and Barry Z. Posner, The Leadership Challenge1“The art of leadership is...  Read More
The 4 Functions of a Dentrepreneur®-Leader When You’ve Expanded Your Dental Enterprise
“For a long time, I believed the old leadership paradigm that told me that my job was to plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control. I saw my organization functioning like a herd of buffalo. …Buffalo are absolutely loyal followers of one leader. They do whatever the leader wants...  Read More
The Due Diligence Mindset for Growing and Expanding Your Dental Enterprise as a Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®?
“There is an old story of a poor but righteous man who prayed every day and ended his prayer with the plea, ‘Lord, please let me win the lottery!’ He never won. One day, toward the end of his life, he changed the end of his prayers by asking, ‘Lord, what must I do to win the...  Read More
Dentrepreneur Mindset: What Energy Management Can Do for Yours
“Leaders are the stewards of organizational energy - … They inspire or demoralize others first by how effectively they manage their own energy and next by how well they mobilize, focus, invest, and renew the collective energy of those they lead.” Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, The...  Read More
The Due-Diligence Factor and Its Impact on Your Dentrepreneurial Success
Remember playing “hide-and-seek?” Win or lose you gained two important skills.Creativity: when it was your turn to “hide” and diligence: when you played the role of “seeker.”Business-wise, dentistry fits the analogy of hide-and-seek. As adentrepreneur® you...  Read More
006 Why Every Dentist Needs a Coach with Dr. Don Deems
This episode of the features Dr. Don Deems, trademarked the Dentist's Coach, who shares lots of useful tips how dentists can systematize their practices for consistency. Dr. Deems discusses that all great athletes have a coach, as well as the mindset that dentists must have when taking on a...  Read More
Coaching Core Values: How to Revitalize Your Dentrepreneurial Drive for the New Year
“You’re either a wandering generality or a meaningful specific.” Not sure who to attribute those words to but their truth penetrates to the core of what (in essence) it takes to be successful as a dentrepreneur®. Speaking of “core,” as in “core values,”...  Read More
The A.C.T. of Coaching for Your Success as a Dentrepreneur®
Birds in flight are fascinating to watch. Their natural ability to glide on the lift beneath their wings provides a valuable principle for your dentrepreneurial journey.We’ve been exploring to you as a dentrepreneur®. Having a coach who will take you-under-their wing gives you needed...  Read More
How to Select the Right Coach for Your Dentrepreneurial Journey
The late author and consultant, , compared an understanding of paradigms to maps. This comparison also works for you as dentrepreneur® and how to connect with the right coach to leverage your success.“Suppose you wanted to arrive at a specific location in central Chicago. A street map of...  Read More

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